Tuesday, October 25, 2016

That face.

Sometimes nothing else will do but a good cup of hot tea in a favorite cup.

I'm sitting here warming my hands around a steaming cup and going over my day.

After cat-sitting this morning we drove the country roads in search of a farm/business that sells pellet stoves and all the accessories. We recently bought a stove and the retired-guy needed a part before firing it up in the garage.
Upon finding it, we drove up the circular drive-way and were greeted by a huge German Shepherd. My plan was to wait in the car but then I spotted a cat at the barn. Yes, that's all it takes.
The wind was blowing like mad and the little black cat was running towards me, getting side-tracked with every leaf that blew by on the ground. I scooped it up and gave it a hug while I headed towards the chicken coop. There I spotted a tiny orange kitten, perhaps two months old, lying in a tiny tent. It, too, got up and ran over to say "hi". I picked it up and put it inside my jacket where it purred it's head off; all happy and warm as toast now. It looked healthy enough; one eye a wee bit dirty but other than that, not too thin and lovely fur.
I walked around with it while it purred away and completely lost track of time.

"There you are. I'm ready to go."
"What have you got there?" he said.
"A kitten. Look!"
Then three more orange balls came tearing out of the barn. All the same age. 
"Aw geesh, we have to go."
"Would you just look at this face.", I said. Two little gold eyes with the familiar tabby M on the forehead looked back at him.
"Cute", was his lame response.
I got more reaction from the goose that walked by.

So, I put wee little sweetie back on the ground and it went tearing after the leaves as they blew by the coop.
Now I'm sitting here thinking about that little orange face staring up at me from inside my cozy warm jacket.
I worry about barn kittens. Not so much cats as they are more rough and tumble and can usually handle their surroundings but not kittens. They are too silly and fragile for barns, I think. It's hard and sometimes dangerous  for them to make their way in a barn. Too many obstacles. That's just how I feel.
So, I'm thinking about that little face.

Oh yes, and this face.

"Where's my stinky goodness?"

"Oh, geesh."

hugs, Deb


  1. That face is irresistible, as are kittens. I love both shots, but the first one is Audrey's stoic, noble expression.

  2. I know how you feel, Deb! I held two wee kittens this weekend, and it took a supreme show of willpower to remove them from my chest (where I was clutching them). However...they are still in my heart.

  3. Oh my!! That face is just precious :) thanks for sharing!!


  4. Was the little one Pierre??? ;)

  5. Oh know the saying..."just one look...that's all it took!" Perhaps...maybe....a place to call home! I know....I cannot resist either!

  6. Aw! I would have wanted to scoop up every kitten and take them home, too!

  7. I know, Deb, I know...
    With a prayer for all the kittens and kitties, too.

  8. Aw, I would worry too about those tiny, precious barn cats. How nice, though, to come home to Audrey's face. :)

  9. It is so hard to resist those little faces which is why I don't go near the pet stores any more. Or the humane society. You will love the pellet stove! We've had one for about six years and it heats our whole house, literally! I know I'm not going to be cold this winter because of it. One of our best investments. Great post and I do hope those wee kittens make out ok.


  10. So Deb......I think it's probably time for another wee one!

  11. Oh, I just melt with kittens. When your cats are grown, the kittens are just sooooo sweet. Aw. How fun that you got to see them. Hope they are least the barn is shelter for them.

  12. Go back! Bring 'em home to the Mouse House...
    My boyfriend sells the machinery that makes pellets! Interesting,eh?
    Enjoy your evening...gonna be a cold one!
    Linda :o)

  13. Wow! I loved this post! You have such a way with words, Deb. I could just see the itty-bitty eyes and hear the purrs. And, I'm with you--don't like to see kittens outside, or any cat outside, really. Wonder what Audrey's reaction would be to a new wee one? Warm thoughts from Nebraska ><>

  14. You're going to go back and rescue/adopt the kitten - right? I would want to take them all home with me.

  15. Oh, I was expecting you to show us a new kitten. Bet it was hard to leave those kittens. That face you came home to surely helped. Just caught up with your posts I've missed. It sure looks like fall there and sounds cold. I love the pictures of sweet Annie.

  16. Oh, doesn't it just melt your heart? Thankfully they have shelter. Oh, Audrey....... <.")

  17. Lovely story Deb...Goodness! I could
    watch and play with kittens all day..! :).

    And..As for the face that 'sank' a thousand
    ships..down there at the bottom! Typical, of
    a before and after shot! Audrey! Pay attention!
    HeHe! Going back to barns...Deb, there is a book
    you must read..I sent out a link some time ago,
    lovely little book by Mary T. Wagner..'Finnigan,
    the Circus Cat'...! It's lovely, and you could
    read it to Annie and Audrey..they'd love it...! :0).

  18. awww, i know how you feel, must've been awesome with them running to you, how sweet
    yeh, we half expected you to have a photo of one or 9 you just rescued! lol
    Audrey, now there's a friend when you need one
    thanx for sharing

  19. Oh Deb so lovely of you to give them all a cuddle - since they ran to you I am going to be hopeful that they are use to people & not totally feral, which may mean human care/concern is there. LOVE orange cats, but prayers for all the little ones to be safe. If I had been there with you my husband would have made me turn out my pockets to ensure I did not stuff one or two kitties in my pockets :)

  20. Kitties make me stop all I'm doing also! I love when they purr and just make life alright again! I'll be doing a post soon on my new addition! Yes Tiger and I found a cat and she is super sweet! Her name is Annie. Big Hugs!

  21. I worry about feral or outdoor kittens, too. So small and vulnerable to so many bigger things. I remember how when I first held Gypsy as a little teeny guy how he purred. He never stopped that purr, though I think Lizzie might have him beat in the volume department. I wonder if an orange will be entering your life sometime soon -- or might Audrey complain?

  22. Your hubby was strong to resist you taking a kitten (or three!) home. Is that Audrey's face? Too gorgeous. Have a great day. Jo

  23. Darling pic... bunny with the cup of tea! As for the kittens, yes, it's hard not to want to take them all in. The funny thing is, I dream of kittens all the time - and it's kind of like your story - as more and more keep turning up.

  24. The outside cats always concern me. I keep thinking that there are too many things that are dangerous outside. My Tungsten was orange, with the M on her brow, though her eyes were green.

    Ask Audrey if she thinks that little orange kitten would be as demanding as she is...

  25. It is hard to see all the feral here we have in the valley to but they do have lots of people feeding them and lots of shelter at the farm down the road to stay at so they do pretty good here and we have had about 6 generations in 7 years and our family including us has at least one of them but still it is a shame . Audrey you are peach . We love our wood stove and it is handy to have if and when the power goes out in the colder weather or just to have going for that comfy cozy feel and smell of a fire . Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  26. Hello Debs, what beautiful cats on this blog, absolutely beautiful. I have a little ginger girl. I hope the kittens will be safe and that their mum is nearby to care for them. Betty

  27. I know with winter around the corner, I worry about the outside kitties too. I'm so happy to say, I have three that are now indoor kitties; happy and content! Happy Fall, Deb!

  28. The good people who rent our lower farmhouse and pasture have barn cats. They are fed kibble twice a day and they have fresh goats' milk at milking time. The males are eventually neutered, but I anguish over the females who somehow manage to find a tomcat--too many times in succession. The kittens are all beautiful and personable, but I worry about them. Two of the fluffy 6-7 month old females have found a forever home this week--two kittens were given away earlier in October and one elegant young male went home with the lady who purchased a goat!
    I wish I didn't immediately become attached to them and feel so concerned for their welfare.