Monday, March 15, 2021

Spring is finally showing up


Cora is watching the spring birds fly in.

And Peter Rabbit keeps scurrying by me in the woodlot
thinking I don't see him.😊
                                                    (the woodlot is still covered in snow)

I think he wants to stay hidden until the Annual Easter Egg Hunt which will be a go this year for the grands.

I love his handsome white tail.

Spring birds are arriving daily and the bird song is so welcomed here. 
A flock of twenty starlings arrived last week.

It's been so quiet all winter except for the blue jays squawking and bullying the others.
This downy has been here all winter and will stay for the summer.

And look at the peaceful mourning doves enjoying my potting shed roof. :-)

We are expecting a week of sun so I expect all the snow will leave by the beginning of April. Just in time for Easter. (fingers crossed)
I've been going through seed packets and buying bulbs to plant as soon as the frost is gone.

This photo below was taken one week ago. We have less snow now and 
patches of grass are showing up.

This fella loves the snow. This is Bentley our new grand dog visiting again with the family.
I picked him up for a kiss because soon I won't be able to do that. He is already 25 lbs. and will be much bigger the next time he's out at Easter.

My oldest grand-daughter is training him.💗

Wilson can't be outdone by Cora so here he is sunning himself on this gorgeous day.

And for you... some spring tulips.💜

I wish you all a peaceful evening.

be kind, Deb


  1. You have so many wonderful pictures! I love seeing Cora in the window, and that bunny is so cute. It looks like your granddaughter is doing a great job training Bentley. He seems to be really paying attention to her in that photo and for a puppy as young as he is that is very good!

    Enjoy the coming of Spring and your Annual Easter Egg Hunt! I send all my best to you, your family and all your sweet furry and feathered family!

  2. Aww, that top photo would make a perfect greeting card! Those mourning doves have the perfect sunning spot. What I wouldn't give to, umm, be sunning right there with them. Dad says Bentley is so adorable. Whatever. To me he's just another dog.

  3. It's always so good to visit your world. I hope your snow is gone soon but meanwhile I know those birds will get quite the feast at your house! Love seeing sweet Cora and Wilson again and Bentley is quite charming! Yes, spring is well on its way. Take care!

  4. Glad your snow is shrinking. Ours left Feb 29 with a lot of rain.
    But the cold in northern Ohio is still here. Wonderful to hear you
    plan Easter Egg hunt with the children this year. Time for some fun!
    Kitties look good and so do the outside birds. Ours are still feeding
    like crazy, waiting for the chance to fly away over Lake Erie up to

  5. Have always liked the string-of-pearls plants, like yours!
    The snow shovel is still standing by the front door, just in case!
    If we put it away, we'll have snow for sure...

  6. We've still got snow in the northern part of Spain but here in Alicante the signs are that spring is definitely on its way. Absolutely wonderful photos. The doves all dotted about on the roof of your shed and the bunny are brilliant. Gorgeous tulips! Cats don't they just love the sun :-) keep well Amanda :-)

  7. The photos are all so wonderful. We had a couple of good days of spring like weather and than went back to cold. Bentley is just to sweet giving kisses. Thanks for the wonderful share. Have a great rest of your day.
    World of Animals Rittenhouse

  8. I'm amazed that Cora isn't pulling on the hanging tendrils of plants in the window--my cats are apt to be naughty with greenery.
    A very slow spring here--chilly winds, partly cloudy days--but the wild daffodils are in flower!

  9. Lovely to see you are posting Deb.
    It's been a long winter, but tomorrow is spring and our trees are already in bloom !
    Little Cora is so precious, and she's grown so.
    Easter is just around the corner, not sure if we will be having a gathering, but I'm still excited to be moving into warmer days.
    Stay well dear friend.

  10. I keep thinking I've lit my last fire in the wood/oil furnace...then we get another cold and windy day like today!