Monday, August 22, 2016

this guy

Our little purple finch passed away the same day we brought her to the care center. They told us, on closer examination, it was concluded that she had hit something hard, most likely a window, and could not survive the internal injuries. The heavy breathing and blood in it's beak were signs of impact with something. We were disappointed and, of course, very sad for the little thing. I can just imagine the numbers that die every year like this. We are fortunate that it was not a disease, though, that could be passed to more birds here. It's really heart-wrenching to find a sick bird.

Our garden seems to be on it's second wind now. New blooms are appearing and it looks like we'll have another harvest in a few weeks; especially the beans and zuks. Our carrots are still small but so good. I have rainbow peppers and chili peppers. They could use another week to change colour.
The tomatoes are taking over the garden so lots of them go out to family.

I was walking around the woodlot this morning, picking up sticks and debri from the wind yesterday, when I heard a rustling in the grass. I was greeted by this guy.
This is David....King of the Wild Frontier.
He comes by for some lovin' and, of course, to see what might be fun to hunt on our little lot. So, I give him lots of cuddles and carry him around for awhile then pop him back over his fence. I love him, I really do, but he's not to hunt at the mouse-house.

"She loves me but I can't eat her chipmunks."

"I've got some thinkin' to do." =^..^=

hugs, Deb


  1. Ah, the poor bird...

    David would love to get his teeth on some of the little critters running around there!

  2. I'm sorry to hear the little finch died. It's so sad. Poppy and I have picked up many a hurt bird and helped them. Once Poppy stopped and got an owl out of the middle of the road. It had been hit and injured. Poppy put his coat around the owl and it rode home with him, sitting in the passenger's side. We carried to a wildlife place near Raleigh that cares for wounded animals. We never heard if it survived, but hope it did. I love the picture of you and David. He is a beautiful cat!

  3. Sad about the bird but glad you took it to the center. OH that David is a handsome boy but no hunting!! hugs!!

  4. Your blog is so cute and I love your little the ones from David about not eating your chipmunks! I am sorry to hear about your bird. we have quite a few hit windows, even with mobiles hanging....but most of them survive. Unfortunately my only Indigo Bunting this year died due to a window collision. So sad.

  5. Doesn't it just make your heart hurt to think about how birds suffer because they fly at and hit windows.
    Your garden produce is so picture-worthy! As are you and David. He knows a good neighbor when he sees one. :)
    Nebraska ><>

  6. Srry for your bird! So are you going to keep David around?

  7. I just love you can always make me laugh! Oh how I love that big boy you are cuddling! I hope he stays safe and has a place to call home! Beautiful!

  8. The poor bird. I suppose it's part of nature, but it's not a nice part. Thank you for trying to help. It must be terrible to be an animal and know you are badly injured, but still attempting to get food and stay alive.

    As for David, that guy has a good life. Clearly, he's treated well at home, and then he has friendly neighbours who pamper him. Except for not giving him chipmunks.

  9. I would have to snuggle with David too! What a cutie!

  10. I'm sorry to hear about the finch. Seeing tiny birds suffering always makes me sad. At least your little finch was around people who cared about him at the end. ♥
    David-be good. Cuddles are worth it.

  11. You tried your best with the bird...sad indeed...
    Your garden has been fabulous Deb...kudos to you and The Retired Guy!
    Humidity has started to build in here closed...a/c back on...big bag of new yarn...happy!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  12. Poor little finch - always sad to see a sweet creature ill or injured, they are difficult to assist and make well again being so tiny.

    What breed a cat is that handsome David with the spotted tummy? Yes, he mustn't be allowed near your darling chippies!

    1. He's a spotted tabby cat, Mary. But I would not be surprised if he had some Bengal in him. He is even more handsome than my camera can capture.The spots on the belly are referred to as 'vest buttons'. Cute, eh. :)

  13. Every little creature has such contribution to make in our lives, sometimes even their death. Your caring makes such a difference - thank you. My David is a handsome boy & good that he knows that hunting is not allowed. Vest buttons - oh I do like that! Poppy seed heads drying & will send soon.

  14. Sad and sorry to hear the little bird died . Hope kitty doesn't get any chipmunks or birds there . WOW ! glad your getting a lot of yummy lovely veggies from your garden they look great ! Lovely photos . It has been nice and cool here finally a break from the heat and humidity .Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  15. It would have been wonderful If the little girl had survived. Her injuries were too severe but she was given a chance.

  16. So sorry to hear the little finch didn't make it, but thank you for helping!
    David is VERY handsome!!