Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Fall is here


I'm not sure how it happened without me noticing but here it is; Autumn. 

I thought I'd show a few pics of what fall brings here at Fox Grove.

collecting seeds in the  shed from the garden.
Cat grass is always growing for the cats.

dahlia bouquets for anyone who wants one, :-)

Harvest time

My Greeter
Dahlia Eveline
Dahlia Sylvia
Back-to-back Eveline
And feeding my stone-wall chips.

Fastidious Wilson

And I'm sure I have a photo of Cora awake.


There you go.
There's a bug on the floor.

So "Happy Fall" to everyone. There will be lots of beauty ahead with this season. I'm about ready to take a break from gardening although I'm going to cry when it's time to dig up the dahlias. They are what got me through this crazy pandemic this year. And next year...look out.

Nothing escapes fall around here. :-)

be kind


  1. The little munk is cute, but not as cute as the cats.

  2. Here's hoping we get a bit more summery weather!

  3. Deb, you could make a beaautiful calendar using all the pictures in this post. Wouldn't it be pretty? Cora is the prettiest kitty I've ever seen. Wilson is most handsome too. Can't believe you grew those big pretty carrots! Those are prettier that what you buy a the grocery store. I do love fall but kind of sad to see summer go. By January and especially Februray, I will be walking the floor, wanting to go outside and feel the sun on my arms. Hope you had a happy birthday this summer. Bet you got lots of presents to open from all those sweet grandchildren. Happy FALL to you and Gary, Wilson and Cora.

  4. Your world is absolutely beautiful, Deb and your fall equally so. I love the outhouse and Wilson and Cora always win my heart. Purrs to them from Lizzie. (Most of my Lizzie photos, she's asleep too!)

  5. Everything looks beautiful around Fox Grove and I can tell you are enjoying your new Garden Shed! It is wonderful! Your dahlias are all so pretty and I love seeing the friendly chips. Thank you for sharing photos of Cora and Wilson. They are both very special. Enjoy your Fall season and take care!

  6. Love seeing Wilson and Cora as always. I see the chipmunk is used to free handouts. Cute. I do believe you have a green thumb and a handle on the dahlias, so the pandemic led to some great gardening. but aren't we all tired of it. Staying healthy is just my first and only choice no matter what I have had to give up the past 19 months.

  7. I think that 'fall' in Ontario must be similar to that season in New England and upstate New York. Its my favorite time of year in spite of the conflicting emotions re the end of gardening and flowers for another year--along with relief that the busy pace of summer can slow down. Isn't it a marvel how a seemingly slumbering cat knows when a bug, spider or bird has made a move!

  8. Those white dahlias are heavenly white. Gail

  9. .....and a very happy fall to you dear Deb. Last night we had our first coolish night - off with the a/c, opened the windows and was able to breathe fresh air!!!!
    Lovely pix of all you have going on - like me you seem to make good use of your Bonne Maman empties!!!!
    Hope the coming weeks are lovely in your area - stay well, be happy, and use those wonderful carrots in autumn recipes!
    Hugs - Mary

  10. Finally it's Autumn :) My beloved season; I've been waiting for it for a whole year.