Thursday, November 30, 2017

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas prepping is going on at the mouse-house. The 'ladies' have behaved themselves so far with the Charlie Brown tree. :) They probably think it is too flimsy to climb. Little do they know that was the idea. lol

It's been cold the last week and the critters have kept me busy keeping feeders filled and cleaned off from the snow fall. Look at Simon begging for more while he sits amongst the spill-over from above. Cheeky, eh? He got some apple and peanuts in the shell just for looking too cute for words.

                     Birthday celebrations for my youngest daughter, Allie. Delicious Indian cuisine.
We have three birthdays between Nov. and December.  Never a dull moment.
Today I am just back from picking up farm fresh eggs from the 'ladies' at Lucy's farm across the road so it's time to get Christmas baking started. Once I get an apron on it's full steam ahead.

And today I get to wear a very special apron that I received from Henny at She does beautiful work and I am just thrilled that she sent me one all the way from North Carolina. It's so pretty with all the kitties and I have a feeling my baking will be extra tasty this Christmas. :)

"Thanks Henny"  If you love hobby farms, adorable critters and a really fun-filled blog drop by to meet Henny and Poppy and all their animals.

Construction of the house has come to a halt for a couple of weeks while we wait for our plumber and electrician to fit us in. Everyone is so busy and working seven days a week to catch up. :(
We have the pellet stove now in the basement so it is toasty warm down there. And we are heading out tonight to look at a vintage mantel to add to the main floor over the wood-stove.
We are doing all that we can while we wait for professionals.

Hope your Christmas prep is going well. 'Tis the season. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Know what you mean about holiday birthdays, Deb... we have 5 in November and December. Happy Birthday to Allie! And I got to collect fresh eggs at my daughters in the Hill country on Thanksgiving. It's like an Easter Egg hunt as they don't all lay in the hen house. They have free range, so they cover a lot of territory. Apron is really cute. So is Charlie Brown tree.

  2. I love your Charlie Brown tree Deb! Is that a tiny little sweater on the tree? How cute! Simon is so friendly with you - he is such a special little guy. I love that picture of him!

    Happy Birthday to Allie! My oldest was born four days after Christmas and it does make for a busy season.

    Enjoy the season Deb! I'm loving your Instagram page as well as your blog!

  3. Simon is so cute! And Annie in the tree...what a super photo. I cannot image what it's like to wait while building a house; I have no patience.

  4. Every single photo in this post says "love." Love your girls -- two and four-legged. Love your tree. Love the critters. Love the season. And I love that you love it too!

  5. A wonderful looking tree!

    Simon should be in winter quarters soon.

  6. Oh Deb, I think everything you touch turns out beautiful. I love seeing the back of that little kitty cat's head through the tree. Your tree is so sparkly and pretty. I finally did get our tree up and decorated today. That apron! It's a little overwhelming, I know. It's just that when I pulled out that piece of fabric covered in cats, well I just had to turn it into something for you. Thank you for modeling it. You make the apron look good. You have beautiful children!!

  7. We love all the pictures!
    We hope you take the time to enjoy this most joyous season :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  8. Very pretty tree. I like that cd too, her version of So This is Christmas is beautiful.

  9. Can't wait to see your new house!!!!!

  10. I really love that tree this year. I'm hoping Annie will behave around my tree this year...time will tell.

  11. Looking very festive Deb!
    I have been very occupied this past week, but I did get my front urn done!
    Enjoy your weekend....Birthday cheer to your beautiful daughter๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰
    Linda :o)

  12. Love the apron =)
    Annie and Audrey are good felines to just admire the tree--for now.
    Happy b-day to your daughter.

  13. You are the chipmunk whisperer! Simon sure is cute. We were rewarded with three varieties of jays in one day at our feeders! Your tree is adorable. And I can just smell your baked goodies. Your mouse house is just like a storybook! :0)

  14. Christmas preparation? I've heard of that... Simon, if you're going to beg, get rid of the load you have in your cheeks. It's like a guy asking for hand-outs while his pockets bulge with money.

  15. Simon! Absolutely love him. I wish I could plant a great big kiss on his sweet chipmunk cheek.
    Great apron. Is that a big pocket in front? Wonderful for wearing to decorate the house too. Nice for keeping all your stuff with you when you’re up on the ladder.
    Happy Birthday Allie.
    Kitty ears! Squeeeee!

  16. Your Christmas tree is quite lovely - perfect in the Mouse House. I haven't seen any of my chippies for a week now, I think they have gone to ground for the rest of the winter. I still put out peanuts for our squirrel, Charlie & all the Blue Jays. My fur girls were full into helping mode with tree decorating yesterday, I had to banish them from the room.

  17. All your pictures are so beautiful and festive. Dad wants that CD. He loves Sarah McLachlans angelic voice. That apron certainly is, well, umm, festive!

  18. It's looking very festive around your place Deb !
    Sweet little Simon he really has become so tame :)
    I simply love your cats apron, I have one of Henny's aprons and treasure it, she is so talented.
    The girls look ready for mischief....ooh dear.

  19. wow good idea for preparing cat for christmas :)
    visit our blog tho:

  20. Everything looks so pretty! I love the photos:)

  21. Your little mouse house is so cozy, Deb - I bet you will kind of miss it once you move into the bigger house!!

  22. Awww--little Simon is so cute! I love your new apron!--it's so pretty! I stopped in to see how your house is coming. Is it pretty cold there yet?

  23. not sure how but i missed this post!
    love your apron! very pretty indeed! kitties are cute!
    looking forward to hearing more about the new house
    hope you're keeping warm with the recent snows. really strange weather the world is throwing at us lately.
    thanx for sharing

  24. Belated happy birthday for your daughter :) You have amazing christmas tree :) We have also bought christmas tree very early, because I like to feel this christmas spirit for long before the christmas eve :) And my cats are happy about it too, they play with ornaments and hide them from time to time :D