Friday, October 28, 2016

October 29th is National Cat Day

I was recently inspired by a company called Cotopaxi to write a story on my cats for National Cat Day. After reading up on this innovative organization, I was more than happy to participate. Please drop over to read what these wonderful people do to create positive social impact in our world.

To celebrate National Cat Day (I'm posting a day early)  I would love to tell you the story of how our Annie and her off-spring, the Audacious Audrey, came into our lives.
Five years ago last September, I got a call from a friend asking if I could foster a cat or two as our local shelter had just brought in twenty-six (26) cats from one home and there was literally no room at the inn. I was told the cats were being caged in the stock room and many of them were nursing kittens. Ugh!

I drove up to see the situation and as I walked in the room my eyes immediately veered left to a cage that held an emaciated pastel torti and her one day old kittens. She looked defeated, scared and worn out. 
I walked up and down the rows of cats and looked at every one of them. I cried. So many were young, too young to be saddled with kittens, and they all looked frightened. 
I had to hurry along as the line-up of people coming in to do exactly what I was doing was getting longer. They were all there to help whatever way they could. Many of these cats were going to a home that day.

I went back to the torti and she looked at me for the first time. Her eyes were dull and her tongue hung out.
I told her to pack her bags as she and her family were coming home with me. I promised to care for her and give her a safe and loving home.

The story was that one old woman housed these cats, and although she may have started with good intentions, it all went to hell in a hand-basket in no time. She had no money and none of these cat were spayed or neutered. She could barely feed herself and was giving food like rice and bread to these cats. The inspector said there was no cat food to be found when they moved in and removed each and every cat that September morning. Luckily for these cats a neighbour of hers made the phone call. I thank her for that.

Annie and her three babes moved in to the closet of our spare bedroom that afternoon. The door was kept open for her to wander around the room, familiarizing herself with her new surroundings, and eat away from her kittens.

She soon saw our vet as she was too thin and her digestive system was a mess. She had to be checked for parasites. It took special food and medication to get her to hold down any food the first week. It was a struggle but we carried on and she eventually showed improvement. Still, through it all she was a wonderful mother cat. 

I spent far too much time in this room over the next few weeks. I worried about Annie so much. I put a radio in the room and read countless books while watching over her. She loved the company and purred in my lap. If anyone needed me they knew where to find me.
Eyes began to open

And they began to exercise their legs.
And beat mommy up
And pose for the camera

They flourished and grew cuter every day.

Annie did, too.

They were named Bree, Nigel & Audrey.

That's Nigel on the left, Bree on the right & Audrey

In time, homes were found for Bree & Nigel. 
Annie & Audrey were so bonded to each other that we made the decision to keep them both.

This photo was taken the day after Annie was spayed. Audrey never left her side.
 Now, finally, she could begin to fill out.

                          And here they are today.

Annie enjoying a sun-puddle.


                                the audacious one.

So, a happy ending for everyone. We feel very lucky to have found Annie and her family when they needed us most.  There's not a day goes by that Annie doesn't show her love and appreciation for a second chance at life; one that is love-filled and forever.
 As promised.

hugs, Deb


  1. Awww we love their story. Thank you for rescuing these two sweeties and giving them such a loving home.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. What a beautiful story Deb beautifully written.....thank you!
    Deb (Rosie)

  3. That was a wonderful story.
    We are so happy you chose to help the shelter with the cats.
    We are happy too, as are Annie and Audrey no doubt,
    that you became a "foster fail" and kept those two :)
    We love happy endings!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. What a beautiful story of love, between all three of you. Thank you for sharing it here again today. I have been made so happy many times through the years seeing Annie enjoying her life with you. It must feel like a dream come true for her. No wonder she has shown such compassion and caring for her sibling family as they became ill and passed. Yes, no wonder after what she lived through. Bless you, Deb, you did so well for her and all of her litter.
    Love to all,

  5. A lovely heart warming story - so glad you were home that day to take the call & take action. My genie in the bottle wish has always being that there are no kitties left unloved & cared for in the world. Happy National Kitty Day. (although truth be told, isn't every day kitty day!)

