Friday, November 10, 2017

As our late fall weather sets in.

Today it snowed and the temperature has plummeted. It was -15C overnight.
I have made some home-made suet for our resident birds and am keeping the feeders filled.
Three cakes of suet disappear in a day. I worry mostly about our little chickadees that need to find food daily as they lose much of their body weight just shivering throughout these cold nights.

Simon and his lady friend are still together and I hope they hibernate under the old pump in his den this winter. They are so sweet together. Now they are both waiting for me each morning at the front of the den and anxious to see what I brought them.

Our squirrels are hungry and looking to bulk up, too. 
Look at how curious little red is. :)

We are closed in now as far as the building goes. Our windows arrived on time. I had them coloured butter yellow so it took a bit longer to get the order done.

We still wait on the steel for the roof and the stairs are being built and there is much more to do. Next week I expect the plumbing will go in. It's nice to have our basement floor in and now the pellet stove can be installed for warmth as the men work. It is slow going with every type of tradesman busy on more than one site at a time. This house-building stuff requires much patience. And mine is wearing thin.

I have added a bit of Christmas cheer to the old retired out-house.
You can see I have help doing everything outside these crisp fall mornings. Our neighbour cat Dave is only inches away most days.

Next week we are to have sun, sun & more sun. That's if you can believe our weatherman.

Enjoy your weekend and please remember our little feathered friends on these cold days. 
Every little bit helps.

hugs, Deb


  1. David certainly feels welcome around the house.

    The temperatures really did plummet in the night. I was five minutes away from home and the winds whipped up and dropped snow almost at a horizontal angle.

  2. Oh, Simon and friend are too darn cute! David, you be a good kitty and leave them alone! Our temps plummeted yesterday, with high winds and blowing flurries. But, it goes back up again in a few days...yay!

  3. It's great to read a post from you, Deb. How fun that Simon has a girlfriend. Hoping for little baby Simons next spring. Glad to hear the house is coming along. Love the butter yellow window choice.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. It's so good to hear from you Deb! Thanks for the reminder about feeding our little feathered friends. It is starting to get cold here in Missouri too. I love the pictures of Simon and his girlfriend! They are adorable! Your house is really looking good. I love the way the front of it almost looks like an old fashioned fairy tale cottage!

    Stay warm and give Audrey and Annie my love!

  5. Deb, so great to see a post from you today! Yes, building a house requires MUCH patience! But, I am really surprised that your project is moving as quickly as it is. Love hearing about Simon and his girlfriend--too cute! And Dave--great neighbor! Give Annie and Audrey an extra snuggle for me. Nebraska ><>

  6. I'm always happy to see a post from you. I believe all those little animals really count on you. It's so sweet how they look at you. Hope you do get all that sun soon. We've had a gloomy week of clouds and cold rain, but the sun came back today! I love that old outhouse!

  7. we are also getting much cooler weather than is normal here, friday last it dropped down to 15'c, i know no where near your temperatures but it had me grabbing a jumper out of storage & putting the electric blanket on! usually our temps are around the 30'c for spring.
    ooo i can't wait to see more of your little house & so far now i can see that you had it designed to fit in with the mouse house?
    can i ask a silly question? why do all the american homes have basements/cellars? it's not something that gets built in into our houses here
    so glad to Simon out & about & with a mate! baby chippies next spring?
    Davids certainly a character photo bombing there :))
    you are going to be very busy keeping those feeders full again this year; take care!
    great post
    thanx for sharing

  8. It got cold here, also, but not nearly as cold as where you are. It dipped to around -1*C. and that was cold enough! I'm so glad you are taking care of the birds. We had the exact same bird feeder but lost part of it when we were getting our yard redone so had to get a new one. Those little animals and birds sure depend on us during the winter months. I like your outhouse! Very festive.

  9. It's ALL looking lovely Deb...But! The bestest
    thing is Simon and his lady friend Simone.....
    Settling down together..That's Lovely! Bless!x

    HeHe! And..the outhouse looks a bit more upright
    to...perhaps you should leave the door open, in
    case Dave needs it...! :).

    Butter yellow windows...Nice! I think l'd have
    pink myself...! :0).
    AND...We've got Rain! Rain! Rain! ALL weekend...!

  10. Ohhh that's chilly - we have never been that cold in our life and find it cold when it drops to zero. It is so kind of you to look after the birdies and critters that live around you Deb.

    It is good to hear that there is progress on your little house. How exciting.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  11. My birds have been eating up a storm -- filling feeders every day. I think they've told their friends that Lizzie Coco's Birdseed Bar and Grill is THE place to be! Now, I need to go back through your posts to find the suet recipe. I didn't get any made last year but want to this year!

    And it's cold!

    Glad the house is coming along. And I love that you decorated the outhouse! Simon and his Ladyfriend are so cute. Does she have a name yet? Does he know his?

    Sending hugs this cold day!

  12. Please! Tell us how Audrey is doing. You haven't mentioned her for quite awhile.

  13. Simon and his girlfriend are so cute. I'm going to fill my bird feeder today since the deer cleaned it out. I've got to get it hung a bit higher so the birds have something. I leave old fruit and veggies out for the deer. Happy that your house is coming along!!

  14. yes...yesterday was a shocker for sure!! After such a warm Fall...
    You are a great bird/cat/critter lady Deb!
    I am feeding my chickadees too...maybe I should make the suet like you...
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)

  15. I too have been filling & re-filling bird feeders every other day plus I have put out lots of the black oiled sunflower seeds for my chipmunks, I read it really is a good food for fuel/warmth & it keeps well in their dens - I just hope it is true. I cannot imagine living through a build, you are a brave soul.

  16. I love hearing about Simon and his dear friend. Lots of nutritious noms around your place should prep them beautifully for hibernation.

  17. Fall weather I like; winter weather can wait until winter!

    I'm glad Simon has taught his girlfriend who the friendly humans are. They are probably commenting to each other on the progress of your house - and hoping you'll have a snug place for the winter, as they will.

  18. I still have things blooming that bring the birds to our yard, but yes, I put out extras for these cold days!

  19. So nice that you are taking such good care of your sweet wild things. So exciting to see the house coming together. Love your old shed.

  20. I know you are super busy :) but I missed your blog posts. So good to see everything is coming along. I'm glad your chickadees are being well fed. Simon and girlfriend seem to have you nicely "trained" ♥ They are so cute!
    Please give ear scritches to Annie and Audrey!!

  21. I hate to ask, Deb, because I know you have published it more than once but I seem to have lost my copy of your homemade suet recipe. Anyway you could publish once more? I promise I'll make more than one copy this time ;)

  22. Oh my gosh the house looks great!! I hope Simon and his lady friend have a family, I have never seen a baby chipmunk!!

  23. This is why I'd rather live in a hut out in the country than a deluxe apartment in the city. Chipmunks and birds and trees. Nature is much more beautiful than anything humans can build.

    I fed feral cats, and the neighbors made so much trouble. In your own yard, you can do anything you want. I adopted three feral cats too. Love people who feed stray animals, no matter if it's cats, birds, or squirrels.

  24. Hi Dev,

    Very nice your house.Here I hope Simon and his lady friend are still together.

    Thanks for your post and job.