Tuesday, August 30, 2016

End of summer gardening, birds & a book winner.

It was a busy weekend with family visits, shopping for end of summer sales and tidying up the gardens. We are still enjoying lots of produce from the veggie garden but most of the perennials and annuals are beginning to fade.
My potted plants are still pretty and I give credit to St. Francis for taking care of them.
It's just been too dry to keep everything thriving.

Look how dry the ground is. :-(

This little Downy Woodpecker is hanging around now
with the chickadees and the sparrows.
Isn't it adorable.
I hope it stays healthy and safe here.

The chickadee population at the mouse-house is growing. :)

We sent home lots of veggies this weekend with little Gwynn & Gus. Daddy is a master cook and will create some wonderful meals, I'm sure.
And I had some cat-sitting over the last two weeks. As I mentioned before, it is slow-going building a business in a new area but I'm a patient person and will persevere. I really enjoyed caring for Fred, Serena & Neo in their homes while their people traveled. Such fabulous felines to get to know and soon fall head over heels for.

Oh yes, I have a book to give away. And although Audrey thinks it's  "useless" to read books on understanding cats, and I noticed some of you feel the same way, too,  I'm enjoying every page of it.
So, after picking a name from a pretty bowl, the winner is...Rian from

Congratulations, Rian! Audrey says "Good luck to ya."

Please send me your mailing address.

hugs, Deb


  1. Congrats to the winner! We had a dry spell, but now it's humid and warm, and the mosquito population is through the roof! I still spend lots of time outdoors with the kitties.

  2. Audrey looks rather sweet like that. You must have just caught her waking up before she had a chance to set up the Glare.

    We still need more rain.

  3. Wow! Deb, I really won? I never win anything... of course, it could be because I never enter anything. Tux, Julie, Rose, and Ghost must have put in a good word for me. They're probably thinking "boy, she needs that book".

  4. Congratulations Rian. I think I could have written a chapter today on some cat behaviour, but it would all change tomorrow, so the knowledge would need a revised edition (daily) ... I had a lot of "you are not the boss of me" today from one tiny in body but big in personality fur girl.

  5. Congrats to Rian....I'm sure she'll enjoy that book!
    I got some soup made with tomatoes today and in the freezer. That felt good! Finally our cucumbers are waning...and we've eaten SO many. haha.

  6. Poor Audrey misses a lot, not reading! I wish I could send some of my rain over there but I'm glad it has done its thing here, too. Rick is cycling Canada now and camping -- I hope he is staying dry! He should be in Pembroke tonight and Ottawa tomorrow. Don't know if that's anywhere near you!

  7. Congratulations to Rian. Love to fur babies everywhere, Blessings

  8. Very interesting information! Thank you!

  9. Congrats to Rian!
    Audrey is precious. She's a natural star.

  10. Hi Audrey! Honey...How I love your sweet kitty nose! Beautiful garden area Deb! Just beautiful!

  11. Look like St. Francis is taking really good care of those plants! I love chickadees. They are so adorable. We have many of them around here, too :-)

  12. Love your St. Francis in the perfect for you! Your little downy has found a sweet home and don't you just love the busy-ness and twitters of chickadees? I'm sure your business will pick up through word of mouth very soon. Congrats to the winner! It looks like lovely Audrey would prefer having someone else read to her :)

  13. Your garden looks so tranquil and beautiful ♥