Thursday, August 9, 2018

August brings change.

It's harvest time for some of my tiny garden this year. I wasn't even going to put one in with all the mess and business around here but I did; a small one.
It's now producing nicely.
We'll have our first feed of yellow beans tonight. And the tomatoes are turning red.
Still waiting on cauliflower, broccoli
and carrots.
And more beans, please.

August brings lots of change and already the air feels different.
The days are a bit shorter and we have had a week of rain.
The sunflowers are at their peak.
We have also just had the hottest and most humid summer on record.
It's been dreadfully hot.
So, saying that, I am ready for the crisp air of Autumn.
I love the Fall; everything about it.
And I hope it is a really long one this year.

I think Wilson agrees.

Over the summer months we have had visitors from out of town, celebrated birthdays and I am out cat-sitting much of the day.
Meeting and caring for some of the local fabulous felines while their owners travel is what I do and sometimes it's hard to call it a job. I visit once or twice a day, feed and care for their needs, play and brush for bonding and often snuggle in a chair with a book and a sleeping cat on my lap. I have the best job ever. :-) =^..^=
And August is one of the busiest months.
Business is booming while owners get their last vacation in before school is back in session.
So no wonder the days are flying by.
Here are 4 of my kitty clients...

Neo, Minou, Luna and Serena

Such amazingly beautiful and good-natured cats. All happy and well loved. :)

Our two mischief-makers are always under our feet at the house while we work away. I guess Wilson thinks the sub-floor is more comfy than his bed. Plus he's as nosey as can be.

I hope the summer has been good to everyone.
I am just heading out to cat-sit so I will wish you all a good night.

be kind, 


  1. Great to see your garden is producing delicious looking vegetables. We agree with Wilson, bring on the autumn air. It has been really humid here. Love the photos that you shared. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  2. Wilson and your client kitties are much too cute.

  3. You have some of the best looking clients!

  4. Sounds like summer has been very good, even if hot. Ours is hot, too, and will be a while longer.

    I am so happy to see your beautiful kitty clients. They are all wonderful and it's great they have you to care for them. I so wish you were close to us though as I would love to have you sit our little guy.

    Enjoy the days,

  5. It has been hot and humid here too. I'm so looking forward to fall. Your garden is wonderful! I got nothing this year. You have the best job around. Look at those wonderful kitties!

  6. Yellow beans are a favourite of mine. Strait from the garden, they’ll be such a treat! Nothing like fresh veggies full of flavor and vitamins.
    I’m so over summer. I’m used to heat, lots of heat but the heat/humidity combo is a killer. Hope all of this extreme weather we’re having doesn’t mean an extra cold and snowy winter. Glad you cat sitting business is thriving. Kisses to your kitties.

  7. Ah! Simon! Bless! Always good to see
    the little fella..No family yet..?
    He's a little hero..!x

    And, my favourite kind of post Deb....
    Pussy~cats..everywhere..and Wilson, he's
    a poser..think he loves having his photo
    taken, with so much going on, no wonder he
    has his nose into everything..! Bless!x

    I've done well with fruit and veg again this
    year, friends and neighbours have allotments,
    so a receive loads of it, don't have to buy that
    much myself..! :).

  8. Glad to hear your cat-sitting business is doing well! I sat on the deck and listened to the crickets sing last night; a very pleasant, quiet time.

  9. Oh Deb, I just wrote you a long comment and it disappeared. Don't know if it was published or not. Anyhow, it's so good to see your post. That little Simon there in front of the pot of flowers is so cute. And Wilson...he was just meant for you! All the kitties look sweet and are so lucky to have you. You just may have two comments from me??

  10. You sure have some beautiful furry clients! What a great job!
    Your garden produce looks wonderful! It's my favorite thing about summer! And that Wilson is adorable! I do enjoying seeing him here and on the Gram. :)

  11. Beautiful kitty clients! They are well loved! Wilson just cracks me up! He looks so serious. He hit the jackpot at your house!

  12. Whew, busy busy- catsitting, gardening, I need a nap! Best to y'all.

  13. I have also noticed the change in light & the air does smell differently, maybe it's the hay being cut, the grain harvested but it's different. For me one of the surest signs that summer is winding down is the arrival of Niagara peaches, such a sweet treat but it means school & the other time begins soon. I do wish you lived closer or we were closer, I would trust you to look after my fur girls. Your kitty clients are gorgeous, you have the best "job" :) ... Mary-Lou =^..^=

  14. We in Yorkshire, England have had the hottest Summer in years. I am short of vit d so it has done me good. What is a sub-floor? if you do not mind me asking. Love Annie and Wilson perfect little cats. Love Andie xxx

  15. It's just the floor the framers put in as they are working. It would be under your actual flooring.

  16. Summer was...and is really good Yet ! it ...sitting outside almost every love love it...please let it never stopped ...hihihihi....have a Nice week love Ria x ☀️☀️☀️

  17. Hi Deb! I'm ready for fall, too! You DO have the best job, ever!

  18. Hi Deb...
    Gorgeous clients...and that Wilson!
    Enjoy your evening...let us know about your hand☹️
    Linda :o)

  19. It's good to get such a wonderful and newsy report from you! The cats are looking great (Simon, too!) and your garden sounds like it's yielding delicious treats. All good!

  20. You are quite right how the feel of a day will change as the season progresses. Even though it’s often hotter - and more summery - in August than in July, one can tell that the summer is heading toward its end. Even the sky looks different to me.