Monday, October 16, 2017

A quick "hello"

I am just posting a quick "hello" as I am busy again today. 

While Audrey snoozed the morning away,

 Annie and I cleaned out my cluttered country cottage china cupboard.
Why do I have so many dishes?

"Sorry, Annie...It couldn't last forever."

Yes, we baked cookies, too.
Applesauce Oatmeal Pecan Cookies.
Best Fall Cookie, ever.
Just try and eat only one. HA! 
I have posted the recipe many times and
will post again this week for those new to my blog. 

Off to pick out doors

hugs, Deb


  1. Cleaning out the dish cupboard is so refreshing isn't it? Beautiful! The cookies look fabulous! I envy your get up and go today!

  2. It looks like Audrey is blissfully back to her old self! Good!!

    I like your blue and white cupboard, but I might be a bit biased, as my kitchen and dishes are blue and white.....I mix in yellows and a pinch of red once in a while....but so love blue tones.

    The cookies look so yummy, might search your blog for the recipe!

    Have a great week!

  3. I was on a cleaning frenzy this weekend too--dusting my many collections. Boy do those cookie look relish!

  4. The cookies look tasty!

    Count on a cat to want to get into an empty space like that.

  5. Yum. The cookies sound great. Been under the weather and applesauce is on the menu. I hope I have enough left to try these.

    Happy Audrey!

  6. Audrey looks well and happy, it makes me smile. Sweet Annie, I love how she hangs close to you. Your cabinet is filled with beautiful dishes, what a delight.

  7. You keep the cupboard dusted and the dishes sparkling clean. It looks so pretty...and makes me ashamed. I've just got to get back to my cleaning. By now I will probably have to start over. Audrey and Annie both look happy and content. Those cookies look delicious!!

  8. Mmm, those biscuits look like they'd be perfect with a cup of tea, especially sitting by a window watching the autumn turn cool.

  9. love your country cottage china cupboard!
    here we call them kitchen cupboards lol i love them all!
    love the assortment you do in yours, always interesting.
    Happy Audrey & Annie! love that, glad to see Audrey back to her old self.
    better go feed mine
    thanx for sharing

  10. It is very nice to see a happy, contented Audrey and a helpful Annie this morning =)
    I love your blue and white dishes.

  11. Is Audrey sleeping on a sweater? Looks comfy!
    Nice job of snoopervising, Annie!

  12. Everything looks comfy-cozy there! Love your beautiful dishes and those cookies look hard to resist. I'll bet the kitchen smelled wonderful! x K

  13. Hi Deb! Those cookies look so good. I know what you mean about dusting. Argh. I have too many dishes, too.

  14. You better not forget to post that recipe, Deb - I'm drooling over here and need some of those cookies asap!!

  15. I just love that photo of Audrey! I must try to remember to come back over and grab that recipe. :-)

  16. Those cookies look and sound delicious!

    You just reminded me how I need to dust and clean my china cupboard.


  17. Your cupboard with china and lights is so beautiful! Too bad there is no room for beautiful Annie :-)

  18. Cute little kitties.