Saturday, March 27, 2021

Holding on to Spring.

 We are right in the middle of 'fools spring'  as they say. You know, when we think we are ok to bring items out from the potting shed as the sun is warm and strong. And then you listen to tomorrow's weather report...colder, wet and a chance of snow. Ugh!

Ok...back in the shed things go for another week.

But that one day of +20c in glorious sun was so needed and appreciated. It was fun to get the shed cleaned up and potted plants and bulbs placed on the table.  

I'm really enjoying all the birds that have returned and today the first red-winged black bird appeared at the feeder. The lawn was covered with hungry robins after the rain fell and the geese fly above at all hours of the day and night. The chickadees are chasing each other from tree to tree and do loop-di-loops in the air.

I have cleaned up the woodlot as best I can at this time of year; gathering branches, washing off the chair and bench and returning rocks to their original places. 

During the one hot day I noticed the naughty fairies setting up camp under the biggest maple and thought "It's time to warn the grands as they love to steal tiny, shiny things. :-)

Easter preparations are underway as we will host the egg hunt again this year. And Peter Rabbit keeps showing up to let us know he will be on the job. Peter...a little brown bunny with a puffy white tail.

Wilson hopes you will pop on back to see the smiling faces on the grands as they hunt down those magical, colourful, well-hidden Easter eggs next week.

                                                                  After dinner wash-up.

I hope everyone is well. Take care and be kind.



  1. Look at the wee chippy in the bird's box!
    The temps go up and down, like a roller coaster, but if we hang on, we'll have blossoms and baby critters, and the good feeling of having made it through Winter again.

  2. Nothing better than the advent of Spring. Love seeing all you have going on up there where it is definitely colder and snowier than here in northern Ohio. At least Wilson is inside warm and enjoying the Easter decorations the only way a cat should. Hope your family has a joyous Easter celebration. This year we have the going of winter and maybe, the going of covid.

  3. Is there anything as sweet as a resting kitty?

  4. I LOVE that little potting shed! So glad you got to have a day off from winter to enjoy it. Hope spring will be there to stay real soon. We could still have a cold front come through here and kill all the buds and flowers. It has happened. Your Easter decorations are so pretty, especially the vase of colored eggs, the one Cora is admiring. She looks too gentle to do any real harm. It looks so beautiful with the sun shining through. What a sweet place for the fairies to set up camp. I can't believe I missed your last post, until now. Time flies, doesn't it! Your oldest granddaughter has grown up. Hug sweet Cora and Mr. Wilson for me. Have a Happy Easter and fun with all those grandchildren.

  5. I bet you were so excited to get back in your lovely potting shed! How fun to see the fairies return. I know the grands will be excited about that. Your Easter tree is beautiful and it looks like the cats agree. May you all have a fun and loving Easter!

  6. Wilson seems to have a delicate touch with the Easter decorations. Spring is always like this--the warm encouraging days and the inevitable 'cold spell!'

  7. Oh Deb, I love it when you post! Your egg tree is so pretty! I love the shape of it. And the eggs are lovely. I hope they all stay intact. (That's a message for Wilson and Cora!) I've never heard the term fool's spring but March is a very unreliable month! We've been in above freezing temps now for several weeks and I keep holding my breath that it is here to stay -- but I don't trust March one bit!

    Happy month, happy week! Big smiles from down in Michigan!

  8. Your potting shed is so lovely. And my cats would have completely annihilated that Easter tree! :)

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed all these photos most particularly those shots of your shed. It must be great to sit out there with a cup of tea in hand and watch the animal & bird world go by :-) Gorgeous Easter decorations! I do love that bunny on a bike. Keep well Amanda x Crafty in the Med