Saturday, February 27, 2010

HOME-MADE TOYS - we are talking CHEAP. I have discovered that paper rolled up in a ball, tin-foil rolled up in a ball & cardboard boxes of all sizes are the best toys for cats. Paper bags have also been known to provide some good laughs around our home. One of our cats used to spend hours inside a paper bag from the grocery store and actually run around the house inside it. A large cardboard box is fun if you cut holes in it and most cats will try to squeeze their bodies into a small cardboard box, ending up on their back with their legs in the air. Our Sierra likes to chew on the cardboard adding a bit of artistic flair to her new house. Sometimes a simple green bean thrown on the floor will have them pouncing and chasing and carrying their prey around. In the end they may eat their 'prey' and that's fine since cats can actually benefit from a few veggies.
So, before you head to the pet store to spend your hard-earned money on another cat toy, try some of these out on your cat. Another helpful hint on saving money..those cardboard boxes when dressed up a bit and a cozy pillow added for comfort, become very nice little cat beds. ^..^

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