Thursday, November 16, 2017

Christmas is coming. :)

I've been playing in the cupboard again. The cluttered country cottage china cupboard is never dressed too much for the Christmas season but the little french country cupboard is. I always put my wee lambs out first as they are my favorite decoration and they say 'Peace' to me.

The weather is changing quickly today and we are to have snow this weekend. We are so happy to have the construction closed in with the colder days coming and tradesmen lining up now to work inside. I've been waiting for this. :)

Annie and Audrey are doing well.  
Audrey is still quite fragile and on medication to stop seizures but all in all she is good. This photo was taken this week. She seems happy and content and eats like there's no tomorrow and purrs up a storm. She's just as sassy as ever. They have her on gabapentin for a little while and another check-up coming soon. I'm so thankful for these two lovely cats and feel very blessed to have them in my life. They truly are our family.

And Simon is doing well and enjoying days with his new found love. I'm hoping to see them stay together over the winter and maybe present us with teeny tiny chips come spring. :) :)
They are stocking up their pantry now and always one of the first to the feasts left out for them and the birds.
We've been busy cleaning up the property and bringing all the summer decor inside. Boy that's a lot of work. I have to remember next summer not to go too crazy with garden accessories. *phew*
And all the while we work we enjoy the smell of wood burning in our out-door stove. 
That takes me right back to cold winter days in my grandmother's clap-board farmhouse kitchen as we sat around the fire drinking tea and eating home-made hermits.
So much laughter and fun with cousins.
Wonderful memories of days gone by.

Are you enjoying the start to Christmas blog posts?
I love this time of year so besides blogging I have created an instagram site to post photos and enjoy all of your Christmas cheer.
Hope to see you there.
hugs, Deb


  1. The cats look remarkably peaceful, while Simon is definitely busy!

  2. Glad to hear Audrey is doing well . We to like to have our Chiminea going when we do our summer clean up , if we could only bottle the smell of wood smoke eh?! Good to hear the house building is coming along well to . Our Chipmunks have been hiding now and haven't seen them for a few weeks now . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend .

  3. Love seeing Peach and Audrey -- peaceful! I think I'm ready for Thanksgiving. And, I think I have my Christmas shopping finished. I always start a little early as I have so many anniversaries and birthdays to think about this time of year. Busy, busy!
    Purrs and hugs -----

  4. It is concerning to think of Audrey as 'fragile'--I hope her recovery will be complete.
    Its good that your house is all 'dried in' and finish work can continue comfortably during the winter.

  5. Oh, you know I love Christmas posts -- especially if you saw the last two! And I love seeing both your cabinets and your sweet menagerie of good friends. I'm glad Audrey is still hanging in there and of course sweet Annie and Simon make me smile, too. It's all lovely. Keep cozy this weekend!

  6. I am so excited that it is that time of year again. Thanksgiving and then the mad rush to Christmas. I have promised myself to slow down and enjoy it all this year. Annie and Audrey are both so sweet and I'm glad they are doing well. I have really bonded with my sweet Annie Belle, there is nothing like a kitty in your life. Simon and his girl are so cute! Wishing you a lovely end of November and let the Christmas fun begin!

  7. Ah! Bless! Is Simon having take~aways
    now...Nice to see him...and Simone, hope
    they stay together, and have little ones
    in the Spring..! We'll have a lot of name
    thinking if they do! :).

    Audrey!x and Annie!x look really great, and,
    l suspect they must know Christmas is coming!
    As your cupboard looks lovely Deb..very festive!
    HeHe! Has Audrey!x inspected it yet..! :0).

    Just starting to get light over here, time
    for another lemon tea, then off to the bathroom,
    then off down the town...! It is so hectic being
    retired..! :).

  8. I’m glad pretty Annie and adored Audrey are doing well. Gail

  9. Awww your two lovely girls need a pat from us. Love your sheep - as a kiwi they are always a favorite.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  10. Little chips in the Spring! Wouldn’t that be a most wonderful thing! Generations of little chipmunks joining generations of humans calling the woodlot home- just beautiful.

  11. Very glad to hear that Annie & Audrey are both well. I know just how you feel about the fur girls being family. I am always excited about Christmas, I started playing Christmas music yesterday, but decorating waits to December 1st. Next weekend it's Stir Up Sunday which always puts me in the mood as all that special Christmas baking special scents.

  12. I love Christmas, too. I didn't know Audrey was still on medication. Will she need always to be on it? Poor girl. But at least she is with you and content and hopefully able to cause trouble now and then.

    I love the pictures of Simon and Simone; chipmunks do know how to stock a store-room, don't they?

  13. Why do you have an outdoor stove???

    1. Hi Hilary: We burn bits of brush, sticks and lots of left over pieces of wood from the build. All summer we would sit around it at night just to smell the wood burning and have a hot drink. We've enjoyed it so much. I hope all is well, Must pop over to visit you.

  14. Deb, you have such a joy for life! I've found you in Instagram!

  15. Both of your cupboards look so lovely. The one with the sheep has such a warm look of a woodland Christmas! Annie and Audrey are as beautiful as ever. I have thought of them both and wondered if Audrey had fully recovered yet. Hopefully she will improve to the point that she does not have to take the medication but I am so glad that it is helping her and she is happy and eats well. Our pets absolutely are part of out family!

    Simon and Simone are the cutest couple ever! You get the best pictures of them - I bet they have grown to love you in their own way.

    I love your Instagram page! So many wonderful photos! It's fun to see the after dark pictures you got from your outdoor camera!

    Enjoy your Christmas preparations Deb! We have our Thanksgiving next week and then I'll be decorating here!

  16. Heartwarming post..just loved it all Deb..kiss the kitties and stay warm and it all so wonderfu!

  17. Hi Deb! Oh, I'm so glad the cats are happy and healthy! Little chippers would be VERY exciting!
    I'm getting excited about Christmas, for sure!

  18. i love how you change your cupboard out with the seasons & it's never too cluttered!
    hope you all keep warm; we're supposed to be having spring here but it's more like winter, so very cool & rainy.
    can't wait to see more of your house
    thanx for sharing

  19. Wow, the new house is really coming along, huh? That's awesome!! Glad to read that Audrey is doing better, it's awful when our furry little babies are ill.

  20. such beautiful post,, I just adore the sheep,, and oh your beautiful cats,, I no longer have my feline friends so I get my kitty fix here I have missed coming to visit your blog but I'm back now and will catch up,,

  21. It is ALWAYS cozy around your place! Looks just like a sweet little storybook. What lucky little animals. Oh that wood stove!! There is just something about the smell of wood burning. The cupboard is so pretty.

  22. I'm glad Audrey is stable.. give her a kiss from me, and Annie too.

  23. PS Oops I went to check your instagram feed and I think I accidentally unfollowed then re-followed you!!