Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Christmas preparations

Hi everyone. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season so far.

We have had a heavy snow overnight; our second big snowfall this season. December is in full swing around here.

The house is looking quite Christmassy. I chose the loft for the tree again this year. I like that I don't have to move furniture around to accommodate it.

Once the tree is up I really get into gear. I also needs eyes in the back of my head. Cora and Wilson are very interested and so far four decorations have been seen flying across the room but no casualties as yet. They love to sleep beneath it and look at the lights. I don't blame them.😍

She plans to scare the cookies out of Santa. She's surely on his NAUGHTY list.

Look at the snow and there is more falling.
'Ol Nellie (tractor turned snow-blower) is working overtime.
My little potting shed is now covered with snow as I took this a few days ago.
The mourning doves congregate on the roof when its cold and eat from the feeder to the left.
They also come to the house, too

Then our twelve wild turkeys come by to clean up. I always give them a little extra.

I love these guys. I find them so comical.

The house is all decorated except for the stairs. I'll wait a bit because I want to put cedar branches along the railing.

My favorite Santa

The birds are being remembered where there is no feeder in the woodlot.

My girls and I did our traditional Christmas shopping day together and stuck to small towns only.

                                                                            Jess & Allie

Oh my goodness, the snow is heavy and constant today. One good thing, it keeps this monkey out of trouble. She is fascinated by it all.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas season.
The days are flying by and I know it can get stressful but I hope you take time out for yourself and enjoy all that it brings.

Take some advice from these two...stay cozy.



  1. I gave up decorating some years ago as whatever combination of felines in residence cause havoc. I always have amaryllis for winter joy and sometimes paperwhites--when I can find them.
    Your red-painted buildings make for a perfect snow scene--reminds me of my native New England.
    Cora's little face peeping from the tree branches is the personification of innocence!

  2. Those cats are so cute.

    Merry Christmas to you.

  3. What a treat to find this post. That picture of Cora under the tree is the cutest thing I've ever seen. That needs to be made in to Christmas cards. Actually, most all your pictures would make pretty cards. Your house is so pretty in the snow, and your daughters are beautiful. I spent today shopping with my daughter Andee. We didn't get much shopping done though, but talked and laughed a lot and met Todd for lunch. It was a fun day. Deb, hope you and all the family, including Cora and Wilson, have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. may you have a wonderful xmas!
    am staying home this year, not sure what happens around the place, there is a street party happening before hand though, might go to that yet; you have so much snow there, almost doesn't look real. anyway hope you all have a lovely cozy time together xxx
    thanx for sharing

  5. HaHa! We used to redecorate our tree most
    mornings..we had a pussy~cat and two kittens!
    During the night they would play up and down
    the the morning there were baubles,
    bangles and beads ALL over the hallway!
    Great fun..! :).

    The tree, lights etc..look lovely to..And
    Cora's mischievous face is lovely to..!
    But! The photo at the bottom is to die for!
    Lovely..! That sums up friendship..! :O).
    Merry Christmas to one and all...! :O).
    ⛄ 🔥 🎄 🎁 🧦 🔔 ⛄ 🔥 🎄 🎁 🧦 🔔 ⛄ 🔥

  6. Wonderful post - thank you for sharing a bit of your world!

  7. Aww, when cats sleep upon each other, it just makes my heart sing!

  8. The two cats snuggling together,,,precious. Gail

  9. Your home is so beautiful and I love the photos of the cats. That Cora! Yes, maybe a little naughty but adorable (like our youngest grand!) So many photos in this post could be your Christmas card. I love them all!