Friday, February 26, 2021

"Hello" if you are still there...

 We are still in the grips of 'ol man winter.

And I am so done with it.

But I do have some photos to share of our Life at Fox Grove.

We've had to make paths
just to get around here.


And even though it is spring in my kitchen

(Thank God for tulips)

we have a long way to go yet.
First off, meet our new grand pup, Bentley.
My son and his family adopted him just after Christmas and he is a going concern. lol
He was out to meet us last week when our lockdown was finally lifted.
Golden Retriever, Bentley
with our youngest granddaughter.

Of course our cats aren't impressed.

                                                             "Get that thing out of here"

Poor Wilson.

My violets know it's a good time to bloom and lift us out of this winter fog.
And here's Cora looking better :-)

                                                                                "Hi folks"

I hope you had a nice Valentine weekend and were able to spend it with a loved friend or family member.

I showed a bit of love for our birds, too.

And our bunny, Peter, too.

Oh, I can't forget this group of redpolls.
We have had hundreds of them this winter.

Cora loves to bird-watch from our breezeway. She is holding on to her favorite toy, a 1cent Christmas bow. So much for the $300 worth of cat toys lying around. Do you like the wide window sills the retired-guy made for them?
And look at these three chickadees all set for our winter weather. Aren't they the cutest?
They flew in all the way from North Carolina at Christmas. :-)
Thank you to my friend from Henny Penny Lane for this adorable gift.
Do you know Henny? Please drop over and see what goes on at her little farm. You will love her and all her sweet animals.

And a cute little cat creamer came along, too.
You are so thoughtful, Henny.

Time for tea.

Well, that's it for today.
It's so easy to lose your blogging mojo when all it does is snow and you are under a lockdown.
But, Spring is around the corner so they say.
You just have to stand on top of a snowbank and look.

Take care and be kind,


  1. Wow! That's a lot of snow, Deb. And your new grandpup is adorable. But I can see that Wilson isn't impressed. (ha!) Hope Spring comes soon for you. Stay warm!

  2. I'm so glad you've caught us up with life in Ontario! Winters very similar to our native Vermont--snow and cold that lasts for months. Our area of Kentucky [where we chose to retire] has recently had cold and snow, daunting for a few days. I would like to feed the birds, but fear they would be snatched by our cats who have outdoor privileges.
    I can imagine that Cora and Wilson do not appreciate the puppy, but perhaps they will grow to tolerate him.
    Our son and DIL were with us for 6 months while they renovated their cottage and their three dogs settled in nicely as part of our temporarily blended household.

  3. Oh Deb, it is always so wonderful to see you! I understand losing the blogging mojo. I finally started a blog a year ago and it is all I can do to blog once a week and sometimes not even that much. But I love all my blog friends so much!

    It is so wonderful to see your beautiful home and all around Fox Grove. That Bentley is one cute grandpup too! But I am always especially happy to see Cora. She is such a beautiful young lady with the sweetest face. I do hope she is continuing to improve. Wilson looks like he is still full of mischief and fun! I know he is full of love too. ; )

    You take care of yourself Deb. I send my love to everyone around Fox Grove!

  4. It does look chilly. We are lucky and it never snows here. Have missed seeing you and the kitties.

  5. Bentley is cute! It’s good to see Wilson and Cora. We have that same cat creamer!

  6. still here & always look forward to see what you, the retired guy & the kitties are up to :))
    Henny is wonderful isn't she? have been reading her blog too
    mine is so not doing anything atm, just haven't much to write about
    hope you feel cheerier soon, over here we're looking forward to some cooler weather
    lovely post
    thanx for sharing

  7. Cat with the bow reminded me of a cat we used to have. We spent way too much money on cat toys too since Fafhrd's favorite toy in the world were the plastic rings that break off of the bottom of milk caps.

  8. Glad to see all is going well and is so beautiful around your home and property dear Deb.
    That black squirrel is amazing - I'11 swap for my far too many gray ones eating us out of house and home!!!! Kitties look happy and you still have so many birds, some we don't see such as the redpolls.
    Snow! Well again it looks like you've had more than your share - hope a big melt and a lovely spring soon.
    Take care - always so good to see you here Deb.
    Mary -

  9. Love the wide windowsills! We've moved furniture under the windows, so the cats have a good vantage point. Am trying to convince The Hubby to replace a few windows with garden windows, so the cats can climb right in there.

  10. Cats will not be impressed by dogs, even one as cute as Bentley.

  11. Feeding the birds here has been a cold job but brings delight to see
    them all and it looks like they enjoy the food. Have had to restock
    2 times with many 25 pound bags. So I appreciate your bird photos. Glad to see Wilson and Cora looking so happy inside looking out.

  12. Good to see your post! I've missed you. Cold Feb. days here in Kansas but warming up to 50's and 60's F so that should make us all feel better.

  13. I cannot believe this post has been out there since Friday! Where to begin! You look absolutely adorable in that hat with all the fur. Oh it looks freezing cold there. I see your little potting shed covered in snow too, waiting for spring. That can't be Wilson there behind the pineapple! But it is! He is so funny! and that sweet little Cora. She has the softest kindest little face. Bentley is so pretty. Bet he stays wound up and playful. Does the Retired Guy get a minutes peace with Bentley there? :) My daughter Andee picked up their new 7 week old black Lab puppy yesterday. All your birds and little animals are so lucky to have you. Peter is a fine looking rabbit. Oh Deb, it's so good to see you, and everything there at Fox Grove. The pretty red Cardinal looks like he is talking to you. Glad the Chickadees finally arrived. That must have been some flight. :) Poppy says "Hey"! Love, Henny

  14. good to hear from you.....I am always hoping for photos of the inside of your new house.

  15. Big happy sigh, seeing you here at long last! I've missed you! LOving those big window sills -- Lizzie would be in heaven. And poor Wilson! He looks so fierce! A tad envious or freaked out, I think with a big, happy puppy! Cora, darling as always. And of course I love your birds and bunny. The seed heart in the snow is brilliant. Big smiles from Michigan. I'm glad your lockdown has loosened.

  16. Our winter is turning to spring right now, but that could change any day; that's life in southern Alberta. I chuckled at Cora and her Christmas bow. That's cats, all right.

  17. That's a lot of snow! I hope you're not covered in it any more. Your indoor flowers are such a joy. And your kitties! Of course, I adore cats (having four myself :)

  18. Yes, I do like the extra wide window sills for the cats. Gail