Monday, October 10, 2016

A fox moves in & more of Fall's splendor.

Look at who is snoozin' in my step-back cupboard today.
                           A little clay fox.  Isn't she adorable.
                                          A fox is a female to me...I don't know why.
What a sweet surprise to find this at my door along with a beautiful card from Rian at

                                            "What is this crazy thing I see here?"
" come it's not chewable?"

Even the audacious one had her big lion nose in the cupboard checking out the new addition.

Once she knew she couldn't eat it, it was back to her favorite perch for bird-watching.

"I can't waste my time on the uneatables"

Thank you, Rian, for this sweet addition to my cupboard. I love it so much. :)
Rian is a potter, too, and does beautiful work. Drop over and meet her four adorable cats. Rian also takes care of a family of ferals on her property. She's such a kind lady. :)

Speaking of 'love', just look at this kitchen window I found on pinterest. I think it's so pretty.
Had to share.
                                                      This just makes me smile.
I hope all my Canadian friends had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. We will actually be celebrating next weekend as due to some illness and work-schedules in the family we were unable to get together.

We are having fabulous weather this week coming up. High temperatures for this time of year and lots of sunshine. The trees will all soon be in full-show. Here's the prettiest
tree outside the mouse-house kitchen window today.
                                                              Our maple tree

                               This is the tree that shades Simon's house.

Enjoy your week.

hugs, Deb


  1. I adore that last picture of your little chipmunk with the fall leaves! -Jenn

  2. It's all adorable...window, Audrey, fox....

  3. Howdy Simon!x How ya do'in...
    Looking good! Looking cute! :).

    And...who's that sleek young long
    legged lady on the dresser! Audrey!x
    Mind the fox does'nt bite yer nose

    And, yes, love that to
    see it in pink though! :0).

  4. The fox is very cute ! and of course cats are curious ! I love the little squirrel too !

  5. ohhh Audrey! you always make me smile!
    great photos!
    thanx for sharing

  6. Lovely photos and a cute fox . We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving with family on Saturday and puttered about the yard for the rest of the weekend as the weather has been so lovely . Audrey your to funny ! Thanks for sharing Have a good day !

  7. Your little fox is wonderful. Love the texture. And love Audrey, of course! She is a scamp -- isn't it fun to catch them in compromising positions?! Happy week and celebration upcoming.

  8. Deb, Thanks for the mention. Our fox looks cute on your cupboard. Glad Audrey didn't eat it... but my, she is the curious one! (she may have picked up the scent of my cats on it) Love that pic of her on the window shelf.

  9. No day is complete without a photo of Audrey and Simon!

  10. That'd be a vixen, if she's a girl-fox. I think the males are called dog-foxes, though I'm not sure. In any case, I'm glad Audrey didn't leave teeth marks on her, trying to find out if it was edible.

  11. Does Audrey miss anything?
    Linda :o)

  12. Your photos are wonderful (as usual). Love the clay fox. So special when it is something that a friend made for you. How does Audrey get on the shelf? She looks quite pleased there. Hope you have a great belated Thanksgiving with family!

  13. Beautiful fall colours. That is quite a perch for Audrey!

  14. Audrey has better manners than my resident felines--here an open cupboard is an invitation to clamber in and nudge the china off the shelf with a crash.

  15. Your new fox is so cute! And, oh my, that kitchen window made me drool - love!!!

  16. Oh, I too love that kitchen window. Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Your little fox is adorable! We thought at first maybe it was made of bread and of course, some of us wanted to eat it. MOL! Your fall colors are looking beautiful!

  18. You scared me by saying that a fox had moved in. I imagined all sorts of things. :) The window is so pretty! I can picture you with a window like that. There's that Audrey...she makes me smile too.

  19. Isn't that a sweet little fox! And the window is just darling. Glad the kitty has such a nice perch for bird watching. Tuppence is on my lap. She's feeling very possessive because of Audrey, the new cat who is still outdoors (with a little house and blankets, etc). We plan to bring Audrey in after the family Thanksgiving weekend here on the 14-16th, but she needs to get to the vet and i would appreciate any tips on encouraging tuppence to be magnanimous. Lol. Right now Audrey is friendly and tuppence is not! Hope you too have a good Thanksgiving this weekend, Deb. xo

  20. Your new little fox is very sweet and such a perfect gift for a nature lover, too! Audrey is so adorably nosy.....Love the kitchen window and your beautiful, rosy maple tree. Happy Thanksgiving! x Karen

  21. I didn't know Rian did pottery! I adore the little fox. So sweet!