Monday, August 26, 2013

Gingers, gingers everywhere

Today seemed like a day off with only three houses to visit.
I wanted to show off these two shy little rascals. This is Flash & Quincy.
These two gingers were so afraid of people when they first arrived at their new home that it was touch and go for awhile whether they were at all adoptable.  But, they have come around nicely and become quite the pair. They are now two adored family members. Oh yes.....and they love their cat-sitter. :-)

But my day wasn't finished with being entertained by the ever-so-adorable ginger cat. A walk about town gave me the pleasure of meeting these two beauties.

and provided me with a Cat-in-window photo for you today.

Such a friendly one who came to say "Hello".

If any of my followers have gingers you know how special they are.
A bit of trivia..

Male Dominance

An interesting fact about ginger or orange cats is that, in most cases, they are males. As a result of genetics, according to Dr. Arnold Plotnick of, the ratio of male to female gingers is 80-20. Morris, the famous Nine Lives cat food mascot, was a typical male ginger cat and most, though not all, gingers encountered in homes, on the street, in shops and in pet shelters will turn out to be male.
 When I returned home I mentioned to Audrey that I had seen so many lovely gingers today. She gave me the tail-raise and stomped off.

hugs, Deb


  1. My Pumpkin (ginger) is all girl.

  2. They are lovely. When I think about it I rarely see ginger cats. We had one at home when I was little called, unimaginatively, Ginger!

  3. I learned something new here today. Someone dropped off a pair of gingers at our vet last fall. The vet asst. kept them and named them Pumpkin and Spice!

  4. My dear neighbour and friend, Amelia(who was also my cat sitter lots of times)adopted an orange adult street cat some years ago and immediately fall in love with it! Hector, her husband,always laughted and said:" I called him "Malevo"(a lunfardo word for tough macho man in Argentina 1900)and Male is completely the opposite! Sweet, good natured and the best father ever!( Male & Michina had five lovely kittens and Male was all the time by Michina´s side cleaning the offspring and protecting them till the kittens were all adopted!) Now they are both neutered and spayed and live happily together... Male a very special cat indeed♥

  5. Thank you for posting gingers. They always remind me of Stimpy, my first. And Gypsy was all ginger. Both boys. There are times I wish I could spray paint Lizzie! But that's OK -- she has her charms!

  6. I think Ginger cats are so pretty! I've never had one but ya never know what the future might hold...oh wait Charlie just flicked his tail and walked off...never mind!

  7. I have a ginger and white female cat. My Tungsten is very rare, I know - I would venture that she is unique, but that's just my opinion. I am fostering a male ginger and white one. He's Bear-Bear, and certainly not run of the mill, either.

  8. Those two are a couple of handsome dudes!!! We had a ginger for a few months...after my mom in law passed away we took her beloved of our two cats would have none of it...and attacked him every chance she had. We kept them separated but she'd sneak in and attack. Keep in mind she was about 1/3 his size. And when she went after him, our other older one was sure to follow. We felt so bad for Joey...all he wanted was to hang out and be part of the family. We finally chose to adopt him out and now he's the feline king of his castle with one human and one canine subjects!!! We see pics periodically and he's quite happy. But I miss him...he was a BIG sweetie...

  9. Our mom tries not to play favorites but we've heard it whispered that ginger cats are the best to have around. Love your ginger pics! Purrs...

  10. This title made me laugh! What cute kitties. I love the shot of the one in the window.

  11. I knew about that male orange kitty thing so when I got two unwanted orange kittens adopted to two friends, I assumed they'd both be male. Guess what? They were sisters! The vet said that that was quite unusual...

  12. Very pretty kitties.

    I can only recall one ginger cat among those in my family past, a male called Rascal.

  13. No wonder we've never had ginger girl.
    Could you just imagine the two little ones with so much love to give being unadoptable due to fear. Upsetting to even think about.
    They're all so adorable.

  14. Julius approves highly of your post!

  15. Flash and Quincy totally break my heart just wanting to hold them. They are so like my Oranges was. Too sweet!
    Thanks for posting their beautiful photo.
    Lily, WA, USA