Sunday, August 20, 2017

As August hustles along...

As I walked along the path in the wood-lot early this morning, I could hear Charlotte the donkey braying at Lucy's farm. It always makes me laugh to hear her because I know she is calling Lucy for her breakfast. It also reminded me that I need to drop over there for the farm fresh eggs from her very dependable 'ladies'. I think I'll get four dozen as I have some visiting to do and who doesn't like farm fresh eggs as a little gift.

The sunflowers are still amazing and we have five cobs of corn on our corn stalks today. 
The peaches that we buy at the market are at their best.

I know mama wren is still on her nest but surely those birds must be hatched by now. You can't get near her and I hate to scare her by looking in the house so I just leave her be. I doubt I will see hide nor hair of those babies.
Oh well, at least she had a nice home and repays me with her melodic song. :)

We've been waiting on our builders to finish up a job in the city to start on our house. With all the rain this summer the build before ours took longer but they are finally done. They'll be out tomorrow to do some measurements and our order for supplies arrives Tuesday.

August is flying by and the days are filled with activity. Birthday celebrations, grandittle visits, tweaking and finishing up the new kitchen design, gardening through a cloud of mosquitoes (someone remind me next spring what I went through this summer) and tidying up the grounds for the on-coming Fall has kept me busy.
My potted plants are done now so pots are being emptied and washed for the shelf. Some of the plants are still looking lovely, though.
As much as I hate to see summer go, I am an Autumn lover.
I hope you all had a good weekend.

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, you said just as I feel. I love the summer -- the warm days, the beautiful gardens, the fresh fruit and vegetables. But I am an autumn girl. The colors, scents and flavors of autumn just make me come alive.

  2. Ah peach & blueberry combos of anything - oh yum. Your red & white dahlia is gorgeous. I was commenting only yesterday to Mr Man that the garden is looking very tired. Thankfully there are still blooms to unfold. Hope you & your fur girls enjoy the visitors & have a great week.

  3. You have such a lovely place. Do you think you will be in your new house before Winter?

  4. I am an autumn lover, too. I am hungry for the perfect peach. The peaches at the store are good but not great.
    I hope everything goes according to plan when the builders begin (and continue!)

  5. Surely, it's very late for a bird to lay eggs, isn't it? In any case, I hope these ones grow up strong and healthy.

    The first half of autumn is my favourite time of year, when it is cooling but still warm enough to be outside - sweater weather - but wonderful to be indoors in the chilly evenings. The smell of wood burning somewhere - not a forest-fire - and geese flying overhead in the early twilight; leaves just turning colour. How I love early autumn.

  6. I notice that the shadows are growing longer, and it's dark when I go outside to give Sweetie and Patty there evening snack. I have the mosquito bites to prove it! But running around with barefeet, and sitting on the deck all afternoon are so wonderful!

  7. When the sunflowers come out, that's when summer is ending.

  8. All good and fun stuff! I'm an autumn lover, too. Can't wait! Also can't believe September is almost here!

  9. I love August because it's the end of summer - those flowers are so beautiful! Are they zinnias? It will be so exciting, watching your new house take shape!

  10. I am so ready for fall too! The weather people here say we may have a cooler than normal September. Yay! Isn't it funny how we forget from one summer to the next what we go through. Probably a good thing. Come January we all will be dying to get back out in the dirt again. Your flowers still look beautiful! Where are the kitties?

  11. It's so good to check in on your world after my return from your beautiful country. Someday I intend to see your part of the world in person, pet "the girls," check out Simon's antics! I'm not ready for fall yet, but it feels as though it's fast coming, whether I like it or not!