Sunday, November 15, 2020

I'm getting my Christmas on.

 We have had fabulous weather for finishing up the outdoor cleanup from late summer and early fall. I'd say I've raked enough...just ask my back. Our leaves are loaded into wheelbarrows and taken to our compost. That's where I also leave scraps from the kitchen and always a little something for the night scavengers...raccoons and skunks and most likely stray cats.

Since we have had our Thanksgiving here in Canada (very, very strange)

it is time to look forward to Christmas and hope we can be with our family on that day.

The OH is decorated for Flo and a well-insulated box put inside the door for any little critter that may need a dry place to take refuge during the cold months.  I doubt Flo will mind as long as it's not David...the King of the Wild Frontier..


Outdoor wreaths are up and lights are there but will remain unlit 'til December. This morning we got hail, rain and snow. So it is a cold, wet Sunday; one to get some indoor projects done. 

These will be enjoyed with tea. :-)

Do you have a favorite tea? Mine is Yorkshire black tea. And now they have a Yorkshire Black Tea GOLD. good.

I continue to work with Cora and her dermatitis. She is looking better, feeling better but has a way to go.

If she could completely heal from this it would be a wonderful Christmas gift.


She loves to watch the birds and squirrels from the bedroom door that leads to the porch. It helps that I throw peanuts out there daily.

The birds are wonderful to watch through my kitchen window.😍

Look at this guy guarding the seed bell. Big toughy. lol

We are still working on our front porch. We are up against the weather now.

My china cupboard is decorated for winter. Just a few winter trees and a wreath to make the home more cheery.

I hope each and everyone of you are doing well. Please stay safe and healthy as we carry on adjusting our normal lives to this trying time. We each need to do our part.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.
be kind,


  1. Dear Deb, it's years since I've seen your blog on my reading feed. So good to see you and I love your decorations and the way you care for strays by making a box in the OH for winter. My favorite tea is Rooibos, a South African Herbal tea grown in the Namaqualand, Cape Province. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cats and the birds outside your kitchen window. I look forward to more of your posts. Be safe Jo

  2. We are in the midst of gusty winds and periodic rain; whomever didn't get to their leaf raking now has all the leaves blown across town! Here's hoping that Cora continues to improve.

  3. Deb, isn't it wonderful to have nature enrich our spirits during this trying time? Watching the critters outside play and do their funny antics keeps us entertained during normal times, but now with sheltering at home, we appreciate it even more. I love that pic of the cat watching the squirrel on the porch...(and that porch looks so inviting). Also love seeing the things on your cupboard. And as for a favorite tea, right now mine is Irish Breakfast tea.

  4. Everything looks just lovely Deb! I love the Christmas decorations on Flo's OH! I'm sure she has discriminating taste and enjoys your creative work. Everything in your pictures looks warm and cozy. I so love your wrap around porch and the picture of Cora watching the squirrels and birds is so sweet. I keep Cora in my thoughts in hoping she has a complete recovery from her skin condition.

    There are great increases in covid where we live so we are trying to not go out any more than we have to. This will be a challenging winter for many but I am holding good thoughts and prayers for all that we will see improvements soon! May you and your wonderful family stay safe and healthy! Please give Wilson, Cora and David pats, scratches and love from me!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for sharing these glimpses of how you live. Being a country girl myself I quite envy you your daily contact with all the wildlife that surrounds you. Although I am well settled in my adopted country living in a small city on the coast, I do miss the Somerset countryside where I was brought up. Very glad to hear that Cora is improving but I do hope you get that Christmas gift you wished for. Lovely china!! I collect china jugs as vintage as possible. Sr P keeps telling me that there is no room for more but I always find a space for one more :-) I should be thinking about Christmas like you are but it looks as if it will be very much last minute prep as we aren't sure just what is going to happen if we will be able to get-together with the family or not. Sad!! yes!! but we just have to do what is necessary. Stay safe Amanda x Crafty in the Med

  6. The weather here is still pretty good and the temps not too bad.
    Your yard is looking ready for the cold season and you are smart to get the decorations up before the cold really changes things.
    Purrs, Julie

  7. It is so very good to see you here, Deb. And it is all looking lovely. I'll start the day after TG but might get some outdoor things in order a bit earlier. I love your china cabinet. And of course it is lovely to see sweet Cora and her bird watching the the very cute OH for your critters. Makes me smile big. Love all your birds and muffins and the warm happiness it brings!

  8. Lovely post. I enjoy seeing your photos. Hope Cora does get over
    this very soon. So worrying for you and painful for her. We hope
    this Christmas will be the only strained one we have ever.

  9. you won't know yourselves once the house is finished, how long has it been going, 3 years? love your porch (would love to put a veranda on mine too)
    adore the thunderbox with it's seasonal decorations! it's just so awesome!
    lovely post
    thanx for sharing

  10. Deb, I just love finding a post from you! In fact, I was in the middle of leaving you a comment the day you posted it, when Poppy walked up. Of course, I figured he needed the computer, so I got up and haven't been back until now. Your place looks so pretty. Your Christmas decorations are always perfect. You have such special little your cupboard, it's beautiful! The white elephanT, little trees, the lights, and the blue and white dishes look wintery and like Christmas. Hope your little Cora is well by Christmas. You should see Dumperoo. He has lost so much hair and scratches constantly! He went through this once before. Hopefully he will get better soon too. He is eating like a horse. :) Take care.

  11. Greetings Deb !
    Lovely to see you are moving on with your decorations, I'm also taking advantage of the warmer weather and hanging the Christmas decorations before the cold sets in...
    Your little cupboard is the sweetest, especially when dotted with the trees and fairy lights.
    Yorkshire Gold tea is one of my favorites also, not available in the grocery stores, I have to order it through the British Goods Shop :)
    Love those kitties, they do fill our hearts, and bring much enjoyment everyday.
    Stay well dear friend,

  12. Hi Deb! Wow! You have the best bird visitors!
    I'm so sorry about Cora's affliction. I wish there were experts on natural cat care. There must be something she can have that soothes her itch.