Friday, February 26, 2010

This is my Sierra, who you will see quite often in this blog because she is just so co-operative and adorable. :)

DECLAWING is a procedure that excises the third phalanx, or the third small bone in the foot - like cutting off the top part of a human finger at the first joint. Besides the vast amount of physical pain the cat suffers during and after the procedure, there is emotional trauma. Cats' claws are their primary protective device. They know that they are not fully able to defend themselves after being declawed. Some will become nasty and others might withdraw into a shell. Did you know that the claws of a cat assist the animal in aligning their spines. When cats scratch with their claws and stretch, they help ensure that the vertebrae in their spines are properly aligned. In some countries, declawing is illegal and considered abuse.

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