Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Well, it's Halloween today and it is cold and wet here in Ontario. Not the best weather for little tykes heading out tonight but I suppose it could be worse. We've had many stormy days of late.

Today we had the floors poured in the new house so we can now move in our pellet stove to keep fingers warm while the men do some inside work. The patio doors are installed and windows arrive tomorrow.
Grandittle checking the height of the handle. lol
 We still wait for the steel roof to be installed but it is nice and dry with the membrane on so work can move along.
                                                             Adding membrane

                                           Back view and membrane on the breeze-way

I am loving the wood-lot this fall; so much beautiful colour. I brought a bit inside but it will only last a short time before it is taken to the compost.
Someone nicknamed Peach loves to munch on plants, leaves and branches.

I hope you all have a fun Halloween
David, our neighbour cat, says "Please keep your cats in during the Halloween celebration". I hope his owners do the same.
Wishing you lots of cute trick or treaters tonight. And if that's not your cup of tea, well...brew a cup, put on a movie and turn the lights out. ;-)

hugs, Deb


  1. Gone eight over here...Two lots of kiddies have
    been round trick or rid of a lot
    of sweets, toffee apples and all their
    teeth will fall out in the morning! :).
    Some nice costumes to..bit scary..but great fun!

    Your home is looking good Deb..Yes! Coming along
    nicely! I see David is keeping his eye on things

  2. David is as handsome as ever, and am I right when I think "Peach" is sweet Annie? Autumn has been doing a real two-step: hot and dry, or cold and wet!

    1. That's right. Peach for her peachy points and paws.

  3. Your home is looking amazing, Deb! So glad to see the work moving along. Just wonderful. Thanks for posting some photos for us.

  4. It looks like things are coming along nicely!

  5. Happy Halloween!! Your house is looking good! I think it is going to be beautiful! Peach nibbling on the leaves reminds me...I picked a bunch of zinnias and brought them in today. As soon as I put them on the table, I heard Bickett's feet hit the floor. He eats anything green and then throws up. He was such a pest, I finally had to put the vase of flowers out on the porch. I should have left them in the garden.

  6. It's very chilly here tonight, but at least there is no wind. We usually get that on Hallowe'en.

  7. Must be getting really exciting for you to see your home coming together with walls, windows & floors. Both my fur girls are terrible chewers of plants or anything plastic! Smoke loves to chew on lettuce but then throws up - cats! Surprisingly we had over 50 trick/treators in spite of the cold & wet. We saw wet snow for about 20 minutes yesterday morning. Happy November Deb.

  8. I think we should always keep our cats at homes, it's so dangerous to let them walk without a supervision. There is a lot of bad people walking around, and also a lot of inattentive drivers - I would be worried about my cats!
    We're not celebrating Halloween in Poland, but I still like to watch all these creative things Americans do to prepare to it :)

  9. It's a house! Giggled at the beautiful Peach and your Grand-little checking out the handle. "Our" Halloween was quiet. A neighbor has a tailgate for the block. I really look forward to it each year. Sometimes, it's the only way I keep up with "that end" of the block. Mostly folks with young kids and they grow up so fast. Trick or Treating is done from the tailgate -- lots of candy to give out. Another success.

  10. Looking good Deb....
    Christmas at yours this year?
    Linda :o)

  11. The house is coming along so beautifully! Love the sweet photos. We only had one special trick or treater this year :) x Karen

  12. Look! It looks like a house! Oh, you must be so excited -- now it seems really real!

  13. So exciting! I hope the weather holds so there are no construction delays. Will you be in by Christmas?

  14. Your home is coming along and I hope the snows don't come too early. My friends in Seattle have already had a dusting! Your lot is beautiful and you'll make so many memories there with your lovely family, XOXO

  15. The house is really starting to take shape. Yeah!!
    Your Peach is a sweetie. But I hope she stays away from your greens!