Monday, August 7, 2017

First week of August whizzed right by.

The week has flown by like a blue-jay on a mission.
Oh, yes.
We've had grands visiting, a foundation to finish, a birthday to celebrate, a bit of cat-sitting and a big black grand-dog who howled to come for a sleep-over. We just took him home today. xo

My garden is keeping me busy. Everything is producing now although the tomatoes remain green. I have tons of zucs and cucs; yellow beans and kale but the peppers are just now growing well .
The sun-flowers are at their very best and huge this summer. This one's bigger than my big head.

How is this for a corn stalk. haha! We just threw a few kernels in the ground to see if they would grow. And they did. I'm 5' 5".

I've been saving a few wildflowers from the wheels of roaring trucks here.
I love the Queen Ann's lace and these daisy-like beauties. I will have to find out what they are called.
They look like a Black-eyed Susan with a lighter-coloured center.

Audrey...with her nose in everything.
 I never leave them out long because Annie likes to chew on flowers and I don't know if these are poisonous.
They most-likely are.

The ground is really getting dug up with all the machinery. We'll have a lot of landscaping to do when this building project is over.
The wrap is on the foundation and the dirt is back in the hole with a little left over.  Well, maybe a lot. :(
But we do have plans for it.
We'll be renting a bob-cat to move it around.

I have to tell you...we are tired.
Getting the foundation in for house-building is not for the weak. Keeping up with the gardens when we are inundated with mosquitoes the size of gum-drops, all this rain we've had and joining in with all the family shenanigans that every summer brings
has left us pooped.

Cats always have the right idea.

Sometimes I wish I had a Blackberries box to fall into.
 The house will soon be starting.
Time to take a breath and then
onwards and upwards.

Hope the summer is treating everyone well.
hugs, Deb


  1. Oh my goodness, you do have a lot going on. That is the biggest and prettiest sunflower I've ever seen! and that corn stalk! and all those zucchini squash there on your cupboard! Your vegetables are so pretty. Everything here is drying up. We started the season with lots of rain but that changed in a hurry.

  2. It is all looking good and those sunflowers, awesome!

  3. I'm sorry you're tired. I hope you get to rest very soon.❤️

  4. When house-building starts, it can't stop until it's completed. And there is much to do, eh? Though you're tired, you're accomplishing a lot, so it's the fatigue of achievement.

    And that corn-stalk looks like a triffid!

  5. Thanks for sharing your busyness with us. It is exciting to see your new home grow. I hope that you are managing to sleep well at night.

    Julie and poppyq.

  6. Thanks for the update. We all await with bated breath.

  7. How lucky to have fresh veggies from your garden. The ASPCA has a really informative website regarding plants which are not good for cats, dogs and horses. Worth checking out.

  8. We can certainly learn a lot from cats, can't we? I do not believe the size of that corn! Wow! Hope your new house-building goes smoothly - it will be so good when it's over.

  9. win first prize for the most gorgeous sunflower of summer.....the wow factor!

  10. Hi Deb, what a thing to look forward to. A new home to fix up and love. You have the most beautiful property and the sunflower and corn are remarkable. I love those little sunflowers too. They grow wild along the freeways in California. They would be so special in a country bouquet, but I have picked some before and brought a lot of bugs home so didn't do it again. But they sure are cute.. The cats all look so comfy. I do miss our Maggie..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  11. Hi Deb...
    Gorgeous Sunflower...
    I am pooped too...not exactly sure why though...
    Cant wait to see your place going up...very exciting...
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  12. Busy times for you all there . WOW ! awesome sunflower . I bet you will be glad when all this house building is said and done exciting but yes tiring indeed . Looking forward to seeing it all done and how you are decorating it . They look like wild sunflowers you have in the in the vase , we have tons of them along our river bank. It has cooler right off here feels like fall already . Lovely post and photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day .

  13. Your daisy might be a sunflower too; there are wild varieties like helianthus divaricatus, the woodland sunflower (which sounds a little odd, doesn't it). Or it could be a false sunflower, heliopsis helianthoides. This a neat site:

  14. Poor Audrey! It seems such a short time ago that Annie was recovering from a touchy surgery--these situations pull at our heart strings.
    Life as usual during renovations or having a house built over one's head is an exhausting time--I do think part of it is the noise involved with construction. It helps a bit to keep thinking of the final result and how lovely it will be to settle for the winter in your new and larger space.

  15. When do you think you will be in the new house???

  16. All that machinery squooshing the ground; it's gonna be interesting when it's finally landscaping time!
    And, I've nominated you:

  17. Deb, your little yellow flowers look like Choreopsis...I know that's not the right spelling, darn!... at least, they look like the ones I have blooming out by our garage..

    It's exciting to see your new house start to "grow"! We went through the same thing ten years ago and it seemed like our house "grew" overnight, yet took forever...ha ha!!

  18. Love the tall, beautiful sunflower! Your Audrey is just like my kitties, they just have to inspect everything brought into the house! Your new home project is so exciting and we're as anxious as you to see it when it's finished. Hope you get rested up a bit during this busy time.

  19. You deserve a good nap and if you find a big enough 'Blackberries' box you really should curl up and take a long snooze !

    You've accomplished so much, and all the while you're gardening and building you're keeping the Mouse House looking so nice and picturesque.

    I think flowers and vegetables thrive at your place as well as your cats do !

  20. Good luck with your building project...I enjoyed watching our home being built!

  21. You are keeping busy! Love that sunflower. Somehow I lost your blog a while back and was just looking through old posts of mine and saw a comment from you. My blog use to be called The Comforts of Home, but I have changed it to Enjoying The Simple Things. I am currently building a house in the mountains of NC and it is almost done. I have been sharing posts along the building process.

  22. Love that sunflower photo. I would think having the building going on right where you are would be super stressful. But so fun to see it fall into shape. Now, I think you should find a blackberry box and crawl in!

  23. I feel like your cats! :) The Rudbeckia with the light center is so interesting. I've never seen one like that. I have Queen Anne's Lace seeds that I'd love to plant somewhere, but I understand they spread like crazy so I'm hesitating until I find just the right spot. Your sunflower and corn are amazing. Enjoy!

  24. The sunflowers seem to be doing quite well this year.