Sunday, July 1, 2018

Woah! it's a hot Canada Day weekend.

We are in the middle of a heat wave.Today it is over +40C and the sun is HOT.
We are in the mouse house and have A/C there and the garage is very cool but the coolest place right now is the basement of the new house. It's very comfortable there. The cats drop over there often.

We have stopped working outside for now because you would melt in no time. And the new house has no a/c so there will be no work done there until this heat lifts. 
Last night Wilson slept in the cool garage only to surface as soon as he heard me flip open a can of his stinky goodness. Goodness he loves to eat.

And Annie sleeps beside me no matter what the temperature. She's a cozy one.

The Bug Bed and Breakfast is of great interest to my grandittle, Gus. We found a cocoon in there, some ants and a moth. :)


Early Friday morning my three little house wren babies fledged the nest.
Of course I missed it...:-(
but I expected that would happen and wished them all the best on Thursday night. 
They were getting so big that they were hanging out of the house whenever you walked by.
I really do miss their little peeps and I especially miss mama but I hope she will return to have a second brood soon. Apparently the babies are taken by mom and dad to a bushy area where they spend some time learning about life and then the adults might return to start again.
We still have one family of house wrens in one of my wooden houses behind our garage.
I worry about them today because of the heat and have filled the bird bath with fresh cold water for mama. They should be ready to leave soon. And when they do I hope they have a lovely ride.

We celebrated this little one this weekend.

                                 Let's party!

Our youngest grandittle of five turned two. She's the sweetest little girl with the cutest little curls.
"Happy Birthday Tenley. We love you." xoxo

And Happy Birthday to the greatest country on earth.

"Happy Birthday Canada. We love you, too."

                                                                  A happy Canadian cat

be kind, Deb


  1. Happy birthday, Canada! Yikes! I'm sorry that it's so hot!
    I woke up to Tim spooning beside me. Usually he stays on Bill's side.
    What a cute grand!

  2. Happy Canada Day!
    What a wonderful week - your Grandlittles are so adorable!
    It looks like Wilson is definitely getting into the party mood.
    My goodness, that is hot! Stay cool.

  3. Happy Belated Canada Day! Your granddaughter is adorable. The kitties are too.

  4. Happy Canada Day! Enjoy your wonderful country! The politics in our country are getting to the point that I wish I lived there with you. Oh my...

    I cannot believe Tenley is two already! I remember when she was born. How wonderful the whole country is celebrating her birthday. My brother was born on the 4th of July and he used to think that everyone celebrated his birthday.

    Wilson looks so handsome in his Canadian scarf! Have a wonderful week Deb!

  5. I would love to live in Canada.........if only all my kids would move too. :)

  6. Happy Canada Day dear Deb. We have just arrived from Halifax to Fredericton and will watch the fireworks over the Saint John River tonight. Much warmer here than it was in Halifax and even Moncton - but we shall walk the board walk to the downtown area from the hotel and are hoping it will cool off into the evening hours. Quick visit, and tomorrow we head back to New Hampshire, NH then Thursday to Raleigh, NC.
    Have a lovely evening - loved all the pix and hearing about the latest happenings your way.
    Hugs - Mary

  7. Wilson sounds like my foster-cat, Parker...

    Canada Day here in southern Alberta is quite pleasant, surprisingly. The weather is balmy, a nice temperature with a bit of abreeze to remind it to stay cool. It may rain in the evening. Southern Alberta, I think, is still behind the seasons, due to a long winter. It feels more like late spring.

    Enjoy the little one's birthday! You know better than many how fast they grow up. Just look at the wrens - flying already. I'll bet their mum misses them.

  8. Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday Canada and Happy Birthday Tenley!
    My own birthday is the 6th and yes growing up we always celebrated it on the 4th too... usually with a picnic on the lakefront in New Orleans. And it would always be HOT. It's triple digits here in Texas this week. Can't imagine Canada being hot. But try to stay COOL!

  9. There's so many happy, exciting and wonderful things in this post I don't even no where to begin in responding. I will just say Thank You again for sharing your life online with us. And have a great week, Deb and Family!

  10. Gosh over 40 degrees is too hot. We had a hot summer too with nights way too warm for this middle aged woman. I had to buy a box fan and put it on my dresser blowing onto my face all night to beat the heat.

  11. Hi, Deb! Love all the happy pics in this post! Nebraska ><>

  12. It's very hot over here to...Goodness! I thought
    out 32 degrees was hot..but 40..Wow! Don't think
    l could take that..!

    Glad you all had a great day yesterday..lot's of
    fun..and a birthday as well..don't laugh..but l
    had curls just like that at that age, l keep all
    the photos hidden..HeHe! :).

    And Wilson looks great...looking just like a number
    one poser..HeHe! But! are'nt they all..Bless'em!x

  13. Hope you are having a lovely weekend! The heat is killing me... all I do is worry about the animals.

  14. Love this post. Lots of happy despite the heat.

  15. It has been so hot here also. Love seeing your Grands and how they are growing! Stay cool!

  16. It sounds might hot there. It is hot here too. Supposed to reach 97 degrees, and it sure feels like it's there now. Wilson is adorable! and how sweet that Annie sleeps beside you. I just can't believe how your youngest grandchildren have grown. Time simply flies. Happy Birthday Tenley! and Happy Birthday Canada. I've thought many times that I would love to live in Canada.

  17. Happy Canada Day, and Wilson looks smashing with his scarf! As you are excited that your birds have fledged, I am happy to find my first Monarch butterfly, enjoying the milkweed that I've allowed grow with the daylilies. More bugs, bees, birds and bats!

  18. 40'c is getting to be our averages lately, am currently enjoying a cool-ish winter, though yesterday felt more like spring than winter even had a storm to top it off! good drenching rain!
    awww happy birthdays to all :))
    thanx for sharing

  19. Tenley's a cutie!

    It was positively steaming on Canada Day. I spent a good part of the day in the museums, where fortunately the air conditioning was in full working order.

  20. I wish I was around on SUnday to wish you Happy Canada Day on time because I love your country! It looks lovely at your place but as hot as it is here. We're still home, waiting for the baby to come and with no air, a tad warm. Dinner out tonight, we decided. In an air-con place. Lizzie has taken to sleeping on the wood or tile floors. She's hot too!

  21. Tenley, what a beautiful name for a sweet heart ,, I love the hat on little Gus,, I'm wishing you a late Happy Canada Day,, it was hot here in our part of Canada too, still is,, you are so right about water for the birds,, really important!

  22. Woow, 40C is a lot of!
    It's also hot in Warsaw right now, but we have ~35-37C in the sun!

    When it's hot day my cats love to lie on the wet cloth. I usually put it on the floor and all the clothes are always occupied! That's crazy, before I've tried it I thought that cats hate to be wet. But when it's really hot they love when I moisten their fur with a wet towel too.

  23. Hope you all had a great day of celebrating. We always love to see a kitties face when you crack open a can of wet food. They could be anywhere in the house and they will be there in two seconds. Hope the heatwave is not around anymore. We had a bad one here too. Thanks for the share and have a wonderful cool summer.
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