Monday, August 14, 2017

Plugging through August.


I found two mugs to add to my cluttered country cottage china cupboard. 
Only $5.00 each.
You might notice the produce plate is a little less full right now.
I delivered a basket of garden goodies to a neighbour this week as she was so kind to give me a basket full of spring bulbs in April.
I tried today to pick away at the garden but the mosquitoes
of me.
I have to tell you, if I had known what this summer was going to be like with all the rain and those nasty, pesky bugs I would have never bothered with a vegetable garden. They have taken all the fun out of having one.
I pick for two minutes and then have to come inside.
Only if I plop a net hat on my head can I last and they are miserably hot to wear. 
It's been a bad summer.

 But look what does love the rain/sun/rain/sun days.
 Never have they been so beautiful.
And our corn is eight feet high.
 We found another piece of what must have been part of a machine of some sort used by my ancestors to work this land many years ago.
 Just an old rusted piece of metal that would mean nothing to someone else but is of interest to me.
I hung it on the old OH next to Riley's shoe ( my grandmother's work horse many years ago).
Now when I walk by, just seeing it there makes me wonder what it was like here when the land was being worked and the old clap-board house was being built. 
Just what did that old piece of metal belong to. 

Oh, if only for one moment I could go back in time.

 Our funny tilted OH

 I've been busy with family issues, cat-sitting and house-plans.
One of my fabulous feline charges is 
grand-kitty Cooper.
He and I had a lot to talk about
managed to solve the world's problems today.
 Cooper love
The air is changing and Fall is not far off.
But, that's ok. Autumn is my favorite season and the fifty or so maple trees that surround the mouse-house will be showing off their multitude of colours.
They are a spectacular sight to see.
we have a week of sun ahead and I am thankful for that. 
And so is this beautiful sun-puddle worshipper extraordinaire.
Hope you are enjoying August.

hugs, deb


  1. Yes, though it is not even September, there is something that makes it feel as though autumn is almost here. We haven't been plagued by bugs too much - though I've had ants trying to use my apartment as a launching pad; maybe the weather that makes for spectacular corn crops makes for spectacular crops of insects, too...

    That piece of metal that you found looks like a blade from an old harrower.

  2. That Out~House always makes me laugh...
    We had one at the bottom of our garden
    when l was a lad...HeHe! No lock on the
    door, so when using it, you had to sing
    or whistle, to let others know you were
    in there! :). Oh! And, square bits of
    cut up newspaper, on string for the
    'paperwork'...! :). At least, there was
    a bit of reading in there, while sitting
    down! :).

    Lovely one of Annie!x enjoying the sun
    puddle! Bless!x
    Audrey!x Come out Audrey!x Come out..where ever
    you are...!x

  3. Lovely to see handsome Cooper again!

  4. Thankfully we don not have to contend with pesky midges down here in the South but my son lives in Scotland and near the water they are abundant.

  5. We have had terrible biting bugs this year, too! I have to go out to the garden clad in netting. It is very unpleasant. Such a lovely cat (of course, they ALL are, aren't they?) Hope your mosquitoes blow away!

  6. Deb, such a great post covering many interesting things as always. Love the mugs, Cooper looks gorgeous, your OH and historic find, wow! 8' high corn is amazing, and yes, this was definitely the summer for sunflowers here too!

    Meanwhile I feel for you regarding the insects - as you know I have an ongoing battle with the mosquitoes as well as other biting bugs and they ruin my summer months - I just can't spend any fun time outdoors with having to coat myself in nasty, messy bug spray - a lot of showers required then!

    Annie looks comfy, oh to have the life of a much-loved kitty!
    Take care - Mary x

  7. I'm not enjoying August or UGHust as it is known down here. and, we only have 4 more weeks of hot and humid. ACK! I bet talking to Cooper is very calming. Love that you kept the old OH ... seems perfect for collecting all the "stuff" you've found on the grounds. The two new mugs are great finds. Hugs and Purrs!

  8. Your garden is lovely but those bugs do ruin it don't they. We have some sun right now and my Annie Belle is curled up in it! Hugs!

  9. The bugs have been so awful here also this year, it really killed my enthusiasm for dining alfresco this season. The only way I can work in the garden is to spray a straw hat with Deep Woods Off and spray my clothing as well. Long sleeves, gloves, long pants tucked into socks...I'm quite the sight!

  10. Rub a little bit of lemon juice on your exposed skin. Repels mosquito for a while. Gail

  11. Your dig is like an archaeological expedition! I love your cupboard and everything in it. But too bad about the bugs. You're right -- they can wreck a gardener's day.

    Sending hugs across the miles. Thursday I'll be on a train from London to Quebec. Someday we'll get it right!

  12. HI Deb...
    We have absolutely NO Mosquitoes at the cottage!! Never have...guess we are pretty lucky.
    I am kinda looking forward to Fall as well...always seems too hot or too wet to work outside...perhaps I can get my garden here at home in order then.
    Hope you are well...and your cupboard looks great to me!!
    Did you know we are having another granddaughter in December???My son and DIL are expecting!!! So exciting!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  13. Our mosquitoes are bad, too! I can't step outside without getting a bite! Ugh!

  14. We are getting hints of spring here, with some sunnier days between stormy days. The wheels of weather are turning.

  15. You have dishes, cats and gardens! I love visiting your blog :)
    Adore the kitty dishes. I'm not surprised that you and Cooper managed to solve the world's problems! I wish the world would listen, though.
    Ear scritches to your girls
    PS-the mosquitoes are awful this year!

  16. Cooper is a sweetie.

    The sunflowers in town are looking splendid.

  17. What beautiful sunflowers, and oh my goodness, 8 foot high corn??!!! Gollllyy!!

  18. Finding the old historic things of your family's past is so intriguing! So neat you can do that....and the finds will be treasures. Our gardens are the same---miserable w/in two minutes and I'm running for my life to get back inside and away from those varmit "skeeters"!! ha ha LOL They are so dang agressive here, and there are many this year. Actually, there are many EVERY YEAR down here. Hope they go away sooooooooon.........

  19. I love how you decorate your china cupboard. Always a thing of beauty!