Sunday, August 21, 2016

This & that at the mouse-house.

 You just never know how your day will begin. 
While feeding the birds at the sumacs, I noticed the purple finch that was in the bird bath yesterday was sitting on the feeder this morning looking out of sorts. On closer look, it was breathing heavy and it's eyes were half shut. Even in that condition, though, it was slowly eating the niger seed. This bird was not well or it had hit a window and was injured. It calmly let us pick it up and place it in a box.
We are only 20 minutes from a Bird Care Center so without hesitation we brought it in to be looked over.

It is an adult, female, purple finch and the care worker said after a quick examination that it was in pretty bad shape. :(
There was no diagnosis at that point; they wanted to give it some time and a closer examination throughout the day. We'll call tomorrow.

I have another new addition to my step-back cupboard.
This vase will look pretty on a shelf with short-stemmed white flowers.
$1.95 at a thrift store.

For now it can join the rest of my favorite pieces.

I hung some niger seed for my goldfinch as I read that they are still nesting until mid-September. I'd love to have a family move in.
Looks like someone else loves that special seed, too.
That's ok...I never have too much of these delightful birds.

                                                       Black-capped chickadee

More rain today and I have cat-sitting to do so I'm wishing you all a great day.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hoping that poor bird is ok. I have had some goldfinches at my feeder and they are so pretty!

  2. I love your blue dishes.You can`t beat $1.95!
    My friends in TN take many of their found injured critters to a center too,last one being a hummingbird.Hope they can make your finch well,phyllis

  3. Poor little finch! I had a sparrow fly into my office window the other day - thankfully he was just stunned and after a rest of at least 30 minutes ho flew off. I was so worried!!!

  4. I love your new little fan vase. Beautiful and looks so good in your cupboard!

    Poor little finch....hate that. :(

    1. Thanks for letting me know what it is, Betsy. Isn't it sweet. :)

  5. Lovely photos . I noticed on your hutch photo to the far left at the top we have the same salt shaker I have the entire set from the dollar store I fell in love with it all as it looks farmhousey if that's even a word lol ! I had those nyjer feeders but found I went through it way to much as it just falls out of them so I now have feeders where they actually have to pull the seed out of the holes , work at it a bit more if you will and I don't go through it as much now that stuff gets expensive and is hard to get sometimes down here . It was a lovely sunny and cool day here today and the evening is so cool with a nice fresh breeze . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. We hope the bird recovers. Our birds are busy at the feeders, especially the hummers - have to refill constantly.

    Mindy, Mike &Nina

  7. I hope the little bird will recover ! Feeding birds in our garden would cause a massacre with my cats, lol !

  8. How wonderful that you have a bird hospital nearby. And I admire your care of that struggling little bird.

  9. It sounds like the finch may be suffering from more than just an encounter with a window. It's good that you were able to take her somewhere she can get help.

  10. I hope the little bird survives. I somehow believe that if there is a desire to feed there is hope. Thank God you have a birdcare center near by. There is nothing like that where I live. If the little one doesn't survive you gave her comfort and most of all a chance.

  11. I hope the bird's okay, but at the very least, it's in the right place.