Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Easter

We are preparing for Easter and it's been pouring rain all day.

The good side of it is that all the snow is gone, the grass is showing (what there is of it out here) and all my spring flowers are up. 
But there is lots of mud as we have not seeded much of the lot yet. I tell anyone who visits to wear their wellies. :-)

Watching to see what birds find our bird houses adequate is quite exciting. Already the tree swallows are back and checking out the blue bird houses. Last year we had a sweet family of them live in one  and a house wren and her family as their neighbours.

And the chipmunks are our comic relief.

We had to postpone our Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the woodlot until Monday as it will rain right up to Easter day this year.  I'm so looking forward to having all the family, which include five excited grands, out for the day. And I'll be checking to see if the Easter Bunny arrived and hid lots of chocolate-filled eggs amongst the maples.
I've posted lots of signs for him and raked a path to invite him in. I planted pansies; swept around the outhouse, picked up scattered branches and twigs and added a new feeding station with seeds and peanuts next to the stone bench. I know, I know...I will leave him some carrots.
The chipmunks are nesting in the twig piles and I've made friends with a special one. There is no sign of Simon yet. I'm still hoping.

Annie and Wilson say "howdy".
Easter decor is bringing out the best in someone. After the tree flew through the air a few times I kept introducing him to it again and again and now he has become totally bored with it.
Sometimes you can actually outwit him. :-b

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of year.

"Happy Easter, everyone."



  1. We too are being pelted with rain, and I always worry about my outdoor cats. But, I'm sure, they just nap the day away, and dream about the bowls of food that I bring...which is why we call The PO'M "Fatty Paddy"!

  2. Everything looks wonderful and I always love to see the rock wall your family built so long ago. I hope you see Simon soon. He might be a grampa by now. I love the new friend you've made - they all know you are a good person to befriend. If you've managed to outwit a cat with the Easter decorations, congratulations! Sorry you have to postpone the egg hunt but I know you will have a wonderful day whenever it takes place. Happy Easter to you and all your family Deb!

  3. Happy Easter, Deb and Family. I hope you have a very blessed day. And I hope that Simon makes an appearance soon.

  4. Happy Easter to your family. Gail

  5. I hope the weather improves for your Easter Sunday - if not wear colorful wellies!!!!
    We've just had another day with tornado watches and heavy rains - thankfully now it seems to be over and should dry up tomorrow and Sunday. . . . . . . I must get my Easter bonnet ready!
    Have a lovely time with your family - the humans and the assorted animals!
    Hugs - Mary

  6. No sign of Simon yet. Hmmm, I hope nothing happened to him over the winter.

    May you and your family have a beautiful Easter.

  7. Oh Deb, Happy Easter! It looks so pretty there. I love the stones with all the moss. It may not be green there yet, but the grounds look so soft and warm. Those are the softest looking leaves. The little outhouse sure is pretty. Hopefully Easter Sunday will be nice here, but today we have been under severe storm warnings all day long. High winds, rain, and even tornadoes all around. We were lucky and most of the bad stuff went just past us. Hope you and all the family have a fun day on Monday. Love, Henny

  8. Happy Easter to you and your hubby plus the cats.
    In England after having a very cold February especially the first part of the month, well, Spring has arrived for Easter and Easter in England is magical, as I am sure it is there. We are watching all the birds fall out and in again, setting up their nests and courting each other. Our elderly cat is not so keen at going out now and seems to prefer the lounge and her cat basket, she always used to follow me all over the garden and oversee everything. Mind you, I am knocking on now and my gardening days are getting less. I wonder if you will be in your beautiful new home soon? no doubt there are still a myriad of things to do to finish it off, it does look lovely. I enjoy your blog and write occasionally, but do take care and lots of love from West Yorkshire. Love Andie xxx

  9. Glad Wilson got bored! Yikes! And I'm so worried about Simon. I hope he made it through that horrible winter you had. Glad the snow is gone. It's cold and damp and dreary here but they are promising sunny and high 60s, maybe even 70 (I doubt it!) for Easter. I hope you get a little some of that. We are going to do a little egg hunt for Carson too. He's only a little over two so it may be a bust -- we shall see! Tonight Rick and I are filling eggs with Goldfish and animal crackers. Next year, maybe candy!

    Love the pansies on your shed and it's good to see your world waking up. Spring is sorely needed this year. Big hugs and Happy Easter! Lizzie sends regards!

  10. Happy Easter. Fingers crossed for a dry Easter egg hunt. I've had another one of our last year chippies show up - I know it's "him" based on the nipped tail. I love Annie & Wilson's innocent faces greeting us in this post.

  11. I really love your Spring garden! I love squirrels so much; I live close to the forest but there are no squirrels out there. If I want to meet one I have to go to the park (it's not that close to my home) and then I can feed them with walnuts :)
    My Easter was quite nice, I've spent this time with my family. We went for a walk - the weather was totally amazing!

  12. I was wondering about Simon....I hope he's ok, sweet little guy.