Wednesday, August 29, 2018

As summer winds down.

Our tree toad is back again
and he's as happy as a clam in his birdhouse.

And look at this show-off.

Autumn must be near because even with one good hand I had to bake pumpkin muffins.

And it was worth it.

We spent a night watching our grands last wknd.
They live on a beautiful piece of property about an hour from us.

Gramps, Tenley and Cooper having a (very early) morning walk-about. 

That first mug of coffee, a beautiful morning with grandittle and a silly lovable cat.

Kitty-client Sunny
Sweetest cat ever.
My busy month for cat-sitting is winding down and 
I am so grateful for all the help from the retired-guy
who has never been so busy in his life.
As if he needed more to do. :-b

I received great news after my x-ray this break.
The cast is off and I am just not to use my hand too much and only lift light things such as a beverage. ;)
OK, then.

September should be back to normal now.
And the fall clean-up begins at Fox Grove.

be kind,


  1. Love these pics! That little toad in the birdhouse is so cute. And it looks like everyone is having a lovely early morning walk. Also great news on the x-ray!

  2. Yay for no breaks!
    Looks like things are going well in your neck of the woods:)
    Nancy and the kitties

  3. Oh I am glad to hear there is no break in your hand oh yes can always manage a beverage especially lifting a cuppa tea or two *smile*. lovely photos. It has been so humid and now I am looking forward to some cool fresh air . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend.!

  4. So happy to hear about your hand! Please do be careful so it heals quickly. I cannot get over that frog in the bird house. Does he leave to get food and then come back? I can't imagine what the birds think. I think maybe that frog has an identity crisis!

  5. Ah! Look! Bless! Little Simon with a lady
    friend..! Hopefully! :). HeHe! It's about
    time he got his act together..Offspring
    Simon..Offspring..! He's lovely! :)x

    And the frog..goodness! Looks as though
    he's opt for the top 'flat', amazing how
    he gets up there..!

    And great news about the arm Deb..Don't
    throw the cast away..cut it in half, it'll
    make a nice home for some creepy~crawly...
    And Sunny has a lovely face..but don't they
    all....! :o).

  6. That is good news that there is no fracture. Do be careful with it though, just be gentle until it heals, otherwise it will take forever.

    We had a lovely spring day here with a sunny and warm evening. The seasons sure are shifting.

  7. So glad to read you had no breaks.

    Enjoy each new day ~ your kitty clients ~ hubby ~ family,


  8. Wonderful to hear that your hand is well on the mend. Did the doctor's recommend any type of physio to ensure as it heals you are using correctly? Lifting cups of tea & a pumpkin muffin or two sounds like a good remedy. Very sweet kitties.

  9. Look at his jaws. He's going to pop them. So he has a lady friend. Cool.

  10. So happy to hear that you are on the mend - - please be careful. Is Sunny a Ragdoll? Rebecca2

    1. Yes, he is. And so is Charlie his side-kick.

  11. In all the years of purchasing and putting out birdhouses, I have known that they were decorative. I have yet to have a bird take up residence. How fun though to, of all things, get a toad.

  12. Would one of those light weight wrist braces from Shoppers D.M. help you be gentle with that wrist? I occasionally use one for my wrist.

  13. Great news Deb! I'm so glad you had help this month and the retired guy is pretty awesome. Love the photos and Fall starts to lift it's head a bit even around here. Hugs!

  14. Happy news about your hand. Gail

  15. Deb, if your doctor says go to physical or occupational therapy, GO! Makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. At first, I was skeptical, but they worked my fingers and tendons and got my hand back in shape. I had breaks, but even a few days can weaken the muscles enough to need some therapy. Just sayin'. Love the photo of the retired guy holding Cooper!

  16. Good news on the xray and cast removal. That's huge after being constricted. Very happy for you!

  17. Great to hear you have no breaks and can gently use you hand again. I hope all goes very well from now on and healing is complete.
    Thanks for the peek into Fox Grove. I always enjoy a glimpse of your home.

  18. Thank goodness for the news about your hand. Things can get back to normal now.

    And yes, summer is winding down. It's starting to feel like autumn. It's my favourite time of year, but the part I like doesn't last long...

  19. So glad to see your post, and such good news about your hand. Whew! that's wonderful! What a good husband you have too. That sure is a sweet looking kitty cat he is holding. Simon is the funniest! He must be worried about winter coming.

  20. Oh figs and pumpkin season - I love Autumn I think :) I love how trees look like and I love to bake delicious food :)
    Your photos are nice as always :)
    I'm happy about your x-ray test :) I hope you'll feel better soon :)
    Sunny is so adorable <3

  21. Happy to read no broken bones Deb, now just to get all healed up and stronger !
    Sounds like you enjoyed your time with the little ones, they keep us active that's for sure :)
    What beautiful kitties, such sweet faces.