Monday, September 23, 2019

Here comes fall.

Thank you for all the lovely and sincere messages about our dear little Audrey. I was really happy to read that so many of you remembered her, missed her and mentioned her funny little ways that you found endearing. The cat of a hundred faces, she was called. 
All of our cats and dogs are precious and we miss them terribly when they pass on.  We don't like to think we had 'favorites' but one might stand out from the rest for it's affection, it's neediness or it's quirky little ways. Audrey was that cat for me. I remember every little look, her disgust for my camera, her stare when she needed my attention, her 'wonder' of anything new in her path.
She was loving and gave the best little hugs one day and just stared at you with disgust on her face the next. She made me laugh. Audrey was a cat's cat and loved her mom, Annie. But her mom was a 'mommy dearest' so she could never be sure of the reception.  I bonded even stronger with her for that reason alone.  And when she became ill I never left her side. 
Her passing hit me harder than I expected. After living and losing many cats over the years you think you can handle it, be strong and accept the loss but her illness came out of nowhere and she was far too young. I still get teary just thinking of her and I miss her every day.

Your comments made me smile, though. Thank you again for your kindness.

Fall weather is here and so much is happening at Fox Grove. Outdoor construction of our deck and chimney is going on presently along with the necessity to get the wood-burning stove ready and waiting for what's to come.

I'm hoping for a rain-free weekend ahead so the guys can finish the deck.  We have lots of wood to burn inside and out and because of a few trees being taken down this summer (time-consuming but necessary) we will have lots for next year, too.

I have been working with the new chickadees that have arrived...
Here is the first brave one. :) Gorgeous little thing.

Cora is all that we hoped for and we adore her. 'We" includes Wilson who is enamored with this little gal and follows her around all the day long. He has trained her to be on the look-out for those dastardly crows. She copies everything he does.
 Annie is calming down and spending more time in the same area with her (if only she would not play with her tail). So our new family member has settled in. 

Pooped out

The maples and sumacs are just beginning to dress
up for autumn.

And the inside is looking Fallish, too.

I baked pumpkin bread today. One for us and one for you. :-)

Thanks for dropping by.
Annie found my fall mat and thought it complimented her markings. 
Deb xo


  1. Cora has the prettiest face! It's so dainty and she's like a sweet little enchanting princess! I'm glad things are leveling off a bit with her and Annie and it sounds like she has quite the mentor in Wilson. That's incredibly sweet.

    I so relate your feelings of Audrey to those I have for Gypsy. I love Lizzie to pieces but there was just something about that little guy. They all have their charms and love, though. But some touch us so deeply. Let those tears come, Deb. Audrey deserves each and every one.

  2. Deb it is so exciting to see the progress on your new home! It will be wonderful to have that wrap around deck too. Cora is such a cute little girl and I can just imagine her and Wilson playing together. I'm glad to hear Annie is calming down around Cora. I imagine she sees Cora as a handful but I know Wilson must enjoy her energy. Your pictures are beautiful. Enjoy your beautiful Fall!

  3. Bless! I'll 'never' forget Audrey..!x

    Ah! So pleased Wilson and Cora are hitting it off..
    Seems they've bonded very well..Love to see Pussy~cats
    curled up together..!
    And lets be fair...pussy~cats tails are there to be played
    with...! :).

    Goodness! I have'nt had Pumpkin bread in years...
    Have to look into that..! :o).

  4. Your house is looking great. Glad to hear that Cora is settling in so well and getting along with the big cats.

  5. Fellow bloggers' felines work their way into the hearts of all of us, because we see them through your (the writer's) loving eyes. We bond with them! How sweet is it that Wilson has taken Cora under his wing.

  6. I know just what you mean about how hard it hits you. Their presence in our lives is unmeasurable. They are our dear little friends and family.

    I'm so glad you have the joy of other sweet kitties to bring you happiness each day! What a gift they are in our lives!

    Also... happy building - it looks amazing!!! And Happy Fall! :)

    Blessings! Net

  7. Nice to see the work progressing there :) We love your new addition.
    Cora is mighty cute(sorry about Simon and we miss dear Audrey too.Cats do make a big imprint on your heart)
    Fall is a lovely time of year and a pretty time too.
    Wishing you all the best and a pretty Fall.
    Nancy and the kitties

  8. Thank you for writing more about your relationship with Audrey. It truly was a very special one and I can greatly relate to many parts od it. We do love all our animals but we also all seem to have those who connect with our souls and touch a special place in our hearts.

    I have a few, (well... actually very many), saved photos of AA. My favorite might be the one of her at about 3 months of age sitting under her first Christmas tree with head tilted and even from behind looking like she was full of wonder. And who could not love the 2 photos, one of you and one of her, showing how much you looked alike when you were both saying something like "HEY!". Funny. And all the peeking out from under covers of one kind or another. Thank you again for allowing us to know Audrey.

    I am so glad to hear how happily Cora and Wilson are enjoying life together. And also I am happy that Annie is becoming more accepting of the little squirts presence - go Annie.

    Have a wonderful Autumn, Deb and Family,

  9. Hi Deb: It really has been a long time since we connected and I am so sorry for your loss of Audrey. I remember her as being a big part of your family and it really is hard when it is their time to go. Looks like your home is full of purrfect love again with little Cora. What a little beauty. We have another little dog since we talked last. She is a chiuahaha and you can tell I don't know how to spell that. Her name is Robin and she is a character. Full of love and I never thought I would like a little dog but she really is special. Looks like fall has come to your beautiful home and soon you will be able to sit in front of that new fireplace. A kitty on the hearth is a special thing..Thanks for your sweet visit..xxoJudy

  10. Wilson is taking care of Cora like she's a treasure. Annie will get used to her with time.

    We had many cats when I was growing up, but I think the one who stays most in my mind was Misty, a cat who could be quite skittish and eccentric, but who was such a gentle soul.

  11. Hugs to you as you remember your sweet Audrey. I understand, I can never get over the losses of my fur babies. They always have a special place in our hearts.
    Your pumpkin bread looks very yummy :-) Happy Fall!

  12. beautiful photos there, especially love the 'pooped out' adorable!
    she has lots of character, looking forward to getting to know her too
    ohhh boy, ohhh boy! can't wait to see the finished deck! it's all starting to look good.
    wood is wood & always find some use for it, somewhere...
    lovely post
    thanx for sharing

  13. The house is looking so pretty! You must be so excited. and a wood burning stove! Something I have always wanted. Little Cora has the sweetest face. I love her fuzzy little face and ears. The picture of Wilson and Cora sitting at the window makes me smile. Looks like Wilson is explaining the great outdoors to Cora. Smokey and Wilson look a lot alike. Smokey has that same nose and face shape. It tickles me. You are amazing with the Chickadees. Your place is so pretty; indoors and outside too.

  14. Good to see the house coming along wonderfully . It is a pretty time of year fall isn't it?! Lovely photos .

  15. Your deck and chimney will be great additions to your home. I can relate to how you miss sweet Audrey, she was special to you.