Friday, August 24, 2018

August summed-up.

Where the heck did August go?
If we aren't working on the house we are working on the landscaping. And by landscaping I don't mean green grass and pretty flowers. I mean moving loads of dirt to the back, picking up huge rocks and small stones as there are hundreds here (I fell over one), ploughing, grading and burning brush.
The pretty stuff comes next year, God willing.

I have all but given up on the veggie garden since injuring my hand. I'm just harvesting (with a little help from the grands) and turning a blind eye to weeds. I have yet to get the tomatoes boiled down and made into a sauce starter for freezing. There's nothing more tasty in the middle of our wretched winters. We are enjoying some wonderful meals this week.

This cutie loves nana's sunflowers.

Wilson is learning to walk on a leash.
He may be a slow learner but I have faith.
I want him to have fresh air but we have coyotes, fox, fishers and raccoons here.
I want this guy to have a long and happy life.

He spent much of the day in the new house on the top step of the stairs to the loft watching us work. :)

Or on his chaise lounge in the sun at the patio window.
He's a slacker.

This beauty popped up at the side of our garage. :)

And this beauty has moved in to a bird house that was vacated recently by a house wren and her brood. It's a tree frog. 
I hope he hangs around because he's a laugh to see as you walk by the garden.

Haha... Cute, eh!

Well, August is my busiest month for cat-sitting and I have to say it has been quite a struggle the last two weeks. I don't know what I would have done without help from the retired-guy. He has become a champion of cracking open those cans of stinky goodness and sweeping up around the litter box. Why I even needed him to help open doors with keys, for heaven's sake. But on a good note, the cats had one more person to pamper them and make a fuss.

Monday I find out if I have a fracture on my left hand. If I do it's 6-8 weeks in this contraption. :(
I have absolutely no pain anymore and am not taking any pain-killers. I will be very surprised if they find a fractured bone and hope to be free of this fashion-statement soon. 
Who has time for this, right ladies?

Enjoy your weekend everyone.
be kind,


  1. How lovely to hear from you! Let us know how the leash training goes with Wilson. I've heard it can done but I guess I didn't have the right touch! I'm glad to hear your hand is not hurting you and I sure hope it is not a fracture. Wouldn't you know this would happen on your busiest cat sitting month! Thank goodness for retired guy!

    Love the pictures!

  2. We are also building a house--hopefully our final retirement home. Our 'mouse house' will be a large camper-trailer.I'm hoping the cats make the move safely and without too much trauma.
    Wilson on the stairs is priceless--a supervisor. Here's hoping you can soon be free of the cast and sling--autumn is such a busy time.

  3. All ship shape and Bristol fashion as usual
    Deb...I do love reading and looking through
    your posts, first thing with a lemon tea! :).

    HaHa! The frog in the bird box, that is so
    funny..wonder if he'll settle down there....
    perhaps if you take the roof off..! :).

    And, it looks as though Wilson has really settled
    in..he looks great, love the 'two~tone' coat..Bless!x

    Oh! goodness! not another 6~8wks of your cast, that's
    the problem with a fracture, takes longer to heal
    than a break..bit of a nuisance really..Have you had
    people signing your cast yet...!!! :o).

  4. beautiful sunflowers! gorgeous granddittlies too! my they are growing so fast too!
    so hope you don't have a fracture too, good luck & speedy recovery for that too.
    thanx for sharing

  5. Glad to hear your hand is not hurting and you're not on pain meds.

    That tree frog does bring smiles.

    Wilson is a lovey-dovey.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. Oh I do hope that your arm/hand doesn't have any breaks. It does make us so much more aware of our body pieces put together as a whole once one of those pieces don't function as it should. Your residence tree frog certainly did provide me with a chuckle. ... Mary-Lou =^..^=

  7. I wonder what that frog is going to do come winter.

  8. Glad you're pain free Deb and have fingers crossed it's not a fracture. That's a brave smile you are wearing though - I can imagine much of what you have to do these days is fraught with anxiety!

    Hang in there - glad you have the 'littles' to help out now and then.

    How pretty to see a yellow sunflower against that color background - would make a nice print to frame.

    Mary x

  9. I wish you all the very best for Monday - it is good to know that you are pain free, though.

    Your grandchildren are so cute, and so is Wilson, talk about photogenic! The tree frog isn't bad either!
    Fingers crossed for you.

  10. Don't ya hate it when your body slows you down somehow??????

  11. Opening catfood cans is a trial, even with two good hands! Here's hoping your recovery will be swift!

  12. Your flowers are so pretty, and so are those little girls in the garden. You do have beautiful grandchildren. Oh that Wilson! Wish I could hold him. Just wondering if he likes to be held. Smokey lets me hold him but he sort of get that wild eyed look and puts a paw against my cheek. He reminds me a lot of Audrey. I sure hope you don't have a fracture and can get rid of that sling. I feel so bad for you. That frog! I love frogs too. He's so cute.

  13. First of all, I am most remiss in not sending you a note sooner to thank you for the wonderful birthday card -- my favorite, I think, with such a fine feline on the front! It's been a hectic few to be sure. I'm working with a bad foot and you're working with a bad art. Your arm is much worse than my foot -- at least I can get around. I'm so sorry you have to deal with a hot cast and only one art during the biggest kitty sitting season.

    Love the pix of WIlson and looks like he has wormed his way into your hearts. Good luck on the house. We're doing reno work on the cottage and it's awful! So I can only imagine a total build!

  14. Six to eight weeks? Good Heavens, that seems a long time. You'll be very tired of it by then.

    My Parker loves walking on his harness. He probably wouldn't go far if he got outside on his own, but I would never take the chance. My beasts are inside only - but outside under control is all right, too.

    I like the tree-frog. He seems to have found himself an excellent residence.

  15. Lovely photos . I cant believe how fast this summer has gone . When I fractured my wrist I couldn't stand the cast as it was in the summer time and it itched with the heat like crazy . I am glad you don't have anymore pain in it now. Thats funny a tree frog living in a bird house m and I though we had weird nature down here lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  16. I freeze a lot of tomatoes whole in gallon storage bags. When I'm ready to make soup, gumbo or spaghetti sauce - I fill the bag with hot water from the tap. Let it sit a few minutes, then I can squeeze the tomato out of the skin. I cut the stem off then. So much easier than canning tomatoes.

    Good luck at your dr. appt.

  17. haha! this frog :D I think she has found comfy place, haha! :D