Monday, August 26, 2013

Adding veggies to your dog's diet has put together a list of foods that can be harmful to dogs. I began years ago to cook for our dog when we first adopted him from a shelter. He was under-weight, nervous and  had allergies.  I found a good dog food to start him on but I felt he needed extra nutrition.  I also questioned a lot of ingredients in most dog food. I read two books on cooking for your dog and  began by introducing a new food item each week. I then waited to see how his system coped with it. I made sure he had a protein (meat) (40%) , rice or barley (30%) and a vegetable (30%). As he got a little older,  I  added a multi-vitamin from our vet and glucosamine to his meals. Our Kane has eaten vegetables since he was young but they are always cooked and in small amts.  I add steamed green beans and carrots often to his meals and he seems to digest them without a problem. He does fine with small amounts of broccoli (he likes it) but it is one that can cause most dogs.  Sweet potatoes are his favorite and adds fibre to his diet. BUT not all dogs do well with any vegetables. A reader of my blog sent me the above link to pass on to you all before you consider adding human food to your dog's diet. Check with your vet before home-cooking for your dog, also.

If you do add veggies to your dogs' diet please check the above site for information on some of the harmful ones to stay away from.

This is one of my favorite photos of our Kane. He was 5 in this photo and I think I was 25.
 ....sorry.*grin*.  He loved his ball and carried it everywhere. He is 13 now and although he is doing well, he does not have the energy to chase a ball like the old days so carrying a stick around will do.

This is National Dog Day so celebrate your dog.


  1. I've also heard about the benefits of home cooked meals for dogs. Love the picture - he's a gorgeous dog!!

  2. You're obviously doing something right with Kane.

  3. I remember my parents giving potatoes from time to time to the dogs with their usual dog food. And of course the occasional cookie when they were having coffee....

  4. How interesting! I never thought to add veggies to my dog's diet but seems like it would be a good idea. Love the photo of you and Kane! It's so lovely :)

  5. One of our dogs had to have a special Vet. prescribed homemade diet for 10 years of Turkey, Rice and veggies plus supplements. She, like Kane, did very well with carrots and green beans, too, as well as some other veggies. But I think most dogs can eat cooked potatoes and she never could. It took us a while to figure out which food was causing her to vomit and it was the potatoes! Even the Vet was surprised! So it really helps to have guidelines for what a dog should be able to eat but even with guidelines they still may have some problems. They are wonderful and uniquely created animals.
    Thanks so much for providing this information, the link for people to check out and the advice that they check with their Vet. too.
    Have a great week... how is Audrey doing with the spelling? lol
    Lily, WA, USA

  6. *giggle* well for sure you look 25! Oh we are only as old as we feel right? Banjo loves snap peas and strawberry tops. Go figure.

    Have a happy week Deb!
    xo Catherine

  7. What a lovely pic from both of you!
    Enjoy your vegetables and healthy walks dear sweet boy! Happy Dog day Kane!
    Thanks for sharing the site with useful information for those who have dogs too♥