Sunday, October 28, 2018

First snow-fall

Winter has arrived at Fox Grove.
Well, not really but it sure looks like it.
The snow fell all night and is still falling as I post this.

This chickadee is one from this spring and she looks a bit bewildered right now.
She was soon fed and on her way but only after a fight broke out at the feeder.
They are all pretty anxious to find their food source for the cold months ahead.
They have nothing to worry about...I will keep them fed.

This might be Wilson's second fall/winter.
We really don't know how old he is...perhaps a year, year and a half.
He was found starving at a feed mill last spring.
Watching the birds in the maple.
He's showing off his long tail.

Before the snow fell I was starting to train this years'  birds to eat from my hand.
This will take some time but they will begin to trust.
It's a pretty cool feeling to have their feet on your hand.

These two :)
Annie can get pretty fed up with Wilson at times.
I think she would like to squish him completely but little does she know he actually loves any attention he can get.
He's a real love-bug.

It looks like we are at the end of beautiful Autumn.
All my mums are dying and soon there will not be a flower anywhere.

The old outhouse on our property has been here for 100 years. It has been moved three times and not used for probably 40 years now.
I keep it clean and decorated as it has become quite a conversation piece for visitors.
I have placed an insulated box inside the old outhouse for a needy critter when the cold weather arrives. We had insulation left over from the construction so it is packed in well.
Last year something went in to find warmth and pulled all the paper down to make a nest. Poor thing.
I was determined that would not happen again this year. If it comes back it will think it was at the Ritz.
A warm and cozy box will get it through the hard times.

photo taken in September
I hope everyone is enjoying the end of beautiful autumn.
Have a peaceful Sunday everyone.

be kind,



  1. The snow is coming down in the city now too. We'll see how long it lasts. Your critters are well taken care of.

  2. Having your old outhouse as a protection from the elements for critters is a wonderful idea. Here most people leave there garage doors open about 6-8 inches during the winter. When we do our neighborhood crime patrol its interesting to see just how many people care.

  3. So far we have avoided the snow(except for a brief snow shower), but we have had frost.
    Today is wind and rain :/
    The critters will like having protection from the elements in Winter.
    I also like to keep the Chickadees fed,but need to find a better way to keep the squirrels away.
    Love the pic of Annie and Wilson :)
    Nancy and the kitties

  4. Snow! We are just getting cooler weather and enjoying that. Annie is so sweet and I bet Wilson does drive her crazy at times. Stay Warm!

  5. Hi Deb...
    Great photos and storytelling...
    Lucky birds at your place...
    Can’t wait to see pics of the BIG mouse House!
    Enjoy your week...

  6. Your snow looks very pretty, Deb. I am glad you have made provision for animals needing shelter.
    Good to hear from you, as always,

  7. I love how you care for all God's critters! And so fun when a chickadee eats out of your hand! Our mums didn't survive the frost over the weekend while we were gone, and our pumpkins will be just barely hanging in there until Hallowe'en. I'm grateful for our huge woodpile and hope I'll focus on a better attitude toward the inevitably long winter that is every year in NW Wisconsin. You'd think I'd get used to it by now. LOL Blessings, Judy

  8. You are an angel to all the birds and animals. You have a very special heart and I think it may have a little fur and a few feathers on it!

    Love the picture of Annie trying to squash Wilson! Stay warm!

  9. awww Annie is a darling looking after Wilson keeping him all snuggled up there!
    & we're already having heat waves lol such a contrast, beautiful photos;
    i love old thunder boxes & they can still be useful if not used; they can make wonderful little garden sheds, a cubby (lol) even chook houses. helping wild critters in the worse of the weather i think is the best; i'm hoping to put little niches around my place for the wild things one day too.
    great post
    thanx for sharing

  10. I like how Wilson just takes the squishing & says it's love (col). To who ever moves in, your insulated box will seem like a dream home come mid January. Our Chickadees are brave but have yet to trust enough to hand feed - I keep trying. =^..^=

  11. Lovely sunny morning over here..That's five
    days in a row now, though a bit frosty this
    morning..even had washing out on the line,
    and drying...! :).

    And Wilson looks lovely, l bet he takes
    everything in his that tail of
    his, that is long..And Annie's quite laid back,
    bless her..l expect she keeps Wilson in check! :).

    And, when l see the old outhouse, l always remember
    my Grannies outhouse, at the bottom of the garden,
    no lock on the door, when you were in there, you had
    to sing or that people knew it was
    occupied..! :). And..the paper, was newspaper, cut
    up into squares, and hung up with string! So, at
    least you had summat to read, while waiting..! :o).

    Hope Simon's o.k. Happy Halloween...! 👻 ☠️ 🎃

  12. You had snow already ? My cats don't like snow, they avoid to put their paws in the white stuff !

  13. Some of my flowers are still going strong as we have had lots of rain now snow down this way at all . I do like the first snow fall though it does look pretty . We still have lots of leaves on our trees to all though lots on the ground as well lol ! Yes our birdies and critters are always well fed and cared for aren't they?! Lovely photos , Oh I am glad the kitties are getting along soo well . Thanks for sharing stay cozy and have a good week !

  14. I can't imagine seeing snow already. That first picture is beautiful...and is that second picture the fight? That's funny. I'm sure there are no better cared for birds anywhere! Wilson does have a long tail. Bless his heart, he sure got lucky when you and The Retired Guy came looking for a kitty. That picture of Annie and Wilson makes me laugh. He looks rotten! Oh, and I love that you have turned the old outhouse into a little shelter for some homeless freezing animal. You have such a big heart. I am always excited to see a post from you, or a comment on my blog.

  15. Oh Deb...what a beautiful warms my heart!!!!

  16. Wilson does have a long tailio! I too would keep items for use by any needy critter. Catio Tales, in Finland, has put out a hedgehog house! Boy, wouldn't that be cool!

  17. I'm rather surprised we haven't had more snow, right across the country, by this time. We had some in October, but it wasn't much, and didn't stay.

    The birds and terrestrial animals will have a safe and fruitful place to come for their food at Fox Grove, and that includes Wilson. I wonder if he thinks back to his lean days, and is grateful. If he's like my lot, he probably just thinks being cared for by loving humans is his due...

  18. Cute Wilson and bless Annie! Time for warmth and snuggles! Hopefully you will have a few warm days again before winter truly sets in.

  19. Years ago our outdoor cat had kittens in the old outhouse. She knew a good place to take shelter. We put a box with old sweaters for a nice bed.

  20. Oh, snow in October? :( I wouldn't be happy about that I think. Lucky me that I'm living in the place where the first snow is usually around a December :D And sometimes even in January haha! :)