Saturday, June 19, 2021

Just checking in...

 Boy, it's been busy here and I really had planned a post long before now.

Everything is growing fast in the gardens; a little rain helped that. We have lots of veggies, blueberry bushes and dahlias new to our gardens this year. I'm a bit obsessed with the dahlias.

My latest dahlia blossom is a beautiful red and I can't wait to see her in full bloom.

This one is called Lavender Perfection.

We had a dead tree taken down last week. Thankfully, because it was caught up in some hydro lines we didn't have to pay a cent to have it taken care of. The crows miss it, though. They loved sitting in it and observing their world. We have them so spoiled.

And here's our latest visitor. Here one moment...gone the next. "Thanks for not eating my flowers."😁

Then there's Flo. She will never leave. Her life is too good here. She sits in my shed and fills her face all day long.

My honeysuckle plant is growing over the arbor that sits at the entrance to our woodlot.

I absolutely love it.


And a male bluebird that has stayed this year and he and his mate are nesting nearby. Isn't he gorgeous.💙

More dahlias in my shed.

I moved St. Francis from the front of the property to my new garden area.

And look at these two watching a chip dine on peanuts. It rained for hours last night and they stayed at the screen door licking the water off the door and watching cat tv.

They are truly the best of friends.

Our veggie garden is growing quite well although I keep getting cuc sprouts stolen by the local turkeys. Turkeys can be such jerks. Our lone turkey Kia found herself a friend a month or so ago and left. She does show up once in awhile but she is finally living a turkey life again. "Have a good life, dear Kia. Just stay out of my garden...please!"

I hope everyone is doing well. We are out of our third lockdown here, things are opening up again and life is getting a little closer to normal. 

Summer is here tomorrow night. Yah!

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful dads out there. Enjoy your special day.

Be kind,




  1. The bluebird is super sweet. Nice to see the summer garden .

  2. Everything looks beautiful and happy at Fox Grove! That little Flo is really something. I bet she thinks you built the garden shed just for her! I've enjoyed following along with your dahlias and everything else on Instagram. The bluebird is lovely. Maybe he and his mate are just the start of many new generations of bluebirds at Fox Grove! I love the picture of Cora and Wilson together. It is so cute how he has his paw around her neck. I hope you and your family are having a healthy and happy summer! It is always good to hear from you Deb!

  3. Welcome back, Deb. It's great to see a post from you. Love the pics, especially the 2 friends in the window. Texas is pretty much opened up these days... but we are still being careful and wearing masks when out and about. Happy Father's Day to you and yours!

  4. I was sad to hear they aren't opening the border for another month or two. Sigh. But life is lovely in your world. I love seeing the two cats love each other like that. And Flo is a darling. Your dahlias are stunners. What gorgeous blooms. It's always good to see you here!

  5. Cora and Wilson look like the best of buds. Nice to see older Wilson with his arm around his young charge. The dahlias look to be a great success.

  6. Happy Pawther's Day!
    Glad that you've posted, and such lovely flowers you have.
    Your kitties are just too cute together.

  7. I'm doing more container planting this year and purchased potted dahlias--probably dwarf varieties. Thus far I'm very pleased with them. Enjoying your photos and text, I was delighted to find the photo of the cats!

  8. Been thinking about you lately so came looking for a post this morning and sure enough! :) Your Dahlias are so pretty! Hope you will get a picture of the big red one when it opens Looks like it will be huge! I love your arbor with the honeysuckle vine. I've never seen honeysuckle blooms that color. I've planted a red one on a little arbor at the playhouse. Mr. Bluebird is beautiful, and where did Flo come from? She is cute! What a sweet sweet picture of Wilson and Cora. So good to see a post and all the beauty around your place. Hopw you will come back soon.

  9. Hi Deb - lovely to see pix of your flowers and kitties!
    We're also having mixed weather - 100F yesterday with burning sun - now pouring rain today. I really don't recall crazy June weather like this, but then everything in life is somewhat crazy these days/months!
    We just had three large trees felled plus we have a lonesome deer driving us crazy as she's eating all the birdseed along with nibbling many plants. Have decided not to fill feeders for a couple of weeks - but now feel guilty because birds, chipmunks(so many this spring) and dastardly squirrels have all moved away......the garden is too silent without them!
    Stay safe and well - hope life is getting more settled for you these days.
    Hugs, Mary

  10. Dearest Deb,
    Lovely area you live in with enough to see, enjoy and capture.
    Found your name in an old post:

    PS now we 'only' have 5 kitties left...

  11. So happy your two cats are great friends. Gail