Sunday, April 29, 2018

Just checking in

It seems that I have a big job ahead fixing photos. From what I understand, for some reason or other the Postimage hosting service that I use for my pictures has suffered some kind of attack on their .org domain address and it is being blocked. Their backup server domain (.cc) still works but it appears that I would need to change all the .org picture urls to .cc

Not being real technical on these matters, I don't know how to make this change on a global basis in my blog, and it's too much work to go back and edit each post, so at this time, my pictures just won't show up until the folks at Postimage get around to figuring out why their .org domain is being blocked. ( If anyone really wants to see any of the old pics in my blog for some reason, just copy the url for the image and edit the .org to .cc ).

I'm so busy with other more important things right now, this annoying little glitch will just have to wait. Why do these stupid things happen at the busiest times?

However, there may be some good news!  While playing about in Blogger, I discovered that there is now an option to upload my images directly to my blog... no hosting service required it seems. So at least for now, my new blog posts should work (we'll see when I publish this one). I have no idea how long this will work but we'll give it a go.

Spring has really arrived and this time I think it will stay. We have had warmer temperatures and above freezing at night. It was warm enough to be out raking and cleaning up the property all last week. And around here that includes a bit of an audience.  Even Simon and his friends were out and about.

Our neighbours' cat David is here every day.

 I'm out no more than a few minutes when I hear  "Yeow" behind me. Then he flops to the ground and does his infamous roll in the dirt. He's getting older and today I noticed that while walking behind him I startled him when I touched his back. I don't think his hearing is what it used to be. I know the resident critters will rejoice.

I'll make this a short post just to see if it works.

Have a great night everyone!



  1. That Dave is a handsome guy. I'm partial to stripey tigers. haha.
    My first kitty was a tiger like that. Aw.

  2. It is annoying when these things happen to our posts isn't it? . I am glad you are able to use bloggers platform for your photos . I had to do that for some time till I figured out why the photos from Open Live Write that I use which is a blogging platform couldn't load my photos and now it does with no problem as I was able to take the time here and there to research why and how to fix it . Glad spring has showed up there to it has been lovely here and lots of sunshine is always a welcomed thing . Silly old cat he is , Hope your kitties are doing well . Is your house build now or almost done? I bet you are going to have a grand time decorating it . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  3. Oh dear...I have a problem with blogger on my new iPad... seems the app is no longer available! I was blogging from my old iPad while in Florida.
    I used to use PicMonkey for editing, then they stopped being free! I found Ribbet...a free photo editing app, and it works really well.
    Good luck Deb...
    Enjoy the warm weather...rain coming midweek...
    Simon looks very handsome...
    Linda :o)

  4. I hope you like Blogger, it is what I use. Our chippies have all made it through the winter & they remember the sound of the peanut bucket being shaken, we just now have to ensure the neighbours new cat knows it is not welcomed in our yard to hunt! ... Mary-Lou =^..^=

  5. Good worked!!! I've never used a hosting service and load pics directly. Easy/peasy......

  6. Sorry to hear about the trouble with the pictures on your blog. I don't blame you for not changing them all individually - what a pain that would be! Hopefully they will get it all fixed soon. I love that picture of Simon! Do you think he has a family now? You have mentioned other chippies.

  7. HeHe! I'm afraid the first two paragraphs
    went over the top of my head...I'm not
    into all this tech. either! :(.

    Never mind! Never mind! There's little
    Simon..And, that's what counts! Bless!
    the little fella..great to see him again!x

    Hope you get the Blog sorted Deb..This end,
    l've lost most of the photos, though not
    all..! Good luck with it..! :).

  8. Deb I have never used a hosting site. All you have to do is use the little photo icon and click on a photo from your photo folder and it should get onto your blog ok.

    Hope things are warming up for you guys.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  9. Lovely to have you back! Simon and David are adorable; David is really loving the attention.

    Computers, blogs, mobile phones etc are great when they work, slightest tech problem and I am lost.

  10. I see these pics in the post! I hope you haven't "lost" all of your other photos!

    Question--have you ever groomed cats? Is it easy to do at home? My long haired must be groomed 2 - 3 time per year. They shave her all the way down for the summer but I need to have it done now but it's still too cold for a shave. Any ideas on a home kit?


  11. Oh Deb, I wish I'd known about your upload issues earlier. I've never used a photo hosting service on blogger, just uploaded from the computer. I will use something like Picassa (on my computer -- not online) to adjust lighting/brightness, etc.) and you can use it for special effects too, but I don't much with that. But it's all on your computer. And the photos are "saved" so you can use them again if you don't want to upload again.

    Right now as I look, the photos in your post -- if you did two -- are showing fine. On your side bar, the photos are missing. I'll have to reload -- might be me, because two of them -- the painting and Knotalee -- DO show.

    Meanwhile, it is so good to hear from you. Things must be going quickly now on your house, now that the weather is looking up. Can't wait to hear more!

  12. David is one smart kitty! He knows a good neighbor to visit everyday. Always enjoy seeing your pix of him and comments.

  13. Ah, there's Simon!

    David is a grand looking fellow.

    I've always just uploaded directly to Blogger, and stored photos elsewhere- external hard drive, email folders.

  14. Good to have a post Deb, I often wonder how you are getting on.

  15. Gosh, maybe David was concentrating so hard and some critter, that he didn't hear you? He reminds me so much of our POM!

  16. Aw! Such kitty beauty!
    I always load photos from my computer right to my blog, but I think I pay $2.99 every year to insure I have unlimited photo loading privileges. I hope you get it worked out soon! xoxo

  17. I don't even know how my pictures post.

    I take them, with my little camera..... Download them onto my Photo Place on my iMac..... Crop and etc. them..... Post them in my blog.

    I have heard of someone losing all her posted pictures, a while ago, and she was livid.

    Hope everything is cool, from now on!!!!

  18. I think you use the same blog-making programme that I do, and I have always simply loaded my photos directly onto my blog. That may be the simplest way in your case, too. There seems to be a great deal of trouble with programmes and sites on the internet. The sound on my computer vanished and won't come back (probably my fault), I can't play any videos, and Yahoo has decided to change its privacy rules to 'none at all'. I've heard of problems from others, too.

    Poor David. It is an ordeal growing old. There's nothing much good about it - but if you are a cat, and have a good human in your life, things will be comfy and safe.

  19. yep all the photos were there :))
    awww that David is a beauty, hope he is okay, no irritants in the ears or anything.
    does Simon have young ones to show yet? would be nice to see if he does, another generation growing up at the old pump.
    hope Audrey & Annie are doing well too & are enjoying the warmer weather.
    thanx for sharing

  20. I sure hate that about your pictures, but so happy that you were able to post something, and pictures of Simon and David. I have sure missed seeing you and Audrey and Annie.

  21. Yes, I miss all of your critters too. David bears close watching . He won’t be able to hear if there is a car in the drive or if a wild creature approaches.
    Hurrah for Simon! He’s so darling. I was hoping he’d awaken from hibernation. He’s a tribute to good living.

  22. It is lovely to hear from you. Very nice to see Simon and David =) Hope things get resolved for you soon!