Tuesday, November 13, 2018

It's cold here in Ontario.

If we are having fall weather right now I would hate to think of what our winter has in store for us.

Grandittle choosing a mug for a treat of hot chocolate.

"Hmmmm...which one?"
Why, it's so cold today that the squirrels are looking for a way to get inside the mouse house.

And Mr. Wilson would be very happy to have that happen as he has dreams of dinner 
'squirrel on a sesame seed bun'

"Yes, I do."

Or perhaps he would like a turkey sandwich.
14 in total dropped by to dine on what was left at the front feeders.

Our clean-up crew.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well, inside the cupboard for now.
Will I be able to have a Christmas tree this year?
Ask Wilson.
He's like a toddler most days...into everything.

I am just in from feeding the Mourning Doves that show up before dark
and placing peanuts around for a late-night snack.
Suet is a plenty for the chickadees, blue-jays, wood-peckers, juncos, cardinals etc...
They need that more than anything right now.

A visitor today.

                                A male Downy Woodpecker.

Here in Ontario the wind is blowing, there is snow on the ground and the temperature is to plummet to -18C tonight.
It's a good night to curl up with a movie and maybe choose a Christmas mug for some hot chocolate, too.

Stay warm.


  1. It's certainly gotten colder. I've noticed ice forming on the Canal in town. Not enough for anything more than a duck, if that.

  2. Wilson, we see you smacking your lips while entertaining thoughts of a squirrel meal!

  3. Hi Deb! Bill was just saying that it seems we skipped fall and dashed right into winter with the cold weather. I had to wear gloves on my walk.
    Oh, that woodpecker is lovely!
    Tim climbed the tree both Christmases we've had him. I wonder if he'll do it again this year.
    I'm in the mood to pull out the Christmas mugs, too. I wish you could come over for some hot chocolate!

  4. It's cold here, too. Filled the feeders up today -- it's going like hotcakes here. I think a tree -- just avoid the glass ornaments!

  5. We never had any fall weather either! We just jumped right into winter. Wilson looks simply rotten, but couldn't you just squeeze him. He is adorable. Squirrel on a sesame seed bun. That is so funny. Can you imagine. We've had two days of cold rain and still two more to go, the weather man says, but when the sun does come back, I'm boxing up the fall stuff feels and looks more like Christmas. :)

  6. We think you should give Wilson the opportunity to enjoy some Christmas decorations. I am sure he will have fun.

    It is sunny and hot here, we are scared at how hot it is going to get!! The opposite of you.


  7. It's cold here in Missouri too! We've already had two snows. This should be a fun Christmas with Wilson!

  8. love your china cupboard & the way it changes with the seasons;
    how is the new section of house going? have you moved in yet?
    dying to see pictures of it & Wilson of cos too :))
    our spring started off good, nice spring weather but the 2nd week we were in summer mode now we're going back to winter! fair dinkum, it can't make up it's silly mind! bet it has to do with climate change.
    ooo hope Simon is still about, did he get a new friend/mate yet?
    great post
    thanx for sharing

  9. It has gotten a lot colder here too. Not anything like you, though. I don't know how you stay warm. It's around -5C here. Your home is so Christmassy. I never got my fall stuff up this year, so I think I'm going to skip over and go right to Christmas. I always like how a Christmas house looks.

  10. Such a pleasant catch up ... it is quite chilly & I'm not liking the wind chill factor already. I made sure my feeders were full as the forecast is a heavy snow event coming our way later this afternoon. Our fur girls' first Christmas saw the tree behind a set of glass doors .. no wait that's still how it is 4 years on. Such curious kitties the tree is only investigated when there's a supervisor on site!

  11. We woke to 12 degrees F this morning, it was brutal - yesterday it was a high of 25 with a real feel of 6!! Snow on the way tonight, who knows how much, the estimates are all over the board! Stay warm, Deb!

  12. It is unseasonably cold and dreary here in Kentucky! We had our first snow yesterday--and snow isn't a common part of our winter. Not the best weather for house building, but the roof is on, windows in and the work goes forward.
    Life in a camper trailer with 6 cats--several who go out numerous times per day--is untidy.
    I'm glad that Wilson has found a place in your home and your hearts.

  13. It's like that here, too, now. I won't be going too many places this weekend. I'll stay inside and warm.

  14. Yes ....too cold....too fast....
    Gwynn is getting big!
    Linda :o)

  15. I like Autumn - even if it's cold outside. I love all these foggy views; days are so melancholic and it's easier for me to just slow down. It's perfect time for making some DIY things. I think it's the most productive and calm at once time for me.
    Cats are looking for the most warm places in the home, they prefer to sleep with me during the nights <3 All these things mean a lot for me :)