Thursday, March 24, 2022

Slow-going spring...

 It might say spring on the calendar but we still have snow and nights that go below freezing to contend with. March is like that. We do have robins though and that's a sure sign of spring.

April will bring us green grass and wild spring flowers pushing through the ground. That's what I look forward to. The birds, squirrels, chips and our crows are beginning to gather material for their spring nests. I often see one of the crows fly by with her beak full of dry grass. Up to the tree-tops she goes. The beauty of nature coming to life right before your eyes.

Hoping Flo made it through the winter.

It's been a very long winter and an extremely cold one. Now the sun is warmer and fills our main room with sun-puddles for the cats and the slow-going dahlia sprouts I have started.

                     My pink loft. lol It will be good to get the plants out to the potting shed in April.

Some of my plants are happy in the loft under grow lights. I will have lots of dahlias to add to the veggie garden area, grow in pots around the potting shed and to also start a new garden near the house.

The cats are doing well and their friendship grows deeper with time. Cora will be three in June and Wilson is five now. They are young, healthy, beautiful creatures who we adore.

Cora...the loft snoopervisor.

I hope you are loving the start of spring in your area. Most of you are far ahead of us here in Eastern, Ontario and I really enjoy looking at your gardens come to life. It gives me hope that it won't be long now for us.

Enjoy and be kind,



  1. I get the biggest smile every time I see a post from you pop up in my feed. It looks like you made it through winter and yes, April is soon. The cats look great, both of them. (That Cora -- she got big! Love her Snoopervisor pic!). Big happy to see you today!

  2. Happy Spring wishes to you, Cora, Wilson, and your people family too

  3. Those two certainly love basking in sunlight.

    "We've had one winter, yes. But what about second winter?"

    "I don't think he knows about second winter, Pip."

  4. It's always wonderful to hear from you! Cora and Wilson look as beautiful and handsome as ever. We've had more than our share of snow this March but hope for warmer weather in a couple of weeks.

    I hope you, your family, critters, and dahlias are all well and happy. Enjoy the coming Spring! Sending love from me, Sophie & Zeus! πŸ’—πŸˆπŸˆ

  5. Exactly the same over here..suns been
    up by seven for the last three mornings!
    Much the same forecast till next Wednesday!
    Been out in the garden, started trimming
    my Virginia Creeper, buds are coming through,
    think l'll pop out later and cut the grass
    out back..
    Mothers Day on Sunday, and the clocks go
    forward an hour on Sunday to..takes a bit
    of l've 11 clocks about the place! :).

    The pussy~cats looking lovely. and Wilson
    enjoying the sunshine..Bless!x
    And Spring..Yes! Bring it on..Cos then it's..
    Summer...! :O).
    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  6. It's wonderful that Wilson and Cora are pals!
    It's still plenty cold here, but green shoots are coming up.

  7. Spring is the most fickle of seasons wherever I have lived. In Vermont some of our heaviest snows happened in March and April. Here in S. Central Kentucky late snow or frost nearly always takes out flowering shrubs and blackens new leaves.
    I have plants under lights in the sunroom [so-called] but not totally safe from several young cats who like to shred delicate leaves!

  8. I needed a bit of cheerfulness this evening and here you are! Will winter ever give up! We've had lots of warm spring weather. I meant to take pictures today of all the pretty yellow and white blooms in the yard. But today has been windy and much cooler and by tomorrow night could be below freezing again. :( Wilson and Cora look happy and content. I love Cora's little furry paws. Can't wait to see all the Dahlias in your garden this summer. You need to open a cute little flower stand.

  9. Good to see the plants growing and the cats napping. Bring on
    warmer weather to stay, I say. North Central Ohio and we are
    experiencing brutal cold for 3 days with constant snow flurries.
    Just as I have seen a few brave forsythia try to open.