Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Thank you

Thank you to all you lovely people who sent such nice and thoughtful messages my way. I wish I could thank you in person.
I am still waiting for another appt. so I still don't know what I have done to my hand but I'm just going to hope it is healing under my soft cast and I will soon be out of it. This is no way to end a summer. The 'to do' list has left the building and I am just doing what is necessary with help, of course.

It's very boring when you are laid up but I am still trying to photograph with one arm the resident characters that keep us entertained. 
I captured this guy this morning...

then walked through the wood-lot to spy on the fairies.
They were entertaining a newbie that flew in on her ladybug.
They sure love the mud.

I checked the garden to see if the cantaloupe were ready for picking. Not quite.
There were beans to harvest, tomatoes, cukes and lettuce that needed immediate picking.
Maybe later today, I thought.

I am in a sling now to keep my arm elevated and it is ghastly hot in this humid weather.
I think I need tea and cake. :-b
yes I do.

Look at this face...
If looking at Sunny isn't the best medicine I don't know what is.
And he is a doll; a Ragdoll, that is.
He is one of my charges this week
and with a little help he is getting all the care and attention he deserves.
I sit on the floor and hug him and he melts.
His partner in crime is Charlie.
Not a bad job I have, right?
Two gorgeous boys.

Well, that's enough typing for this sore hand
so I will bid you 
"Good day."

be kind, Deb


  1. Lucky for me, my office purchased a Dragon license for me, and once it was downloaded to my computer, I could talk, and it would type! Just a suggestion; it really helped me working through those earliest days of my injury. I mean, I'm an executive admin; typing is 1/2 of my work life! Hunting and pecking with my right hand only got old VERY FAST, but I kept at it, to avoid using up all of my vacation and personal days. The Hubby carried my laptop bag, hot tea mug out to the car for me every day, and driving my wee Honda with one hand was easy peasy. Heck, a lot of folks drive one-handed anyhow! The weird part was pulling the safety belt over my shoulder. If I were closer, I'd volunteer to help with your harvest!

  2. Wow, I looked back on the last post to see exactly what you had done. I would hate that, not having my hand working. Let's hope its going to be a quick heal.
    Love the Rag doll.

  3. You have a wonderful job Deb...
    And! And! You have ALL the tea and cake you
    want..But save some for Simon...! Bless! :o).

  4. Sunny and Charlie are way too adorable. A common trait in the feline world.

    Ah, it's no fun at all being the proverbial walking wounded.

  5. Oh, Deb, I am so sorry to hear about your arm. I remember some years back when I broke my elbow. It was certainly not fun. At least you have two handsome boys to keep you company for awhile. I pray healing for you.

  6. So sorry to hear about your accident. What a nightmare eh? We are cat sitting a pair of cuties for a month. They are SO HAPPY to see us when we show up. The younger of the two hisses and growls until we play kitty games with her and then she is happy. The old fellow meanwhile is winding through our legs trying to trip us. They are missing their mum and dad. This is the first time they have been left in the care of sitters.

  7. Wonderful pics even with a sore hand . I do hope it all goes well for you and you heal fast and can enjoy the rest of your summer . Oh my lots of wonderful sounding veggies to be picked wish we lived closer I would do it for ya * smile* . Yes tea and cake always helps hehe ! Take it easy and keep us posted as best as you can . Have a good night !

  8. That is a great pic of the squirrel! And I love the little faeries!

  9. Oh, OUCH! So sorry to read your last post and see that photo of your poor hand. Nothing is convenient when you only have one paw, is it!! You're doing an impressive job of typing and picture taking though. Will be saying some prayers for your quick healing now. Nebr. ><>

  10. Oh My Goodness! i've just caught up! a fall is not good at our age & hope for a speedy recovery for you; there are some easy herbs good for helping to heal (comfrey is my favourite) that you can use either internal or external that help immensely; also potato poultices will help with any swelling (just bin or burn it afterwards, don't put in your compost)
    all your cats are so adorable! & yes that would have to be the best job in the world! so awesome!
    we are having a terribly dry winter here & there is even a total fire ban on! that never happens in winter! hope you get some relief from the heat soon.
    loved catching up with all the critters around the Mouse House :))
    you take care of yourself
    thanx for sharing

  11. So sorry to read about your injury. My dear mum broke both the arm bones at the wrist the same way a few years, and shared your frustration as it was Summer here. I hope you heal soon. Wishing you wellness, Michelle in Wellington, NZ.

  12. Oh man, I love those rag doll cats. Beautiful.

    At least you can walk around. When I fractured my back last Sept. I was bed bound for several weeks. Only got up for the necessities.

    Having ankle surgery soon, so will be house bound again. At least I'll be able to roll myself around in the house.

    Take care, I hope your hand gets well soon.

  13. I hope you heal fast and feel better soon. Oh the plans go out the door when we hurt ourselves. Those cats are gorgeous. I'm collecting 'faries' and hope by next summer that Scout will enjoy a fairy garden! Hugs!

  14. Ooh, poor you. I hope the pain reduces along with the swelling and you soon heal. The cats will help, I'm sure, just by appreciating you and looking beautiful.

  15. Thanks, Deb, for dropping us a note. It is good to hear that you are coping with the difficulties of only have one hand. I hope the report from your checkup is very good.
    I love those kitties! I am glad you have some beautiful clients again. Amazing!

  16. Loving everything here except the part about your hand. Your charges are most handsome! And quite the harvest. Definitely good news -- I hope you can "hand"le it or get some help!

  17. I sure hope that heals fast, Deb. Hot and muggy weather is no fun under the best circumstances, so I can imagine how miserable it is. I once had a cast on my foot in hot and muggy Bolivia. Those two cats are so fluffy!!

  18. Oh goodness gracious! How awful for you! Is your pain at least a bit under control. Being helpless is certainly not your style. Must be maddening. You’ve lived a healthy lifestyle so hopefully you will heal quickly. Never thought of not being able to open cat food cans if something happened to my hand.
    Love and prayers your way .

  19. I'm sure your hand is healing, though it may not be healing fast enough! It's astonishing how much one does with both hands; one doesn't realise it until one can't do it.

    Charlie reminds me of my former foster-cat, Kola, the 'Floor King'. I miss him.

  20. Dear Deb, I was really sorry to hear of your fall and subsequent injury. Hoping you heal quickly, meanwhile may all the kitty hugging help you feel better - and thanks to hubby's help you are able to open those cans!

    I'm caring for Nala again - thanks for the comment - and she is definitely much more cuddly and seems to really enjoy time with me. Her 'dad' returns at the weekend. He actually took her on vacation earlier this summer and she enjoyed a whole month in a riverside log cabin in Massachusetts! He said she loved it, and watching the wildlife for hours on end!

    Be well soon - and hopefully weather is a bit cooler for you by now.
    Hugs - Mary

  21. Hi Deb. Sorry about your hand! I am suffering from a similiar injury. I was playing with one of my cats on the stairs, stepped back, and fell. I broke my tibia/kneecap. Now I'm recovering from surgery. I know exactly how you feel being dependent on others. I pray you have not fractured it. Your blog is quite enjoyable.

  22. Oh, look how late I am seeing this post! The fairies are so cute and so is that sweet little squirrel. I'm so sorry about your hand, and right when the garden vegetables are coming in. You deserve all the cake and tea you want. :) Those Ragdoll kitties are beautiful. My cousin Pat has two, well one now. One passed away recently. Take care.