Monday, July 23, 2018

Catching up today.

Three weeks fly by in the summer. Busy hands, minds running amuk and hot, humid days are what we experience now.
The gardens are finally getting some rain the last two days so there's one job I can walk away from for awhile.
Our veggie garden is small but happy and I am getting lettuce, cucumbers and herbs from it daily.
Our tomatoes are still green.
The yellow beans are slow coming.
Our critters are busy running about and the retired-guy has taken to feeding three crows that he would like to tame. (What??)
 He finds them fascinating but unfortunately they scare off the small birds.
He has had to move their feeding spot far from the feeders.
The turkeys are here every evening to clean up and then they head to the wood-lot to sleep high up in the maples.
Now that I know they are there they won't scare the life out of me at 7am again. :-[
And I love to find a feather for my collection.

Annie and Wilson are good friends now and spend much of their day resting together and trying to stay cool.
Wilson was just at the vet to have his first check-up and her words were..."He's going to be a live-wire. And I give him an A+." She fell for the little guy instantly and he remembered his manners.

A few photos around and about the mouse-house.

Mr. A+

It's 'oh, so busy'
in the wood-lot

The Fairy Village 
at High Tea

I posted this on instagram (Life at Fox Grove)and had the cutest comment...
"Wilson is losing his stuffing." :)

I hope all is enjoying their summer.
I will be back soon
with more updates.

be kind, Deb


  1. My! Goodness! That Wilson is a lovely! Lovely!
    Fella! Is he ever...Hope you don't mind, but that
    large photo of him, l'd like for my pussy~cat
    folder..Bless! Thankyou! :).

    Ah! And Simon..Bless him..He's still as lovely
    as ever..Did he join in the fairy village tea
    party..! HeHe! :).

  2. Your life is so magical! Full of birds, other wild life, cats, grands and beauty!

  3. Wilson is certainly a handsome cat - so glad he is healthy and now good friends with Annie. As for Simon - he must be really tame by now Deb - can you hand feed him, do you even try? Bet he enjoys his own 'fairy village' - it's adorable!

    How's the house coming along? Hard to work in the hot weather I'm sure.

    Hugs - Mary

  4. Oh, that Wilson is adorable...he does look rotten. :) I love him already! That last picture is sooo funny". "Losing his stuffing". That's exactly what it looks like. I'm so glad he and Annie have become best friends. A pet crow sounds like fun. Poppy and I have talked about how much fun it would be to have a pet crow. Your posts are wonderful! So glad to see one!

  5. "Annie and Wilson are good friends now" Best news ever! I always enjoy seeing the activity and life around Fox Grove. Love the fairy village and watching it grow. How is the house coming? I can't wait to see pictures. Love to all!

  6. Thanks for showing us the photos of your piece of Heaven property. Glad the 2 cats are friends and not just roommates. Gail

  7. Such good news about Wilson - and that Annie and he are friends. I wish that had happened with my beasts. Sigh.

    What a lot of life on your property; so many little creatures. I'd love to stop by the Fairy Village for tea. I'd probably be enchanted...

  8. So, the retired-guy has found a crow hobby, eh? It's wonderful that Wilson and Annie are fast friends!

  9. Lovely post and photos. Yes a busy time of year and it has been a humid summer so far oh so nice to finally have some rain though , Glad kitties are all getting along and great to hear Wilson has a good report from the vet but then we knew he would having such a wonderful home . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  10. Hope you won't mind hearing this...but Wilson looks soooo much like Audrey! What a sweetheart. And great that he and Annie are getting along these days.
    So good to see you back, Deb.

  11. Wilson is living the dream! I'm so glad Annie has decided he's worth keeping. :)

  12. Oh funny! "Wilson is losing his stuffing.". I think so!

    Glad to hear all is well there. I so appreciate and enjoy your posts, Deb.

    Blessings to all at Fox Grove,

  13. ohhh that's funny! Wilson is losing his stuffing! sweet! so glad Annie is enjoying his company now must still be hard for her & you. every time i read your blog now i tear up.
    is there any new family for Simon yet? such a cute bugga that one!
    thanx for sharing

  14. Aww Mr Wilson - you are fitting in well buddy. We are glad to hear that you and Miss Annie are good friends.

  15. I loved "Wilson is losing his stuffing!" He's a beauty and I'm glad he and Annie have bonded. Simon, turkeys, feathers and birds -- you are in your little bit of heaven!

    So glad to see you posting again. I've missed you.

  16. Wonderful catch up. I am quite smitten with Wilson. His little face is ever so sweet. Glad to hear that Annie has let him into her heart. Crows are quite bright, but our pair; Bert & Ernie make such a racket that I do not really welcome them to my garden. One of the local vets tamed a rescued crow as baby & he became the resident greeter at her clinic.

  17. He's a cutie pie! Love it when the kitties bond together.
    We finally saw a chipmonk living around our hay shed. 1st one we've seen in quite a while.

  18. The kitties are so cute together and EVERYTHING is cute at your house!

  19. Mr A+ is so cute! Visiting as Willie at
    left me your link!

  20. We hope all of you are enjoying a great summer also. The heat has been really bad some days. Hope your garden is holding up with the weather. Love the photos that you shared. Really great to see the kitties. Have a wonderful week.
    World of Animals