Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Fall at Fox Grove

It sure looks like Fall here.
And no matter how many scare-crows we have
(aren't they scary. :-)

We still have lots of crows. 

We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.
Any excuse for a party, the fairies think.
I baked a favorite apple cake for the dinner
and we celebrated with our family at my son and daughter-in-laws beautiful country home.

l to r...daughter Allie, son John, retired-guy, all the grandittles, son-in-law Mike, daughter Jess and the hostess with the mostest daughter-in-law Brittany.

and Nana bribed the little ones with goody bags so I could get them to sit still for the camera.
It works every-time.
lol grand-son Bradley likes to goof around.
l to r-Gwynn, Riley, Gus, Tenley and Brad.

And we can't leave Cooper out.
He is always ready to pose for the camera.
2 smug characters.

It was our 'second-helping' weekend
and today we are pretty lazy. 

I hope all my Canadian friends had a Happy Thanksgiving.

be kind, Deb


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! You have a beautiful family.
    Hugs and purrs.....

  2. How lucky that I sit down at the computer just minutes after you post this. "Grandidles", that's the cutest word! I love those scarecrows! The crows probably love them too. Why, everything is just adorable there on Fox Grove. I can't get over how your grandchildren have grown. Seems like just yesterday there were two babies in the family. You have a beautiful family. Oh Deb, you would not believe the times that I've worried about that silly apron, and there you are making it look pretty. Thank you.

  3. Your two smug characters make a good pair!

  4. Glad for the update, Deb! Cooper is awesome looking! Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends!

  5. Great pictures! Lovely family (including Cooper)!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I love the Scare-crows and the fairies. You have a beautiful family and those Grandlittles are all adorable! I have a family Apple Cake recipe I make for the holidays too but yours looks different. Can you share the recipe? Mine is baked in a tube pan and takes 4 cups of chopped apples.

    Give my love to Annie and Wilson!

  7. So glad to see you back, Deb! Your grands are so darned cute. And the fairy garden is darned cute too. And love the pic of T.R.G. and Cooper. We are totally water-logged here in Nebr. ><>

  8. I think you make the scare~crows so lovely
    with happy smiling faces Deb, that the crows
    want to join in and enjoy them to..after all
    it's still summat for them to perch on..! :).

    And..your family look lovely a Sicilian,
    l enjoy large families to, great fun, hope all
    of you over there enjoy the weekend, and mind you
    don't tread on any fairies..! :).

    Needless to say the best photo is of the two smug
    characters at the bottom there...Brilliant! :o).

  9. Happy Thanksgiving good to have you back...looks like a lovely familly gathering and celebration!

  10. Looks like everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving up north dear Deb. Lovely family pix and hopefully you weren't in the kitchen all the time! Your apple cake looks delicious - autumn and apples are special.

    The children are getting so big - and are adorable.
    Happy Autumn days - Mary x

  11. Such a beautiful family! Your Grands are getting so big!

  12. Oh, how nice! Apple cake sounds tasty!
    Crows are so funny. My scare crow looks tired and careworn after enduring the sun during the summer.
    The fairy doings are so adorable. Have a great day, Deb!

  13. It's wonderful that your family is still so close - and lucky that they all live close by. My Thanksgiving was good; pleasant and restful.

  14. Hi Deb,

    I thought of you guys on your Thanksgiving and am happy to read it was such a nice day for your family.

    Thanks for the catch-up post. I have been wondering how you are doing.


  15. Lovely photos . We had a nice Thanksgiving to with family . I have been out busy readying the gardens for winter and enjoying the colours of fall . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  16. we i see you did too!
    Enjoy your weekend...get your woolies out!
    Linda :o)

  17. Happy Ria x πŸπŸ‚πŸŒΎπŸ„πŸŒ»πŸ§‘