Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Only 27 days to go.

We are in a Winter Wonderland here in Ontario. The snow on our fifty maple trees looks like a postcard today. And you can see how our birds are out and about and happy to see the 'crazy bird lady' walking about. Did I mention I love chickadees. haha!

Here's how it looks this morning very early. That's the retired guy out filling feeders for me and leaving cat food for his beloved three crows.

Wilson and Annie know how to spend these snowy cold days.
This guy has no shame...NONE.

This pic is to prove that they do wake up once in awhile to see if there is anyone in the kitchen where their stinky goodness is kept.

I have put up a wee fake tree for now in the mouse house to see if the cats will ignore it.
So far so good but a real tree will come with interesting smells so I'm probably wasting my time.
But I do love having my woodland critters on it and here is one of my favorite.
Have you ever wanted to throw on some pearls and grab a glass of bubbly? Of course you have. ;-)

My little house collection is growing. I adore them and found a little white house to add to the Cluttered Country Cottage Christmas China Cupboard.
I'll show you next time.

I've been told that if anything stands still long enough at Fox Grove it just might end up decorated for Christmas.
And that goes for the old OH at the front of our woodlot.
This OH has been moved three times and scrubbed from top to bottom so why not?
And inside I have put an insulated box with a cozy blanket for any little critter that comes
along on those frigid days ahead in Ontario.
So far the food has been eaten everyday inside the door so I know something is very interested in this real estate. :-)

I hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to Christmas.
Today I'll be working on the twelve stockings I hang every year for the family and our two spoiled cats. A good plan for a snowy day.

be kind, Deb


  1. Its so good to see what's happening at Fox Grove. I love seeing all your clever decorations and special ornaments. Yes, indeed, Wilson has no shame - - you would think Annie would object. Rebecca2

  2. ooooO! Everything is looking lovely..
    Even with all that snow..seems like ALL
    the birdies are happy, with all that food..
    Even the crows..! :).

    And..HaHa! I love cats in baskets..Which cat
    has which end up which...??? Who! Nose! :0).

    And..the old outhouse is seeing
    it, as l've said before, always reminds me of
    my Grannies outhouse when l was a wee lad...! :).
    Always wants to make me sing...Tra~La~La..! 🎢🎢

  3. Hard to tell where one cat ends and the other begins! A bird eating from one's hand is a delight that I've just discovered; the feel of their wee feet on my fingers makes me giggle!

  4. Fox Grove looks lovely with a covering of snow.

    Love your kitties!!

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  5. This is such a beautiful post. It really does look like a winter wonderland there. I am amazed at how the little chickadees light on your fingers. That is so sweet. That pile of sleeping kitty cats made me laugh. Couldn't you just squeeze them both! That old outhouse gets prettier and prettier. I really meant to bring in all the Christmas boxes from the shop today and get started decorating...maybe tomorrow.

  6. You certainly do take care of the critters, inside and out.

  7. Well, I'd decorate the outhouse too. Of course you would! And love the cats sleeping together. They get on and that makes me smile. But of course you know my favorite photos are the Bird Lady photos which still amaze the heck out of me. I am in awe.

  8. Those birds love you as much as the cats do! You have that special touch. Now you need to get the retired guy to hold his hand out with cat food and feed the crows from his hand!

    This is such a beautiful post showing your Winter Wonderland, the birds outside, cuddly cats inside and special Christmas decorations everywhere! Your blog is truly such a joy especially for those of us that do not live outside of the city like you do! Thank you for the joy you share!

  9. ahhh Annie is as beautiful as ever! glad she has accepted Wilson now, nice & cozy there in there little bed.
    love your Out House, i think it's wonderful that you decorate it.
    stay safe out there in the frigid cold
    thanx for sharing

  10. Oh Deb how lucky are you to get the Chickadees feeding from your hand - I try but no luck yet. Wilson & Annie are looking quite cozy with each other. The fur girls are too interested in anything out of the ordinary , so Christmas is introduced slowly, adding just a few items a day - trees go up, then a few days later the start of decorating them - nothing to peek their "we must own" reflex.

  11. How good to see you Deb....what gorgeous photos and those little sleeping fur babies...totally in love!

  12. So glad to hear that things are going great at the Mouse dying to find out how the new house is going. Would love to see some pictures... :>)

  13. I am sooo happy to find your blog again. I guess the last time I remember reading it was in 2015. Due to health issues and my old laptop crashing I lost track of you. To be honest I had forgotten a lot of the blogs I enjoyed so much. Well I have a new iPad that is much more user friendly so today as I was checking Facebook your blog came to mind and I wondered how you and your family were doing. Alas, I had forgotten the blog name so by a miracle I found you. Enjoyed catching up with you and was heartbroken that sweet Audrey had passed. I had to do the same thing to my sweet Boo. He was 17, blind and began having seizures. After a really bad one we decided it was time to say goodbye. Oh lord I miss him. Anyway, so glad to continue enjoying your blog and stay warm! ❤️ From South Alabama!

  14. What a wonderful winter landscape you have there, and the warmth and cosiness of the mouse-house must be perfect right now.

  15. Thank you for sharing your winter wonderland. I’m so happy that the 2 cats have befriended each other. Gail

  16. Also snow by you...i see a lot of snow today....we have sunshine today....lovely weekend love Ria .....Yes 27 days πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„...

  17. Thank you for this beautiful post, Deb. I love it all - especially seeing Annie and Wilson so sweetly paired up sleeping.
    Blessings upon your Holiday Season,

  18. You really are the chickadee whisperer, Deb! I love it!
    How nice to provide a cozy spot for wanderers.
    Those grey beauties make me smile.

  19. Your winter wonderland is magical Deb!
    Those kitties are the sweetest sight, it's good that they get along.
    You have a huge heart in caring for all of the animals, and your grand littles have the most amazing grandma.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful place with us.

  20. Love this post, well, I love all your posts. Just had a look through the comments and noticed that no one had commented on your hair. It looks lovely in that bob, do keep it as I think it suits you. Of course Annie and Wilson are friends she is such a pet. Love Andie xxx

  21. I came over from Jeanie´s place. Oh, my, snow already! So far we are lucky with warmer temps here in Northern Germany.
    Your cats are very cute. One day I´ll have one or two, too.

  22. This post warms my heart so much! ❤️

    The photos you shared of the Winter Wonderland are spectacular. There’s nothing like this time of year to me. (Most think I’m strange for that)

    Your kitties are precious too! 😻 Thank you for this heartwarming story and photos. All the best to you and your family.