Friday, August 25, 2017

Heading into the last few days of August.

The start of the week was stifling hot. You can always tell at the feeders as the birds forgo their snacks throughout the day to hide out in the trees. I had been filling the bird baths daily and could see by the end of the day that they had been used by many.

Cooler weather is here now and it's been fun cleaning up the garden and preparing for fall.

It's wonderful to see the chickadees again. 
I miss them in late spring as they go off to nest away from their feeding area. But, they are back now with their young and I am enjoying seeing them and especially hearing them at the feeders. They are simply the most charming little bird ever. I have had one land on my finger for seed and it was such a moment. :)))

I ordered on line my very first Emma Bridgewater mug and I love it.

This is called Wallflower.
It is light in weight and holds the perfect amount of tea or coffee.
And it is so pretty to add to the cluttered country cottage china cupboard for a splash of colour.

We are moving along now with the building. The floor trusses were delivered this week and it was not me that told the guy just to drop them on the lawn in front of the bird bath. Nope...not me. :-(
"Sorry, Simon." 

Simon lives just to the right under our old pump. 
He spends most of his day running from there to the bird-bath, to the feeders, up and down the maple and back to his den. I watched him chase off a sweet chippy the other day and boy, was he nasty. I don't think this little guy has any friends anymore. He's very territorial. He has me, though. :)

And Red's been by lately. He/she's a beauty, right?
 Check out that eye-liner. :)

I've been busy cat-sitting this week; four fabulous frisky felines. One of my cat-owners is an amazing gardener and today I was able to capture this beautiful hummingbird at her flowers.

I'll introduce you to Fred. Some of you may remember him from a post I did before but this photo captures his captivating personality quite well. 

Audrey, Audrey, Audrey. Must you show me your belly when I just know that if I tickle it you will have my hand for lunch.

Cat-sitting bright and early tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening, everyone.
hugs, Deb


  1. Whey~Hey! Hello Simon...How ya do'in Bro...
    How ya do'in...Looook'in gooood! HeHe! Bless!x
    And..Audrey!x Tickle! Tickle! Flossie who pops
    round every day, is the same..rolls on her back,
    tickle her tummy..she'll tear ya hands to pieces!
    Oh! And Audrey!x Audrey! I think it's someones
    burfday, next month! oooooO! I wonder who! :).

    Everything looks lovely Deb...all very lush and
    green..lovely! All coming together...!
    Fred looks lovely to...But! But! sorry to say, l
    don't like the collar around his neck, even worse
    the dangly bits hanging from it...terrible things!
    Hate it! :(. Sorry!

  2. I love Emma Bridgewater, and your mug is a sweet pattern. I eat my dinner every night from her plates. Gosh lucky that they did not squash Simon or your lovely flowers.

    Julie Q

  3. Fred is a handsome cat! Wow!

    Glad the house is coming along! I'm sure Simon understands the clutter. :)

  4. Love that pattern on your mug and will have to look for that pattern. Audrey always cracks me up and reminds me of our Clara!

  5. Ooh! The first thing I thought of was Simon's well prepared nest getting squished! So happy all is well.
    I love Emma Bridgewater too! Isn't it a treat to find a just right tea mug?
    Counting the minutes until we can see more of Fred.

  6. Simon figures he needs to be tough in his territory to survive. But he could share a little; after all, he knows you won't let him go without.

  7. Lizzie is anti-belly rubs, too. Silly girl.

    Love seeing your world, your pretty cup, scrappy Simon. And your chickadees. Ours are in force now and LIzzie is loving it!

  8. Oh I can just imagine how you felt when those stacks of lumber were dropped there in front of your flowers and bird bath! Probably a good thing summer and gardening is winding down. Bet there will be lots more stacks of stuff dropped. But a new home is so exciting! Fred sure is a big handsome cat. Simon sounds like he is spoiled rotten. Wonder who did that? :)

  9. Our friends at Catio Tales would call Audrey a 'tart'! Such an old-fashioned word, but cats can be very 'tarty' when asking for a belly rub!

  10. I am catching up here . Lovely photos . Good to hear the house building is coming along well, wont be long till you all in a can start having fun decorating . Our Chickadees are back to and it is nice to see and hear them again . I do like your new mug very pretty always nice to have a pretty cup for tea and yes coffee but here mostly tea lol ! The weather has been lovely and cool here almost fall like at times . Thanks for sharing , have a good day ,