Monday, August 13, 2018

So this happened...

and it has thrown me for a loop.
Not only is there lots to do around Fox Grove but I also have cat-sitting booked and I can't even open a can of stinky goodness :( or open a litter bag, lock a door or drive a car. 
This is where the retired guy comes in. :-b
As if he doesn't have enough to do I will be dragging him from the house construction to help me out.
"For better or worse" remember.
So here is how easy something like this can happen.
I was hanging up laundry in the gorgeous sunshine, stepped back and fell over a large rock that had possibly dropped from the load that was taken to the back. 
I tried to stop my fall and landed hard on my hand.
Ouch and a few ***swear*** words. But I thought I was fine.
That evening my hand swelled up and I have no words to explain the pain.
I have torn ligaments and possibly a fracture that so far is not showing up on x-rays.
I see a surgeon this week to have another x-ray done by him.
If there is a fracture I'll be in a cast for awhile. "Nooooo!"
So I guess that's it for me in the garden this year.
I won't be helping out with the new house and my day to day activities are limited. I can't even dry my hair. I had the retired-guy do it and I looked like I had just left a walk-in hair salon owned by three year olds.
So I guess it's time for a new style. 

be kind, Deb


  1. Oh Deb
    Now you’ve gone and done it,!!!
    I’m so sorry
    HeAl fast

  2. Aww Deb, I'm so sorry to read this, unexpected injuries are the worst, and still in the middle of a busy summer too :(
    Hopefully, there is nothing fractured, and the healing can start to take place.

  3. Oh Deb,
    I said, "Oh no!" three times before I could even scroll down to see what had happened. Things like this happen so quickly, in one moment and then there we are. I am so sorry.

    I hope that your visit with the surgeon will show no serious damage and that all will soon be well again. ("Soon" is a relative word here, I know.)

    God bless and keep you as you do what you can for now.

  4. Deb! I was in the same boat in March, when I broke two bones in my left hand. IT WILL GET BETTER! You'll learn to adapt, and you'll also learn to ask for help. A purring cat will help heal...

  5. Oh Deb, I'm so sorry! And the weather was just cooling off so you could do more outside. I hope the pain is not too bad and you have meds that help. I do know that cats are excellent nurses as they sense when we are hurting. I know Annie and Wilson will give you lots of healing love and maybe some fun laughs as well. Bless retired guy for being so helpful to you and even with your kitty clients. I love your remark about "a salon run by three year olds"! I think my hair looks like that sometimes when I fix it!

    Please, be careful and don't overdo things! I wish I could help you!

  6. Yikes! That is really unfortunate.
    Bet it does hurt a lot!
    We take our two hands for granted until something like this happens.
    Here's hoping a cast will not happen and that healing is not too long.
    If nothing else, maybe hubby will learn to be a better hair stylist ;)
    Hugs and Purrs,
    Nancy and the kitties

  7. I'm so sorry, Deb! I broke my wrist rollerblading (down the neighbor's driveway - no trickster moves involved) and I couldn't even cut a slice of cheese for the kids. It was pretty hard. I hope you mend quickly!

  8. Oh dear sorry...
    The pain that night was excruciating...I remember that well with my ankle 😖
    The swelling interferes with the X-ray for sure...
    Good thing the Retired Guy is a good sport....😘
    Take care...keep us posted...
    Sending hugs to you...
    Linda :o)

  9. Hoping they don’t find any fractures. Take care. Gail

  10. Oh Deb, so sorry. These little things can happen in an instant and lay us up for so long. Hopefully you will heal quickly... and you know your kitties and other critters will comfort you.

  11. Poor you Deb, although I am sure it will heal in no time. You will have to take it easy for a while.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  12. Oh my gosh! Deb, I am so sorry! Falls are so scary and there is not a darn thing you can do once you start falling, but hit the ground. What a huge bandage! Your fingers look swollen. Hope you will let us know what the next x-ray shows. You may have to learn how to open a can with your teeth. :) You've been so busy, but take care of yourself and let things go for a while. That's easier said than done, I know.

  13. Oh! Deb..! What can one say...terrible thing
    to very sorry! Do your best, l'm
    sure it'll heal long as you can hopefully
    wiggle your fingers it'll be a help..! God Bless! :).

  14. So sorry to hear of your fracture/ligaments. I bought a clever piece of engineering from Am....n it fits onto a mirror or a wall and you can put your hand held hair drier into it and dry your hair with one hand. I hope I have explained that well enough. I have a painful rotator cuff shoulder and I have problems that leave you just as you are at the moment, I cannot remember how much it cost but it was not expensive. Other than that in England you are not allowed to drive with a cast on so be careful as your insurance might not cover you. I expect you know all this but do take care, at least you can still drink coffee/tea and pet Annie and Wilson, Oh and stroke your husbands beard!! Love Andie xxx keep well.

  15. Oh, dear Deb, all is said by the before-writers here; I only can add my best wishes for a painless and only short handicaped time.

  16. Dear Deb ~ I am so sorry to hear this news. So glad you have 'the retired guy' by your side, through thick and thin.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  17. Poor Deb. lol.....3 year olds.......mine would look like my cats did my hair if I let the hubby.

    So sorry. I feel your pain. I'm in an ankle brace and all my outside activities have screeched to a halt. Will see the ortho next week to schedule the surgery.

    At least I have 2 hands. I better knock on wood. I am too dang accident prone to make statements like that.

    Take care. I hope you get well soon.

  18. My goodness, what a pain - in many ways! I'm sorry this has happened. Something very similar happened to Vicky over at Eastside Cats. She stumbled while walking and fell on her hand. Such simple things - trying to stop a fall - and such complicated injuries. I hope your damage is less than hers. All over a rock, too...

  19. OH MY GOSH OUCH Deb you poor thing , I fell many years ago and did the same thing and fractured my wrist in two places OUCH and yes it aches in the cold and damp weather as does the rest of me *sad face here* ! Glad the Retired guys was there to help and I hope all goes well at the Drs for you and they can help heal it . Take care and take it easy and drink lots of tea hehe things can be done later your health comes first .

  20. O no!!...poor you...i hope you wil recover sad for from je Ria x ☀️☀️☀️

  21. Oh no, Deb, I'm so sorry!!!! You are very blessed to have your hubby by your side to help you when needed. Hope you heal quickly! xo

  22. Goodness, that was nasty. I hope you heal really quickly. Your comment about your 'hairdresser' had me laughing out loud, that is a brilliant description, but great that he tried.x

  23. Oh dear Deb Not good news :( This to will pass but oh what a bother!Sure hope your injuries prove not to be to involved after final x-rays.Your nurse maides will for sure help you heal faster. Thank goodness for the retired guy ! We will all be waiting to hear of your results so keep in touch. Take care of yourself Donna in B.C. Very cute critters at your home :)

  24. Yikes, yikes, yikes. This is so NOT GOOD. When I had rotator cuff surgery I was one-armed for six weeks (and longer for strength and all) but I was lucky that it was in the winter, not during garden time, can opening time and house building time. I am so very, very sorry you have to deal with this and send all good wishes that there is no break, no cast required.

  25. Oh Deb....I am so sorry....wishing you a fast recovery...falls and fractures at our age are not the best...take good care love!

  26. Hopefully no surgery is warranted on your hand/wrist. Love the rag dolls. I assume their temperament is as gentle as their fluffy good looks. Take care.