Monday, October 9, 2017

Being Thankful

Is there anything better than the smell of pumpkin bread in the oven on a beautiful, crisp fall day?

 I didn't think so. :)

These loaves and a few other delights were heading to the Country Cat Rescue Annual Thanksgiving Bake Sale last weekend. I have known the founder, Gwen Thompson, for over twenty years now.I can honestly say that she is the most hard-working and dedicated cat rescuer I have ever met. This lady is the real deal. When other rescues are full to the brim and cannot take on another stray Gwen will somehow find a spot so that the cat is safe and out of harms way. She cares deeply for her rescues and houses them at her sanctuary providing them with all their needs until they can be adopted out to a loving and forever home. If the cat is un-adoptable for whatever reason it will become a permanent resident of the spacious and clean sanctuary. No cat is turned away.

I finally got at my garden clean-up and let me tell you it is no where near as fun to clean it as it is to plant it. Uh uh!

I was amazed at how many rather large toads I discovered in my over-run veggie garden today. I used to be afraid of them but now I enjoy watching them as they hop around. I wonder if I will ever feel that way about the sssssnake. Who am I kiddin'... NOPE!

Annie and Audrey are happy comfy cats these days.

 Audrey loves the Cat Dancer.
I'm so thankful that she's back to her old self.

The construction has stopped for now as we line up our roofers and have the basement floor insulated then poured.  We are waiting on our windows, too. There is a lot of 'waiting' while building a home.

Lots coming up but it's been quiet this week.

Most mornings I like to walk the paths in our wood-lot. The Autumn light is beautiful coming through the branches of the many maple trees. All is quiet but the sound of the birds and the chipmunks chattering away.

I have been getting the wood-lot critters used to me wandering about and leaving them seed and nuts for them to learn to trust. There are so many chippies, squirrels and birds that never come up to the front of our property and make the wood-lot their home. I refer to them as the shy ones. Most of them live amongst the stones in the wall.

It's time to bulk them up for winter so I'm spending more time doing just that.

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada yesterday. In order to round up the grandittles I did what I do with the cats with cat-nip; I lured them with cake pops to the couch.

And this is what I got. lol

I can't tell you what joy these five bring to my life.  That's grand-kitty Cooper photo-bombing.

We had a wonderful day with family and ate far too much as usual.  I had not posted about it, but my youngest daughter had just returned from a road trip to the United States and was in Las Vegas up until three days before the shootings. They spent five days there taking in the sights and the music concerts.

Before the dinner, I raised a glass to her safe return and thanked Almighty God for keeping her in his care.

This is a Thanksgiving, friends, I will never forget.

hugs, Deb


  1. I can share your relief at your daughter's safe return. So glad that Annie and Audrey are in better health.
    I hope your roof and such are completed before the rain and snow of November--that was always a dreary month in Vermont.
    Lovely to have woodland trails to explore. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  2. good grief, glad your daughter was okay, you can breath easy now.
    Ahhh Audrey! she is such a character & so glad she has healed too.
    love your photos of your walks, always interesting.
    do you think you'll be in your new house for xmas? or that too much wishful thinking? am so curious to the building of it, it's just so different from us but i guess that is because you have snow? do you put water tanks on the house? i notice that not many houses over there have gutters? sorry for all the questions
    take care
    thanx for sharing

  3. Ah! What a lovely..lovely post...!
    Love the photo of Annie..wondering what
    to do with ALL those lovely loaves, hoping
    for a few fishes perhaps! :).
    And..Audrey!x looking good to...Bless!
    And..Simon's looking good to..bright and
    alert..Bless him..!x

    I see you've got six Grandlittles Deb....
    Who's the one laying on the back of the sofa! :).
    HeHe! Looks a bit ginger to me!

    And, yes, your right...The most important things
    in life are your family and your friends!
    God Bless Them All...! =(^..^)=

  4. Timing is everything, glad your daughter is home safe. Women have a historical issue with snakes! I'll say no more about that. We are also putting out extra seed & peanuts for the chipmunks which can be a fight for the little beasties as my mobs of Blue Jays are back & they too like those treats. Ummm pumpkin bread. Our local cat rescue sounds very similar to yours. It all begs the questions about spaying & neutering - I'll say no more about this. Yeah for Audrey & Annie.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Deb....beautiful photos!

  6. Thank God for all Blessings big and small. So glad your daughter is ok.

  7. What a sweet post. So much to be thankful for, especially that your daughter is home and safe. That picture of your grandchildren is just adorable and makes me laugh. And, all those loaves of pumpkin bread!! How do you get so much done? Glad too that Audrey is well and playing again, and that sweet Annie can relax and not worry. It sure is a lot more fun planning and planting a garden, than cleaning up the mess in the fall. :)

  8. I'm thankful to hear your daughter returned safely home.
    And look at your two contented felines. Happy hearts for that, as well.
    Your post made me happy!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Deb. I can see you have so very much for which to be thankful -- a new home, five adorables, a world of woodland and without doubt your "girls" and Audrey's recovery. (How big is she -- she looks very petite in the photo on the bed!). I love a post like this. (And I'll bet every bit of your bread sold out.)

  10. Kitties, and chippies, and toads...oh my!
    Happy Belated Thanksgiving; looks like a fine time was had by all.

  11. Oh your pumpkin bread sounds delicious and looks like you had a chef giving directions there helping out. Thanks to you and friends for what you do to keep those sweet kitties safe and cared for. What an adorable snap of your grands and I know how you feel when your daughter returned from her trip safely. Happy Canadaian Thanksgiing........Blessings to you and yours.

  12. A delight to see the cats!

    I spent yesterday photographing around Rideau Hall and over at MosaiCanada.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    Glad your daughter was safe! Much to be thankful for that is for sure!

  14. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and yours. Thank you for sharing your lovely with us. We're relieved tha Audrey is feeling well again. Couldn't bear if she wasn't her delightful self. That your dear daughter might have been in LV at the same time as that force of evil shooter just boggles the mind.

  15. Your daughter is safely home with her family is truly an extra reason to be thankful. Gail

  16. It sounds a wonderful thanksgiving there. It's good to remember to be grateful; I try to do that myself, but not often enough.

    I'm surprised you still have so many green trees down there. We have some here, but most turned yellow before the snow fell last week. Fortunately, most of the snow is gone, but it killed the leaves on the trees, too. I was hoping for them to last a while longer.

    I am pleased to read that Audrey is back to her old self. What a relief for you and your family, eh?

  17. Such a beautiful walk in the woods and so very glad to hear that your daughter and Audrey are ok. Funny about the toads in your garden - it sounds like a wonderland for all creatures great and small. Your cat rescuer friend is an angel. Love seeing all your precious grands. x K

  18. What a great post Deb - and is that Simon who really makes me smile?
    My Chippy has been busy lately running back and forth across the deck - must be stashing food somewhere for winter.