Monday, September 10, 2018

Welcoming September

Youngest daughter lol

Mark Twain fan

Three birthdays celebrated on Sunday; 64 6 & 5.
It's always fun to have all five grands out with their parents and favorite aunt.
And the weather was fabulous.
Good enough for tractor rides, kicking the ball about and a fairy village invasion.
Tenley in the wood-lot

And where was Wilson while all these shenanigans were going on...
Way up high in the loft minding his p's and q's.

It's very fall-like around Fox Grove these days.


And it will soon be time to fatten up our resident birds with cooler weather on it's way.
Chickadees are still a favorite here. :)

It's back to work here on the house and landscaping and
rain is on it's way.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Be kind,


  1. Ah! That's lovely..Birthdays ALL round..
    Hope everyone had a super time...! :).

    I seem to remember that someone special
    had a birthday this Thursday 13th to....
    Bless her...!x

  2. Happy Birthday to the birthday people!! It looks & sounds like you all had a great time.

    Happy Fall there at Fox Grove ~ FlowerLady

  3. it's a little late but happy birthday to all! hope they had a wonderful day!
    looking lovely there Wilson too; that is a really good photo of the retired guy & the granddittles too, worthy of frame & wall space!
    our weather can't make up it's mind, cold, hot, cold & hot again, then back to cold lol
    great post
    have a wonderful week
    thanx for sharing

  4. Happy Birthday to all! That photo of Wilson is just too adorable!

  5. Hi Deb! I hope your wrist is better. I do love September birthday cakes. I shall make one for myself later in the month when I turn (gasp) 60.
    Aw, Wilson is a cutie patootie.

  6. How lovely to celebrate the Sept birthdays together. It is looking very Fall where you are. Hugs!

  7. Happy belated birthday wishes all around. Celebrating another wonderful trip around the sun is always a treat & privilege. Wilson is very much like our fur girls when "the people" are here, no one believes we have two cats (lol).

  8. Wonderful photos . Happy belated Birthday to all . It is rainy and chilly here today a good day to huddle down with a good book and cups of tea *smile* . Thanks for sharing , have good day .

  9. Happy Birthday to all!

    Wilson must have figured it was a good idea to go into hiding.

  10. These pictures are just perfect! What a good looking family you have. A little late, but Happy Birthday to all three. Wilson makes me smile. I think he was meant especially for you. and the name "Wilson" suits him so well. It sure is pretty there at Fox Grove.

  11. Happy birthday to all the birthday people. How grand to have everyone together to celebrate.

  12. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to all! Great looking family. Hugs and purrs....

  13. What a wonderful family you have. I am so glad they could all gather for celebrating the birthdays.

    That Wilson is a cutie! Love that little face.


  14. Birthdays abound! Happy Birthday to your family's! My cousin, Mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, and youngest son's are now too! Looks like you all had a great birthday get-together...

  15. I love your get-togethers. They always look like so much fun. And Fox Grove must be a splendid place to experience autumn.

  16. Hi Deb...
    Aren't family times THE BEST!!
    Birthday hugs all cant take the Chickadees inside at night! hahaha!!!
    Linda :o)

  17. Now that is a perfect way to welcome September. Lots of smiles, happiness, sweet little kids and cute little critters and cats! I always love it when you post -- I know your life is on the insane side these days!

  18. That sounds like a fun weekend, tractor rides and all.

  19. Happy Birthday to all! It looks like a wonderful party, fairies included!

  20. So much fun going on! Hope everyone had a great b-day (it certainly looks like they did!)
    Hi Wilson. You look very handsome minding your p's and q's :)

  21. It's been a month since this post. Hope everything is ok, Deb! Wishing you Happy Fall!