Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter fun.

 Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt for the grandittles was a much darker day than last year but at least the rain stopped early that morning. 

Off to the wood-lot...
 It was fun, as I never doubted it would be, and all one hundred eggs were filled by the Easter Bunny with delicious surprises. 
The adults always get right into it, too. My daughter scored an old $5 bill that she found under the leaves. lol
Pizza, fruit and cupcakes were gobbled up for lunch
 and then it was a free-for-all as they ran around the property playing and eating chocolate eggs. 

                                                                  Two of my kiddos
                                                     Easter in Canada's North  

Easter is my favorite time of year but this year Spring is playing tricks on us. She's very fickle, indeed, but as I look out the window the birds fly over-head with beaks filled with twigs and grass and that's enough for me. 

We had an unfortunate incident at the mouse-house this morning involving a European Starling. One hit the window and was stunned on the ground. 
We brought it inside the garage to keep warm and then discovered the wing was damaged.
 Off to the Wild Bird Center we went. I'm always so thankful for these wonderful volunteers that greet you with a smile even on a long holiday weekend.
                                      Wild Bird Sanctuary
We left the starling there for a complete examination and hope that it is without further internal damage. I'm to call in a few days and, if I wish to, I can bring it back to our property to return it to the flock. I will do that since many more seem to be staying.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.
                               Audrey was hiding on the kids.
It's time now to think Spring (cheeky thing that she is) and start planning.

Be kind,


  1. Easter was nice here, but yours looked to be much more energetic. I wouldn't mind participating in an Easter egg hunt but, to tell the truth, I'd rather find the money!

  2. It looks like you and your family had a wonderful Easter! At least the wood-lot did not have too much snow for an Easter egg hunt. We had two inches of snow and ice on Easter here in Missouri and it is so cold nothing has melted yet. What a spring we are all having! I love that picture of Annie - she is such a beautiful girl. I hope Audrey is feeling better now that everyone has gone home. Many cats just don't like crowds and small children. We have one that loves a lot of people and another one that hides out until most have gone home. I'm so glad you enjoyed your annual family egg hunt! You have a beautiful family!

  3. What a lovely Easter with your wonderful family. I hope spring arrives for you all soon. It is autumn here, but still 20 degrees and sunny. So I think the weather is all a bit topsy turvey.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. Oh Deb...this looks like Easter Day smack dab in WINTER....however, looks like a lovely time together with family.....glad all is well! Hugs from Texas!

  5. Sweet, loving fun! But cold as all get out.

  6. You have a beautiful family! Looks like a fun Easter Day, even with the snow. That is so sweet and kind of you to carry the hurt starling for help. I hope they can fix it's wing. What would we do without those wildlife places. So kind of you! I think the starlings are pretty. The Retired Guy must have a kind heart too. Thank you both.

  7. We had a fun Easter here with the Grands also! Egg hunts, lots of food and candy! Annie Belle hid but finally came out and let both Tiger and Scout pet her, they were thrilled. We had sunshine and I wish more of that for you!

  8. Looks like our Easter day here--overcast and cold. My best find over the years was a $20 on a windy day in the ground cover by my front porch!

  9. You are so good to take your injured bird to the sanctuary on a holiday. Thank you for that.

    The egg hunt looks great fun, if cold. And Annie looks marvelous. Dear Audrey -- sometimes a girl needs her alone time!

  10. I love the sweet concentration on those little faces as they were searching. It is a shame about the weather, great that it didn't delay the Easter Bunny or stop the fun! The lunch time photograph is a delight. Isn't it just wonderful when all the family come together for fun times and you see all those very different little people getting along with one another and having fun, building up memories for the future.

    I hope your starling rescue makes it, and is restored to full health and beauty.

  11. Lovely post and photos . Looks and sounds like all had a great weekend ! I hope the Starling can be released and join his flock . Hope Spring arrives there soon to , it is definitely spring down this way we had our first thunderstorm of the season last night . Thanks for sharing ,Have a good week !

  12. It sounds like your Easter was good. Hopefully the starling is okay.

    Audrey must know some good bolt holes to go to when the grandkids show up.

  13. Please let us know if you are able to find out of the starling is going to be okay! Spring and Winter seem to be arm-wrestling...

  14. You have a beautiful gift, Deb! I love the photos on Instagram, too!

  15. I'm glad you had nice Easter time :) I hope the starling is ok!
    I can't see any photo in this note. And the previous one too :( Is it something wrong from my site, or it's a blog bug? :(

    1. i have the same problem, the only photo to come up is the starling (hope it is okay too) i checked your previous posts & all have the same problem, non of the pics have shown?
      hope all is well at your end, would love to see more of the new house too!
      stay warm
      thanx for sharing