Sunday, November 1, 2020

Welcome November

 Fall has come and near gone and we are still working away on the house. We have some siding (board and batten) to finish and a porch to build before the snow falls. Luckily, we are to have milder weather next week and no snow in the forecast yet. We have gravel to spread, too, and I say "Hallelujah" No.more.mud.

I have lots of visiting to do on the blogs I follow as my time has been taken up with outdoor work and little Cora and her skin issues.

She has been diagnosed with miliary dermatitis and the cause is yet to be found.

But we trudge ahead, keeping her comfortable and trying different medications and creams.

And her side-kick, Wilson, is always by her side.

And when he's not by her side he is tracking the crow family that have adopted us.

Oh...almost got that one. lol

Did everyone enjoy Halloween this year?

We got to see all our grands at their homes, outside and social-distancing. And it didn't rain. :-)

Of course it's not the same but I was content just to see them in costume and get to enjoy the excitement on their faces.

Here is what I am reading at the moment.

It's a good book and I recommend it for a Christmas gift.

Maybe, just, maybe, if we all behave ourselves we can be together at Christmas. Right now it's looking a bit iffy.

I walked the property and made a fall bouquet for the table.

Pretty and inexpensive.

My favorite neighbour has arrived and at first sight of me he drops and rolls. haha

I wish I could do that but I'd never get up.

Big Fierce Tabby Boy
It was International Cat Day so David got a special treat.

David is the King of the Wild Frontier around here. He is out and about all day every day and visits us daily for a hug and a tummy rub.

I'm thinking Christmas now that our Thanksgiving is behind us.

I'll be putting the tree up early this year just to fuel me on. It's a little hard to get in the Christmas spirit when we don't know what lays ahead. Plus if Cora and Wilson bring it down I'll have time to put it up again. ;-)

I'm heading over to say hi and enjoy your blogs.

I wish you all a great start to a new month and let's hope there are better days ahead in many ways.

I need to get used to this new format.

be kind and stay safe,



  1. Lovely to hear from you again Deb, it's been a long, long, summer.
    It looks like your house is almost finished, and what a gorgeous home it will make !
    Good to see your kitties, they are always so sweet.
    Our grandchildren are our worlds...they always put a smile on our faces.
    Stay well Deb, and hope to see you again soon.

  2. Love the photo of you all snuggling on the couch. I miss your instagram posts. Keep warm and cozy.

    Julie and poppyq

  3. Hi Deb, it is so wonderful to see your blog again. Your beautiful new home looks like it came out of a fairy tale with it's style and roof lines! And your garden cottage is just perfect! It is always good to see David again. There must be something about some male tabbies because our Zeus does the same thing - drops and gives us his tummy to rub. I do hope Cora's health improves soon. She is such a sweet little girl. And that Wilson is one special boy!

    I send you and your family all my best. These are not the easiest of times but I believe we can all help one another simply with our friendships and caring! Take care Deb!

  4. You live in a beautiful place!! I have been away from blogger, for too long as I commented in your last post. I have been a terrible lurker still reading blogs but not commenting. I have been going back over your posts and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your new home,your contact with nature and most of all your love of cats. That love really does seep through your writings.:-) I am a cat person myself! So sorry to hear your Cora is poorly I hope she will get better soon. Wilson is gorgeous! Is he a shorthair Russian blue? He looks it. I really do not want to think of Christmas yet but I suppose I will have to soon. It very much looks as if we won't be able to get together for the big family do on Christmas Eve...sigh! I am so fed up with C19 but...grin and bear I keep telling myself. keep well Amanda x

  5. sorry to hear Cora is having skin issues, i had a few with skin problems many years ago the dog & a cat at the time, then was getting more with irritable skins, dog was the worse, someone told me dry food is the culprit, especially the coloured stuff; so everyone went off the dry food to see how they went, there was improvement in the cats (got the good stuff from vets for them) but not much in the dog; ended up taking the dog off all dry & just raw foods & her skin cleared up; the cats all got raw a little later down the track, took longer for them to get used to it but it cleared up all their skin problems. i don't do treats either, Rita gets her own (loves to hunt)

    glad you got to see the grandkids, their costumes sound great & fun

    awww david is such a sweetie, glad he is still around for his belly rubs
    enjoyed your post
    thanx for sharing

  6. Ah! Bless! You still have David visiting..
    He's a lovely looking fella..! :).

    And Wilson trying to catch crows, wonder
    what he's do if he caught one..HeHe! At
    least he'd have something to 'crow' about..
    Bless him!x

    Were back on full Lockdown from Thursday,
    back to square one, at least for a month! :(.
    Don't think they know what there doing, advice
    is ALL over the place..they stated out with
    different 'tiers' in different parts of the
    country, that did'nt work, so now it'll be
    a full Lockdown..Think l'll move to New
    Halloween..came and if it was'nt there..
    Roll on Christmas, l think people will celebrate
    no matter what..! :).
    "We three kings of.....

    Merry Christmas! 🎁 πŸ”” πŸŽ„ Ho Ho Ho πŸŽ… Jingle Bells πŸ””

  7. Wonderful to see Wilson, Cora and David. Looks cozy in the new
    house and hope you get to finish up the outside projects before
    serious winter sets in. Had our first taste of light snow yesterday
    afternoon with the high winds.

  8. Thanks for updating us on how things are going.
    Here's hoping a solution is found that makes Cora comfortable.
    Wilson is a little charmer, as is David.
    As for home improvements, we haven't done much, however I managed to wrangle new miniblinds for the windows in my remote office area, and even though The Hubby employed every curse word he knows as we took down the old blinds and put up the new ones, I am delighted to have them! At the office, I don't have a window to look out of. Now, I have four, plus a back door to look out of!

  9. Hey Deb! I always get excited when you visit my blog, thinking maybe you have a new post. Your home is just beautiful, sitting at the top of that hill. Beautiful! I love the shape and the color. Oh, your little potting shed is so adorable too. That Wilson is so funny. With a jump like that, he should have caught a crow! I didn't know little Cora has skin problems. So does Dumperoo! Dumper has lost most of the hair from the base of his tail and on his skinny hip bones. We have finally decided it's fleas. Fleas!! We haven't seen a flea around here in 25 years. We are struggling to get rid of them. The funny thing is, we've seen only four or five actual fleas...but Dumper has flea allergies. This has been some year, giving us a little bit of everything. Smokey got the two big hugs from you. :) Hope you will give Cora and Wilson big hugs from all of us.

  10. I wish our Thanksgiving was when yours is. I don't like the tree up before Thanksgiving but this is a year I could use the extra light. Say a little prayer for us in the US this evening. We need all the help we can get. Meanwhile, it's wonderful to see you here again -- and Cora and Wilson (and Dave) too. Hugs!

  11. All looking perfect - that hard work is definitely paying off dear Deb. Love the photo of you with the kitties - that how I usually picture you! Beautiful fall table display.
    Glad you are here again, always miss you, and hope all continues well for you and family through the coming Winter.
    Hugs - Mary

  12. I've been watching for a new post from you. I always enjoy photos of the cats and updates on your house project. What a relief it is when everything is finally finished. You have made your living quarters so homey and cozy all through the process.

  13. Hey girl. Great to see your pics and read about wuz up at Fox Grove. I am thinking of starting my blog again. I've missed the community and it is a great way to play catch up with everyone. Take care and say HEY to your fella and scritches to those kitties :-)