Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When you need a vacation and you live with cats you have a choice to either board them at a kennel or call in a cat-sitter. Being a cat-sitter for 15 years and seeing just how well cats do at home during their owners vacation time, I recommend that you find a reliable, trust-worthy cat-sitter. Cats are much happier in their own environment rather than to be boarded at a kennel. Not only are we important to our cats but so are all their things such as their bed, favorite chair, window-sill and their cat-trees. They feel safe at home and they do not feel abandoned. Check with your veterinarian or your local pet stores and if there is an in-home cat-sitter in your area I recommend that you meet with this person and see how your first meeting leaves you feeling as to whether this is the right decision for you and your cat. A good cat-sitter will come to you with many recommendations from other clients so do check them out. Once you have established a trusting-relationship with your cat-sitter you will go on vacation knowing your cat is happy and stress-free at home. I have kept in touch with my clients by sending them an email daily and although I have not been asked to do so as yet, I will also post photos of your kitty back home. I do love my job.

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