Sunday, October 30, 2016

Around and about the mouse-house today.

We have had our first bit of snow
but it only stayed a day.
No complaints here.
But, the next day our biggest maple looked like this.
It won't look as pretty from my kitchen window now but I have added more feeders for the winter months ahead so that should bring many bright-coloured birds.

And here's a few of the visitors at the mouse-house today.

We had grey & black squirrels, 2 cardinals, chickadees, blue-jays, mourning doves,
nut-hatch and our comical black crows visiting.

After cat-sitting and taking care of the resident birds, it was a perfect day to tidy up around here before the weekend ends. 
There's a new toy here; a 55 inch tv. Oh, my word!
Can you picture that in the mouse-house?
I was a bit surprised (that's a nice way to put it) but
I won't be complaining tonight when the British drama series on PBS, Poldark, starts.

"Helloooo Ross."
I recommend you tune will be hooked.

I asked Audrey if she would like to join me but she declined.

She's tired after playing in the TV box.

Enjoy your evening,


  1. Well, at least there was a cat toy ... did she thank the retired guy for the box??!!!

  2. hahaha...oh my! Your actors on tv will be life size! How fun.

  3. I could have used that 55" screen tonight. I watched Poldark in my little sewing room on my little TV. It was hard to keep my mind on the apron I'm working on.

  4. HeHe! Good for you Audrey!x
    Poldark would put me to sleep as well...! :).
    Never as good as the original series! 75~77.

    Not many leaves left on my Virginia Creeper!
    All l seem to sweep up leaves! Still,
    gives me the chance to cut back a few branches!
    Some of the spiders are still about..I've a nice
    BIG..FAT..Female across my dining room window!
    Hopefully, l'll get round to cleaning the windows
    soon! :0).

  5. hahaha ohhh Audrey, you're such a character!

    thanx for sharing

  6. Poldark is one of my favorites, too!

  7. We have a 55" TV as's a tad over the top big. Nice to watch, but when it's off, it just looks like this big hulking black screen. Not a fan.

  8. It still looks pretty there! The older I get the more I enjoy a big screen! Hugs!

  9. The critters know where the food is to be found!

    Audrey knows that the box is the best part of any purchase.

  10. Hope you will have the chance to get a good photo on that grey squirrel! 55" is amazing!

  11. Is Poldark just starting for you? Oh, you are in for a treat. We're about four or five into the second series. Love, heartbreak, tragedy, vengeance -- they do it so well!