Friday, December 27, 2019

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.
It was a whirl-wind here, a wonderful time,
and we are all ready to hunker down
and enjoy some quiet.
All but little Cora.
She is ready for anything...anytime.

I've been busy caring for the wildlife on our property.
We are feeding many types of birds, squirrels, raccoons and a one lone fox daily.

And we finally have our wood-stove up and running. :-)

All the snow you see here...well, it's gone now.
But we did have a white Christmas.

Family arrived at 3 and we enjoyed a Christmas feast together.
These three are mine. :)))

The Night Before Christmas 
was read by the little ones before 
the best part (they think).

Our gift opening was in our little loft. 

Everyone had a great time
and may I say that I am one spoiled mom.
So many lovely things and...

Tickets to see James Taylor and Bonne Raitt.

If I was looking forward to spring before now it can't come fast enough.

Once the little ones wore themselves out racing around and
playing with their flying squirrel stuffies
it was time to say 
"So long, Santa"
for another year.

That's it in a chocolate-covered nut-shell.
It was a fabulous first Christmas in our new home.

I hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful time 
while we wait to ring in the new year.

I'm heading over to visit many of you.
"Enjoy the holidays everyone."

Deb, Gary, Annie, Wilson & baby Cora. 


  1. Merry Christmas Deb! So you are in the new house now? No longer in the little mouse house? Guess I missed the move too. I'll bet you're happy. Love family Christmas pics! Looks like you'all had a wonderful Christmas... kids and cats too!

  2. Concert tickets are the best presents. Merry Christmas to you all, it looks so cosy and warm Deb.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. Looks like Christmas in your new home turned out just perfect. I love how you opened gifts in the loft, oh, it looks so cozy and warm and the tree with the blue lights is so pretty! All of it reminds me of Christmas at home years ago. And that wood stove...made my heart skip a beat. Such a nice Christmas post! That little Cora has the sweetest face, doesn't she. Happy New Year !!

  4. Merry Christmas. Glad your family holiday was fabulous. Gail

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Looks like you had a great Christmas too :)
    Nancy and the kitties

  6. Oh Deb, it looks like it was an absolutely magical and perfect family Christmas in your new home! I am so happy for you! I love that picture of beautiful Cora. I can imagine she and Wilson managed to get every possible bit of fun they could find throughout this Christmas season!

  7. It was likewise our first Christmas in the new [forever!] house although we've been 'in' since May.
    Your hearth and woodstove look very cozy--the heat is worth the clean-up of dust and woody bits!
    Cora is a real beauty.

  8. Coming back to say that I admire the natural pine trim on your windows and doors.

  9. Ooh, Bonnie Raitt! Love her music!
    We are having a warmish season so far; it was colder on Halloween than on Christmas! Happy New Year!

  10. Wonderful looking Christmas for you all. So glad to see the post.
    Cora looks content. Lots of gifts and lots of food. Happy New Year.

  11. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  12. That little Cora is so darned cute! And so, too, is your tribe. It looks like a glorious Christmas (great gift!) and a wonderful winter celebration! Happy New Year, my friend!

  13. Glad you had a lovely Christmas! Cora's first!

  14. You had such a wonderful time with your family :)
    I'm happy for you, that you'll be able to go to the concert you dreamed about!
    I wish you everything best for the new year!

  15. Gorgeous family Deb...
    Happiest 2020 to you all...
    Linda :o)