  6. How can anyone not love cats? Annie's story tugs at my heart--although there is a happy ending.
    I have supported cat rescue shelters whenever I can, even knowing that to walk into one is to feel pulled apart by all the cats and kittens I can't gather up and bring home.
    We have 10 cats at present--4 who are outside cats, the 3 boys who go in and out and 3 who are full time house cats. Undoubtedly 'too many'--but they need us. All, by the way, are spayed/neutered.

  7. You're the best! Yay for kind kitty-loving hearts like yours!

  8. Awwww...a lovely story. The rescued ones never forget. I have three girl-kitties all rescued. I just wish I could take in more. We don't co-sleep with our girls, we keep the bedroom too cool at night, and it gets cold here in the Fingerlakes. But, every morning, as soon as my bedroom door opens, Nella is already lying outside the door and Charleigh and Tilly are racing up up the stairs. I like to think it's because they missed me, and not just that they are It never gets old.

  9. What a delightful story! We currently have 2 cats and love them to pieces!

  10. Such a heartwarming story Deb, you truly are an animal lover, and those special kitties are so fortunate to call your home...theirs.
    Thank you for offering them a forever home.

  11. They are all beautiful. I love the all-over gray color.
    xo, Rosemary

  12. I remember when you brought them home. Five years! Wow! Time flies. Thank you again .....
    Purrs and Hugs ......

  13. We fell in love with you as you shared their story on your blog. I was so happy when you decided to keep Annie and Audrey. Now I have an Annie of my own and I will share her story on my blog tomorrow! Hugs!

  14. I love that story because of its happy ending, though I'm saddened that so many cats needed help. Annie and her little family found their big families with people who cared, people like you.

  15. It's nearly seven in the morning..and still dark...!
    On my first lemon tea of the day....AND..tears are
    streaming down my cheeks...Goodness! What a way for
    a grown man to behave!
    Love it! Love it! Love it!
    Oh! sorry...lost for words! :).
    Oh! Hope it's o.k. but l'm putting this post into my
    'pussy~cat' folder.....!x =(^..^)=

  16. Such a beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing. I just love the photo taken on the day after Annie was spayed.

  17. I will come back to read the story, Deb, but for now, needed to let you know that you are one of the winners of HomemadeSoapnSuch natural vegan soap Giveaway! Please send me your postal address so I can get your package mailed out to you! Congratulations. Email me at damaz(at)chibardun (dot)net. My other email isn't working, for some reason. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Judy. Sent you an email.

  18. Teary eyed with happiness. You changed the trajectory of 4 cat lives. Gail

  19. Love Annie and Audrey's story... and the pics!

  20. Such a wonderful story! Love it! Bless your heart...the world needs more of you!

  21. What a wonderful story. It's heartbreaking that those kitties were mistreated like that...even if the lady had good intentions. So glad they got help, and Annie and her babies got care and love from you. Annie and Audrey are both beautiful and happy!

  22. i can't see the first picture but i was still teary eyed reading their story
    thanx for sharing

  23. Oh Deb, I am a day late reading this...guess you know I'm crying. I was crying by the time I read where Annie looked at you for the first time. What a sweet story. Hope every one of those kitties got a home as good and special as the home you have given Annie and Audrey. I've never seen more adorable kittens. You must have enjoyed every minute with them, once you knew they were healthy, and sweet Annie too. You have such a good heart.

  24. Hey, it's me again. I just had to come back and look at those kittens and Annie one more time. I just love them!

  25. I always knew you had rescued but I never knew the story. It's a wonderful one, Deb, and I can see exactly why you had to have Annie and her brood. She just spoke to you and still does. I love all the photos, but two really made me smile -- the one of the trio and the other of Audrey, legs splayed, green mouse by her side. You could tell she had style even back then! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  26. Oh my goodness, what a story and what a happy ending! Thank you so much for sharing!

  27. I love this story, and it's great that you took so many pictures. Annie and Audrey are delightful and beautiful.