Thursday, April 30, 2020

Spring birds have arrived.

The beautiful Tree Swallow has arrived to nest once again in our bluebird houses.
It was so exciting to watch them fly in; six at once, and flit from house to house to finally decide on the same ones they chose last spring.
It was like welcoming back friends. And especially at the time when that is impossible in the human world.

Spring flowers are up and blooming; dandelions are even pretty at this point.

The veggie garden has been plowed and tilled. I so look forward to getting the seeds in and the tomatoes and peppers planted. The carrots were planted yesterday as they can get a head start.
Lettuce will remain in pots as I found last year it did better that way.

Ernie's House.

This, I believe, is an off-spring of Simon. Maybe a grand one.
He is becoming quite tame and will sit and watch me as I rake about the old pump.
He has quite a nice den under it, I'm sure, as the pantry was well stocked by his ancestors.
I've named him Ernie after my uncle who lived on this patch of land.
He would have a good laugh, I know. :-)

Cora loves when I do dishes by hand as there is nothing more fine than splashing her big floppy paws under the tap.
She loves it.
Look at that face. She kills me.

And today she is social-distancing in her new tunnel.
She's a happy little cat and we love her.
And don't she know it. lol

And don't even ask what she might be thinking here.
She's up to somethin'.

Well, it's been raining all day. I've been watching the starlings, robins and tree swallows building their nests and our one lone wild turkey came by for a visit. But, other than that, it's been a quiet day.
I did bake some blueberry muffins's time for tea. :-)

I hope everyone is well.
Stay home and stay safe.

hugs, Deb


  1. Welcome to the Tree Swallows! I do believe Ernie is a grandson of Simon. I still think Grandpa Simon told his grandchildren all about the nice lady above the pump! Cora has the prettiest face and is very expressive with it too! I bet she loves the tunnel. Our cats are on their second tunnel and have more fun with it. They will run through it as fast as they can chasing and playing with each other. There are times when our house looks more like a cat play house but that's okay. Indoor cats need different things to stimulate them and I will rotate their toys to give them a change. Your blueberry muffins sure sound good! Stay safe!

  2. Ahhhhh, the joys of Spring!
    Sounds like everything is well in your world :)
    Cora is a sweetie.
    Nancy and the kitties(Georgia and Julie)

  3. Oh, Miss Cora, you are a treasure, with that fabulous face. I'm thinking you might be a super-sweet little minx! What wonderful photos, and I love that she is your "scullery" assistant! And Ernie is so cute. I hope he becomes as dear as Simon.

    Your garden is looking good. I might plant some seeds today. I'm trying to decide if it's too early for some, but we'll see.

    It's always SO good to see you here. It's like a friend coming back. I look forward to so much more!

  4. What a face, Cora! You'll always get your way, with that!

  5. That's a pretty garden spot you have, and such rich dark soil. Looks like it would grow anything. Oh, everything in this post is so cute. Ernie is adorable. I know he is proud to be living in the old homeplace. No telling how many of his relatives lived there over the years. Cora has the cutest little mouth and turned up nose. I've always wanted a long haired cat with a big fluffy tail. Maybe one day. Poppy says no more cats, but you how he is. I've never seen a tree swallow. Are they the pretty blue ones on the bird house? Hope you all stay safe. Be glad when things are back to normal.

  6. Happy to see Simon ‘s offspring Ernie making an appearance! And your bluebirds are gorgeous... we never see Blubirds in our yard. And Cora is pretty cute too!

  7. g'day! glad you are keeping well! had to read a lot to catch up, love the fact that you have a new 'Simon' in the old pump & you named him/her! awesome! hope he will stay around.
    loved the stories with the cats too; i have my 2 to keep me company
    i miss our markets every sunday that i used to volunteer for, that was my dose of socialising for the week, lol!
    only just got back into a little knitting, hands have been sore with carpel tunnel.
    your gardens sound great, bet you're looking forward to lots of vegies.
    keep well
    thanx for sharing

  8. Lots of little kids like to "help" Mommy withe housework! Now if only you could teach Cora to wash the dishes, and maybe bake muffins for you too.

  9. Hi dear Deb -
    Lovely post - seeing your garden being plowed and tilled is exciting - you certainly have plenty of space to grow a lot of wonderful edibles - and flowers too perhaps?
    Ernie is adorable and could well be from Simon's family. Our chippy disappeared a few years ago and no more have shown up sadly. We do have so many predators now, fox, raccoon, hawks and even the coyote who passes through now and then, so it must be hard for the little cuties to have a safe existence. We do have a new rabbit family of three - chewing on my tomato lower leaves I suspect! Oh well, one has to take the downside of gardening along with the beauty and perfection!
    Cora smiles so sweetly!
    Spring is lovely here in the southeast this year - it's almost as if it's helping by surrounding us in Nature's beauty to make up for all the sadness caused by the virus.
    Stay well - be safe in your lovely corner of the world.
    Hugs - Mary

  10. Hi Deb I ck your blog every evening and have been for several years:)So its good to hear you and yours are doing well these days.I have 4 kitties aging gracefully. My Pretty Penny could be Cora's twin in every way. Your grammas property and your new home are a dream come true for you I'm sure. I'm missing hugs from my 4 young grands as I'm sure you are. This to will pass :) Stay safe. Donna from BC.

  11. Oh! My goodness! How on earth did l miss
    this post..! :(.
    To~day in Monday of course..Oh! Dear! HeHe!

    Oh! And look at Ernie..Bless! Simon has his
    own folder..l love to look through it now and
    again with a mug of tea..I'll never forget
    So, looks as though l'll have to start one

    And..yes..Cora has a very happy and expressive
    face, looks like she loves being photographed..
    Bit special that one..! :).

    Yes! God Bless! Stay Home..AND..Stay Happy..! :o).

  12. What a lovely spring post, Deb !
    And what a sweetie Cora is :-)
    Hope you're all doing well ... stay safe,