Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Summer's beauty.

 Well, there went another five weeks without blogging but I seem to be busier than ever now that gardens need work, friends are dropping by again and the property always needs cleaning up. I have never in my life seen so many weeds with all the sun and rain these days. But the plants are loving it all and looking great. I, on the other hand, am covered in mosquito bites.

Something ate our sunflowers so I won't have any this year.

Turkeys ate our cucs so I had to plant a second time. 

The tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, herbs and pumpkins are doing great.

My dahlias are keeping me happy with all their glorious blooms. Honestly, why didn't I grow them years ago. They are such fun to have in the garden. There are always blooms from July through to late fall. And I have favorites I'm hoping will have tubers the size of a minivan.

We had a break in the heat of late but its back again so the A/C will go on tomorrow. I hate air-conditioning but I know it's impossible to work outside and not have the relief of it when you come in. Plus the cats need it, too. Wilson and Cora are doing great...such good friends.

Always washing up from a snack.


                                                                      Mr. Wonderful

Post groom session
Almost asleep

Now I have to gush on my dahlias...
                                                                        Robann Regal

                                                                        Triple Lee Dee

                                                               Eveline in the foreground
                                                                             Esli in pink

                                                                   Lavender Perfection

                                                                   Louise and My Love


I'm picking dahlias everyday and if any one sets foot on my property they go home with a bouquet. lol

                                                           "Mom...he's in my basket."
Okay then...back to the garden...
Our pumpkin patch is doing well.
and we used old scaffolding to hang our peas on.
This photo taken awhile back. 

It's loaded now with sugar snap peas.
And our beans are being enjoyed.
But our tomatoes have yet to turn red. I'm not sure why.

My plan was to clean the house today and vacuum but seeing this made me decide to bake instead.
                                                                         Do Not Disturb

So I'll close up wishing you all a great week ahead and a muffin or two.

Be well everyone.

hugs, Deb


  1. Such adorable kitties and those dahlias are gorgeous.

  2. How can one resist the urge to rub cat tummies?

  3. Hey Deb. While supper was cooking I slipped in here for quick glance at my reading list and you had just published your post. What a treat! Then I thought, I can't be the first to comment, and so quick, Deb will think I do nothing but sit and wait for her to post something. :) Anyhow, what a special post. Those kitties, Cora and Wilson! Cora is so adorable with her thick curly hair and long whiskers and her big furry tail, and Wilson is Mr. Handsome! well, you called him Mr. Wonderful. That fits too.

    Your garden is so pretty. What nice neat rows and mowed grass to walk on between the rows. That's such a neat idea. Never seen such beautiful dahlias. You sure have a green thumb.

    Oh my gosh, I will come back several time to look at your pictures. Everything is so pretty there. You take care, and please hug those sweet kitties for me, and hurry back. :)

  4. How I love all the pictures of Cora and Wilson! Cora seems to be feeling much better, I sure hope so. I'm know you are enjoying the bounty from your garden. Those dahlias are absolutely glorious! You could enter those in a flower competition. It's always good to see you here Deb, I hope you and your loved ones are all well!

  5. The dahlias are lovely Deb. Give your two a scratch and kiss from us.

    Julie and poppyq

  6. The cats are looking good. That little Cora is a contortionist! Love her in that Do Not Disturb photo. It looks wonderful in your world, with gorgeous dahlias, beautiful cats, good things to eat. Life IS nice, isn't it?

  7. It's good to see a post from you. Such cute kitties and your garden and flowers look great!

  8. Wilson and Cora look like they are doing quite well with summer.
    I really like the Triple Lee Dee color and your veggie garden is
    really something to be proud of. All that fresh food. Here the
    deer actually eat off the sunflowers, maybe they do there as well.

  9. Always glad to see your post, Deb. The cats look happy (and lazy) and your Dahlias are gorgeous. Also love that blue ceramic bowl in the last pic!

  10. They groom each other, how sweet. Gail